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Pampered Chef: Rant Stupid, Stupid Order Entering Mistakes

  1. So tonight I found out from a host that one of the guests at her show got double charged and sure enough it was me who entered this person's order into P3 twice. Not only that, I did it to another customer too. There were 17 orders on this party. I just double checked myself to death I think.

    Anyone else been this stupid before? I hope that it all gets fixed okay. I called the home office and know what I need to do to get these people their refunds. I just feel like a total idiot. I called the host back and let her know what we'll need to do, and plan on calling the customer tomorrow (the other one that I caught is on the host's credit card and she was going to collect payment later, so there's no reason for that person to ever know).

    I'm just hoping that the host (who also does direct sales) didn't hang up with me after I called her back and say 'what a freaking dimwit'. She sounded sort of abrupt, but she always sounds like that so who knows.
    Oct 5, 2009
  2. Sheila

    Sheila Legend Member Gold Member

    I enter one order, and move the form to a separate pile. Maybe that will help you in the future? You can also sort by name and double check that there are not duplicates too. (((hugs))) Mistakes happen. Especially with distractions. I've found that I can't hold & feed my son while entering orders. I tend to typo addresses when I do that.
    Oct 5, 2009
  3. jnsr96

    jnsr96 Member

    In everyone of my shows, while checking people out, I always manage to charge the tax on the order including the shipping, but on at least 1 from everyshow, I forget to add the shipping back into the total price...I have eaten way too many shipping charges- without getting the credit for it either! So I know how annoying it is to make mistakes on orders!!
    Oct 5, 2009
  4. MLinAZ

    MLinAZ Member Gold Member

    Oh I'm so sorry.

    I tend to make adding errors which is dumb since I use a calculator. Depending on the mistake I will call the customer and tell them "Sorry, I am apparently calculator-challenged and I made an error on your order...your correct total is..." Of all the times I've called the customer on it, not a single one has been upset with me and in many cases they've already noticed the error themselves.

    But occasionally I make errors that I decide aren't worth calling customers and I eat the difference. For example, at one show I completely blanked on the tax rate and the host didn't have her note that I gave her about her tax rate...I had an idea what it was so I went with it. I was off by .5% so I ate the difference on all the orders, thankfully it was just change but still it added up. But I felt like that wasn't a mistake I could call all the guests on and change - I should have written it down before I went to the show, not just relied on my memory.

    The nice thing is, you can bet you'll be more careful in the future and not make that mistake again! We all try to multi-task sometimes and mistakes happen. Apologize, correct it as quickly as you can, maybe consider making a customer service gesture (free shipping or 10% discount on next order), and assure them you've learned your lesson and won't make that mistake again, and then let it go!
    Oct 6, 2009
  5. AJPratt

    AJPratt Legend Member Silver Member

    Mistakes happen and I bet the host who is also in DS can tell you some real whoppers!

    I swapped shows with a PartyLite lady (worked out great, btw) and after the guests had left, a few of her team members hung around. OMG the stories I heard! Look at it this way: At least you didn't set anyone's carpet on fire!!:eek:
    Oct 6, 2009
  6. PamperedchefDaly

    PamperedchefDaly Member Gold Member

    Anytime you make a mistake and have to cover the extra cost yourself, always enter it as "consultant gift". Then at least it's deductible at tax time.
  7. babywings76

    babywings76 Legend Member Gold Member

    Oh that stinks! I'm sorry that happened. Don't beat yourself up over it, though. Mistakes happen...especially when we're new at something. I made so many mistakes when I first started. I'm a little better now, but still...things can go wrong here and there. The important thing is to learn from it and try to figure out ways to avoid doing them again. When things go wrong, I try to be honest about it and the guest/host is usually understanding. As long as we try to smooth it over and fix it as best we can and make up for it (free SB or rub or other door prize), then you have to forgive yourself and move on.

    Oct 6, 2009
  8. I think part of the problem is that some things got entered at the party, some things the next day and some things a few days later, as they trickled in and then I was double checking several times to make sure everything was in and then didn't even think to double check that things were in twice. And I use a tiny laptop, so they weren't on the screen at the same time.

    I've eaten SO many tax charges because it changes by %.05 within a few miles of here. I don't even count that as an error because most of the time it was when they did the figuring and its usually pennies.
    Oct 6, 2009
  9. raebates

    raebates Legend Member Staff Member

    We've all made those kinds of mistakes at one time or another. The HO will be able to fix everything. Once you make sure you have some sort of system in place to avoid this happening again in the future, forgive yourself and move on.
    Oct 6, 2009
  10. gailz2

    gailz2 Senior Member Gold Member

    After I enter each customer's order, I put a check mark next to the total so I know the computer agreed with my calculations and I know that I've entered the order. If there is a small error (less than $1.00) I usually just enter the difference as consultant gift.

    As has been said on here many times before, we are Pampered Chefs, not Perfect Chefs, which I guess could apply to our calculation skills at times! Don't worry about it.
    Oct 6, 2009
  11. nene960

    nene960 Member

    I did a show at the end of July where a lady and her sister placed their order together. They ordered 2 kernel cutters but I only ordered 1. I filled out the totals on the sales receipts not noticing that I had missed this. I get a call from my host about this and look at my receipts and realize what I had done. I saw the sister at my show last Friday and she asked me about it and I had my laptop so I showed her what I did and that they only paid for one kernel cutter. She calls her sister to see if she wants to order one and I get on the phone to explain to her what happend. The lady would not believe me. She said I charged her for 2 when I didn't. She told me my math was bad lol. She would not listen when I was trying to explain what happened and that she was only charged for 1. But according to her math (and what I wrote on her receipt) that she was charged for 2. She basically accused me of stealing and hung up on me lol. Her sister said she was a very mean person and she was right! I have learned to double check quantities!!!
    Oct 7, 2009
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