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What is 2005: Definition and 33 Discussions

  1. maldvs

    Finding Cookware for MIL: Professional Line vs. 2005 Non-Lifetime Warranty

    My mother-in-law has a cookware set from 2005. It is in pretty rough shape even though I KNOW she does not use metal in them. I just tried to call HO and to make a long story short, they didn't help, so that's why I'm here asking you all! How do I figure out what type of Cookware my MIL...
  2. scottcooks

    Urgent Need Translation Una Muestra Spring 2005

    This used to be on Consultant's corner - isn't there that I can find. Anyone have the translation? Fast Family Fajitas on the front cover
  3. PamperedSD

    Urgent Help – Need Dessert Pizza (Bananas & Carmel) From S/B 2005

    I had a show last week and the host requested 2 recipes from her S/B from 2005. Several of her guests requested a copy of the recipe and they do not have a computer. I told the host I would type them up and drop them off to her with the recipes for her to put into everyone's order bag. I...
  4. momoftwins

    Searching for a Super Swat: Ret. $4.25, Disc. Fall 2005, Ship to 51503

    I am in search of a Super Swat for a great customer of mine. She only needs 1. It retailed for $4.25 and was discontinued Fall of 2005. Shipping would be to 51503. Thanks!
  5. I

    I Have a Couple Hundred Older Catalogs From 2003-F/W 2005 I Would Like

    PicturesI started this cause I am on here all by myself..........
  6. letscook04

    Retiring Generation II: Was it 2005?

    When did they retire the Generation II? Was it 2005?
  7. dannyzmom

    Anyone Looking for the 2005 Conference Tote?

    The one with the photos all over it of PC products thru the years? It's the 25th anniversary messenger bag. I have one BRAND NEW - if you're looknig for one, PM me with a reasonable offer (I'm really easy) and it's yours!
  8. mommyhugz1978

    Delicious Crab Dip from Seasons Best 2005

    Does anyone have a recipe for crab dip that was in the Seasons best during 2005 either Fall or Spring??
  9. L

    Mango Salsa Sundae Recipe: Seasons Best S/S 2005

    Does anyone have the recipe for Mango Salsa Sundae? It was featured in Season's Best S/S 2005 Thanks in advance!
  10. L

    Iso Little Black "Purse" From Convention 2005......

    Hi all, I wasn't able to go to conference that year, due to hubby ending up in hospital :( and from what I understand this was also given away at Disney?? Last year people who'd earned it or went to conference year before used this allot, as it worked great in airports etc. I'm...
  11. cooking.with.ann

    Looking for Fall 2005 Season's Best? I Have a Customer in Need!

    If anyone has a Fall 2005 Season's Best available, I have a customer who can't find hers and wants to replace it. Thanks...
  12. C

    October 2005 Host Can't Claim Credit: Should I Process $85 Order?

    I have a past host, who made an order and assumed her 10% credit on a recent show. Well, when I went to go look her up, I couldn't find her. That's because she hosted the show in October 2005. I called her and told her that she is no longer elligible for the PHD. She was going to just cancel...
  13. beepampered

    Help Solving an Unusual Problem: August 2005 Pizza Stone Return

    Okay, here's a doozy that I need help with. My show today had a very nice guest who said during intros: "I really like my stoneware but I need help with my large pizza stone that broke. The other consultant I used to purchase it from told me to send it back with the receipt to the home office. I...
  14. C

    Looking for Trivets from S/S 2005 and 2006?

    Seeking Trivets from S/S 2006I am searching for the retired trivets from spring/summer 2005. Would like one of each of the lime, lemon and orange to compliment my new kitchen decorations. Please PM me with any info. Thanks!!!!!
  15. D

    Seeking 2005 Cooking Show Avg. per Home Office

    I'm looking for the 2005 Cooking Show Average per Home Office. I have the 2004 stats from the Recruiting Album inserts, but I haven't received the updated inserts I ordered to check the 2005 number. Does anyone have that info handy? Thanks!
  16. M

    Help! Looking for F/W 2005 or S/S 2005 Salad Recipe

    With the website down I can't look this up for myself. I'm looking for a salad recipe from either F/W 2005 or S/S 2005. I don't remember the name but it's on the next page after the Chicken Curry Stirfry Salad. I want to make it tonight and I need to go to the store before I go home, where my...
  17. B

    Wanting to Find Conference 2005 Incentive Tray

    HI everyone, I am still looking to find the medium woven tray that was given as an incentive last conference 2005. If you are willing to part with your tray please email me privately with the price - [email protected]. Thank you so much, I really want one, so if it sitting in your closet...
  18. J

    Looking for old catalogs from 1999-2005 - Anyone have them?

    I thought I emailed some people about this and can't seem to find their emails! I am looking for old catalogs (don't mind them having your stamps or stickers on them) just need them to reference some of the customers that ask for older items. Looking for 1999 - 2005. I have the F/W 2005 ones...
  19. KHocutt

    ISO Fall 2005 Italian Charm Bracelets Charms

    Does anyone have any "extra" charms for the Italian Charm Bracelet from fall 2005? I have the stoneware charm and Round-up charm. Would love to have more. (I signed in Sept., so only caught the tail end of the promotion) Please email me if you do....and thanks in advance!
  20. letscook04

    ? Fall/Winter 2005 Write in Sales Receipt

    Does anyone know if we can use the Fall/winter 2005 write in sales receipt for March? I still have a pack and would like to use it for March? I would hate to waste them :eek: Thanks! Colleen :)
  21. B

    Looking for Season's Best S/S 2005

    I'm looking for the Season's Best Spring/Summer 2005. Please include cost plus shipping to 40965.
  22. cat

    Iso F/W 2005 Write-In Sales Receipts

    Does anyone have any extras? I don't want to order 100 for the month of February, since I don't think I will use all of them. I need 30-40 of them. Let me know how much, including shipping. Thanks in advance!
  23. C

    F/W 2005 Items: 25 Catalogs, 100 & 40 Receipts - All Prices Include Shipping

    I have new, unopened F/W 2005 items for sale. All prices include shipping w/ delivery confirmation. 1 pack of 25 catalogs $9 1 pack of 100 itemized receipts $7 1 pack of 40 itemized receipts $5 Of course, I would combine and lower price for anyone who purchases more than one...
  24. L

    Where Can I Find the Recipes from the Fall 2005 Catalog?

    Hi Everyone! I am looking for the listing of the recipes featured in the Fall 2005 catalog. I thought I had it on my computer and cannot find it. I also went to Consultant's Corner, and the listing there is still for the Spring/Summer Catalog! Not very helpful. I searched the file...
  25. B

    Can I Use This Chocolate Math Game for 2006 Too?

    So the year is almost over but I thought this email would make a cute game for chocolate shows through the rest of this year. It really does work.
  26. T

    Get Ready for a Fabulous Show with Fresh 2005 F/W Catalogs - Order Now!

    Hi, I am planning to host a show next month. I have always bought extra catalogs and shared them with my friends, and family. I pass out the catalogs about 2 weeks before the show. That always helps me get atleast a $500 show. I'm not trying to rip anyone off, but I would love to buy 30...
  27. P

    F/W 2005 Catalog Index in Alpha Order for Easy Ordering | Get Organized Now!

    I've created the F/W Catalog Index in alpha order. I hope this is useful to many of you. I figured we needed something if we will be using the "write-in" order form. If you would rather have the "Word" file attachment let me know privately and I will send to you.
  28. M

    What New Fall and Winter Products Are Must Haves for 2005

    Hi I was wondering what everyones opinion is for the must haves to demo for the new fall and winter season. I am trying to decide what I want to buy to demo for this season. I see the new microplane adjustable grater in quite a few recipes in the new season's best but wanted to know what other...
  29. C

    Iso Catalog Shoulder Bag Earned Jan 2005

    I was not able to earn the Catalog shoulder tote this past January, but would really like to have one if anyone has one they are not using. Please let me know how much you want for one. It should fit in a priority envelope (free from the post office) the shipping is a flat $3.85 no matter the...
  30. S

    Good Housekeeping Magazine - May 2005

    Did anyone manage to get a copy of the May 2005, Good Housekeeping Magazine? I read in our newsletter that it featured an article of The Chopper! By the time I got to the store they had thrown the May issues out and were selling the June ones. If you were able to get a copy, I was wondering...