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Pampered Chef: 30 Minute Stovetop Lasagna in the Rock Crok

  1. Roadtripray

    Roadtripray Member Silver Member

    Hey y'all, I found a recipe in an advertising circular and made some modifications and adapted it to the RockCrok. I used the Dutch Oven.

    Click here for my video

    I'd love to have your feedback!

    Oct 2, 2015
  2. looks good! I would be interested to know if it might work with the traditional lasagna layers... divide the meat sauce, layer of noodles, another layer of sauce, layer of noodles - then cook. Otherwise you could just use any pasta - I would think. Just a thought - you really can't go wrong with pasta, meat and cheese. :)
  3. Roadtripray

    Roadtripray Member Silver Member

    The only potential problem I see with this is you do need to stir the mixture when cooking on stovetop. Unlike when you are baking in an open, stovetop cooking involves cooking directly against the heat source. This causes the bottom to be significantly hotter than the sides, thus creating the need to stir.

    The other issue is that since stovetop cooking is using a higher and direct heat source, I don't know how well the cheese mixture would survive.

    You could cook it entirely at a low temperature, rather than a medium-low simmer for 20 minutes. Then you'd have Rock crok results similar to putting it in a crockpot. I'm not sure how much longer (if any) you'd have to cook with that method.

    The recipe I modified called for the broken up lasagna noodles. I wondered what would happen if I left the noodles unbroken, or maybe break them in half rather than into 2" pieces. I have a feeling it would interfere with the stirring process, and noodles may stick together.
    Oct 7, 2015
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