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What is rockcrok: Definition and 25 Discussions

  1. Cynthia Shugart

    Where to Find a Rockcrok Small Grill Stone (#3158)?

    I am in search of a recently dropped item, the RockCrok Small Grill stone (#3158). A customer asked me if I could find her one and I am going above and beyond to try and do so. Shipping to 15644.Thanks in Advance. - Cyn
  2. Dani Lorenc

    Iso!! Rockcrok Dutch Oven Xl, 8 Quart, #3152

    Searching for the Rockcrok Dutch Oven XL, 8 quart, #3152 for sale. ANY help would be appreciated!
  3. heulflodyn

    Replace Your Broken Rockcrok Lid | Find Affordable Options Here

    Hi my son just broke the glass lid of my Rockcrok pan. Does anyone have one they could sell me please thanks
  4. mspibb

    Rockcrok 3-Ingredient Recipe: Success & Challenges

    I made the 3 ingredient recipe in the Rockcrok that was in our newsletter this month. I did my apples with the classic APS instead of the slicer and baked it since I was doing it ahead. I took it to my meeting last night and it was a big hit! My only problem, it didn't slice well - it was...
  5. DebPC

    Sell Me on the New Rockcrok Grill Stone

    I have the large white round stoneware one. Is the only difference use wise that it can go under the broiler, on the stove top and on the grill? Easy to clean??? Have you been selling them? Thanks!
  6. Roadtripray

    30 Minute Stovetop Lasagna in the Rock Crok

    Hey y'all, I found a recipe in an advertising circular and made some modifications and adapted it to the RockCrok. I used the Dutch Oven.Click here for my videoI'd love to have your feedback!Blessings, Ray
  7. byrd1956

    Your Future Recruit Can Win a Rockcrok

    I have tried to find the rules by following the link in the e-mail, but they do not come up. Are they somewhere on the PC site? When I click 'read the rules' it takes me to survey monkey to fill in the entry form.
  8. Kristin B

    Urgent How Can I Perfect My Chicken Fajitas Recipe for a Party?

    I am a rather new consultant (three months) I have someone hosting a Fajitas and Ritas party. So I have made three batches of fajitas this last month at home trying to get the chicken just right. I know people keep telling me to just make the same recipe as the DCB. But I cant get it right. A...
  9. brittmcgee11

    Cooking with a Rockcrok: No-Microwave Recipes

    I recently got a rockcrok but do not have a microwave. Looking for some recipes that don't involve the microwave. Especially some deserts.
  10. DebPC

    Discover the Best Features and Drawbacks of Rockcrok - Your Ultimate Guide

    Yes- I still don't own a Rockcrok. I own most of our stoneware and cookware. So what ido you love about them? Any drawbacks??? Plus if I am just getting one- which is the best? Thanks!
  11. DebPC

    Comparing Dcb and Rockcrok Chart

  12. T

    Can Lava Cake Be Made in Everyday Rockcrok?

    I have a question about the lava cake recipe. I have made it in both the deep covered baker and the Dutch oven Rockcrok. Do you think that it's possible to make it in the everyday Rockcrok? I'm concerned about it bubbling over and was wondering if anyone has tried it? Thanks!
  13. B

    Iso: Charms From This Past Fall & Table Cloths

    Looking for the following: Present Measure-All Cup RockcrokALSO in search for the black table cloths. My zipped is 57625. Not wanting to spend over $8 per charm, and $40 table cloth. Thank you!
  14. Intrepid_Chef

    Prevent Cracks with the Brand New Rockcrok for Your Next Cooking Show!

    So I have a big show coming up. Yesterday I decided to test the recipe in the RockCrok I have used exactly 3 times, at a friend's house where she has an electric stove.I am so glad I did because it cracked mid-recipe! It made both smoke detectors go off, and burned the bottom of the unit!I am...
  15. BebeRogers

    Iso September Necklace Rockcrok Charm

    Please let me know if you have one you'd like to sell! Thank you!
  16. A

    Help! I Need Fool-Proof Grill Recipes for the Rockcrok

    Ok, grill-masters, I need some help. I have a host who would like me to demo the Rockcrok on her grill on 8/21. When I say I don't grill, I'm not exaggerating. I NEVER grill. ANYTHING. Does anyone have fool-proof recipes I could suggest to her? (And by fool-proof, I mean super-easy and laid...
  17. B

    Discover the Best Recipes for an Epic RockCrok Amazing Race!

    Anyone have an Amazing Race recipe outline using the RockCrok? or ideas as to what the best recipe to use would be? Thanks!
  18. DebPC

    Rockcroks: Reviews & Opinion on the New DCB

    Now that the Rockcroks have been out awhile- what's your opinion? I haven't gotten one yet. I love the DCB. Is there a big enough niche to warrant getting one? How have your sales been for them? Reviews from customers???
  19. M

    Rockcrok Recipe Booklet 12-10-13 Updated

    I've made some additions to the booklet and prettied it up a bit - added PC logo, use and care comments, etc. I'd really like some feedback. Can anyone tell me what they think? And while, it's not a part of this forum....can someone tell me the secret of how to attach a file to post without...
  20. M

    Cooking Up Delicious Meals with the Rockcrok Everyday Pan

    What are you guys cooking in the Rockcrok Everyday Pan? I haven't found a space for it in my cabinets yet because its always on the draining board. I use it most every night. Seems like I walk in from work every evening and wonder, hmmm, what can I try now? How about y'all?
  21. J

    Recipes Made in Rockcrok Instead of Slow Cooker/Crockpot

    I've just ordered a Rockcrok and can't wait to get it. For those that have one already, have you found you've been able to make recipes that are usually made in a crockpot/slowcooker in the Rockcrok instead? I'm hoping to be able to make some of my favorite crockpot recipes in the Rockcrok...
  22. raebates

    Urgent Pineapple Upside-Down Cake in the Rockcrok

    Help! Please! I made the Pineapple Upside-Down Cake in the RockCrok the other day.* Now I can't find the recipe. Can anyone share it with me? I remember the ingredients but not the amounts. Thanks in advance! *I completely screwed up the recipe. Used the wrong size cake mix. :grumpy...
  23. A

    Cooking with the Dutch Oven RockCrok - New Recipes to Try

    I got the Dutch Oven RockCrok and received it yesterday. I am anxious to try out some recipes that aren't in the ones they sent with the rockcrok. Does anyone have any ideas?
  24. Admin Greg

    Rockcrok 2.5 Quart: Reviews, Tips & Ideas

    Please discuss the Rockcrok 2.5 quart. Tips, complaints, praise, reviews, ideas, thoughts...