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What is shoulder: Definition and 19 Discussions

  1. schoonies

    Iso a Pampered Chef Shoulder Tote/Catalog Bag

    Hello all,Update - 11/21/2016 - Found one online and fingers crossed the person that sold it to me was honest in their description. Thank you and have a Happy Thanksgiving. I am in search of a Pampered Chef Shoulder tote w/clear front pocket for catalogs. Do you have one for sale? Message me...
  2. B

    Selling: Pampered Chefh Medium Consultant Carry Tote With Shoulder Strap

    3 large areas/one thin area $20 Email me for picture I am in Oakville, ON
  3. T

    Fs Over the Shoulder Bag (Small Catalog Slot)

    Many other items too Over the shoulder bag (small catalog slot) $15 (a friend gave it to me to sell looks brand new but is not in a bag) Actually shipping charges will be added Consultant Items NEW Consultant Jean Apron $10 Large Envelope $10 size MEDIUM COLLARD tan Pampered Chef...
  4. T

    Fs Many Items Flip Flops, Shirt and Over the Shoulder Bag + More

    I have many current items if you'd like a list send a PMsize MEDIUM COLLARD tan Pampered Chef shirt used $5.00 Across the body or Over the shoulder black bag never used but not in plastic $15.00New in plastic Consultant Jean Apron $10 NEW Small Envelope $7 NEW Large Envelope $10No Longer...
  5. ChefCKHall

    Recovering From Shoulder Surgery

    Well...I did it. Surgery was Monday. I had a left frozen shoulder and, after six months, could not put up with it anymore. Good news...no rotator tears...just an angry red shoulder. He cleaned it up, got it moving. Now onto physical therapy. Bandages came off today and I am slowly...
  6. ChefCKHall

    Is My Shoulder Pain Just a Symptom or a Serious Issue?

    Well, since coming back from National Conference in July, I have been suffering from a frozen shoulder, very painful and aching.....nasty! Went to ortho specialist today and have to have arthroscopic surgery and manipulation under anesthesia cuz I cannot live like this any more. Talked...
  7. nikked

    Religion Prayers for Mom's Shoulder Surgery Tomorrow

    As a result of her lovely accident, my mom has a torn rotator cuff (and a couple of other injuries to her shoulder). She is having surgery tomorrow morning, 6:30 am AZ time check-in. Apparently this is a very painful surgery, so prayers for a easy recovery and as little pain as possible are...
  8. baychef

    Difficult Situation With Business Need a Shoulder...

    Today I was faced with a situation that I have not faced previously. I received a letter from one of the principals in one of our 8 school buildings. She asked me how I felt about the following: Dr. Black, My name is Pamala Smith and I am a Pampered Chef Consultant. My son is not...
  9. wadesgirl

    Should I Give in to Pressure and Have a Baby Now or Wait for a House?

    This is completely off topic but I need some help and guidance and to see if there is anyone else going through what I am. I want a baby! DH and I have decided to be responsible and wait until we get a house to have a baby. The biggest problem is everyone around me! I’m hearing it from all...
  10. pamperedpals

    Prayer for Shoulder Pain Relief: Seeking Healing for My Bursitis

    I am asking for a prayer for my shoulder to stop hurting. I know it seems a little silly, but I would take child birth easily over this pain. I went to the doctor last night and she told me I have bursitis in my shoulder. She went to check and see how far I could lift my arm and when she...
  11. EdraJayne

    Photo of Catalog Shoulder Tote Bag?!

    Hi! I am placing my first supply order (yea for pc dollars!) and couldn't find a picture of the catalog shoulder tote bag... I am like a lot of our customers, if I can't see it, I am not going to buy it. Any ideas on where to find a photo of one?! Thanks...
  12. N

    Get Your Own Stylish Shoulder Tote in Canada - Perfect for Advertising!

    I would really love to have one of the shoulder totes (I think they are called that, the one with the clear catelogue pocket) as I think it'd be a great way to advertise. Can they be ordered here? I know they must be available here somewhere as another girl in my cluster has them, but I've...
  13. C

    Catalog Shoulder Tote - From Supply Order Form

    Does anyone know how many catalogs this will carry? Also, my host packet folders fit snugly in a 10X13 envelope-- will there be room for a couple, plus catalogs? Thanks very much.
  14. krzymomof4

    Shoulder Catalog Tote: A Stylish and Functional Choice for Your Supply Order"

    I am considering purchasing one off the supply order. Can anyone describe it for me. Does it still have the clear front?
  15. heat123

    Shoulder Tote Bag Order Supply?

    does anyone know if it's small than 15x12? I already bought the one at TC for folders and planner 15x12. I need one for everyday use so purse size is what i want! thanks
  16. heat123

    Shoulder Tote Bag-Order Supply?

    just wondering who has this tote -Micro-fiber with clear pocket on front for catalog? And what does the micro fiber look like- mesh, canvas, vinyl, poly? And has anyone ordered the black tote from T&C made of nylon and it has gold lettering? Which is better? Need to order some bag and want...
  17. K

    Black Shoulder Tote with Clear Packet: Pampered Chef & Diaper Storage?

    I was wondering if any of you have the black shoulder tote with the clear packet on the front for a catalog? Does it help you start conversations with people at stores, etc about Pampered Chef?? And also, does it fit diapers :p ?!? I have a little one to tote around as well. Let me know what...
  18. C

    Iso Catalog Shoulder Bag Earned Jan 2005

    I was not able to earn the Catalog shoulder tote this past January, but would really like to have one if anyone has one they are not using. Please let me know how much you want for one. It should fit in a priority envelope (free from the post office) the shipping is a flat $3.85 no matter the...