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What is wrap: Definition and 19 Discussions

  1. M

    Looking for a Gluten-Free Chicken Broccoli and Cheese Wrap Idea?

    So last night I made the Garden Basil Wraps for dinner. DS and I enjoyed them, DD (aka the pickiest eater on the face of the planet! :grumpy:) doesn't, even though she likes everything that's in them, just not the combination. She has asked me to try making Chicken Broccoli and Cheese wraps...
  2. S

    Looking for a Buffalo Chicken Wrap recipe without a Season's Best cookbook?

    I don't have a Season's Best cookbook infront of me and I have a Hostess needing this recipe. I have been looking for this and can not find it. Can anyone help? Thanks
  3. P

    Easy Wrap Recipes: Chicken Basil & Buffalo Chicken

    Can someone post the wrap recipes? Specifically the Chicken Basil and the Buffalo Chicken? I can't find my SB and I'm suspossed to make them tonight :(
  4. V

    Creative Uses for Oil Dipping Seasonings: Wrap Ideas!

    As I was reading some of the comments about the Oil Dipping Seasoning's I wondered if you could mix the Sun-dried Tomato Herb with something like creamcheese and put on a tortilla with maybe chicken and veg for a wrap....I have a jar and have never opened it because I didn't know how to use...
  5. kcjodih

    How Would You Wrap the Basket? Please Help, Needed by Tonight :)

    I bought the bbq basket and 3 rubs for my son's teacher as a end of year gift. I have to wrap it tonight for him to take tomorrow (last day of school is Tuesday) and I'm stumped on the best/prettiest way to wrap this. Should I put it all in a large gift bag? Wrap the bottles in one...
  6. B

    Black Bean Wrap - Recipe Discrepancy

    I need to make the Power Cooking Black Bean Wraps tonight and am confused. The recipe for it listed on the Power Cooking Chicken "main page" differs from what is listed on the "Recipe Summary" On the main page it says 1/2 cup water. On the recipe summary it says 1 1/2 cups of water. What is...
  7. babywings76

    How to Wrap the Trivet for a Gift

    It's me... the indecisive one... asking for advice again...:rolleyes: :) I plan to give my kids' teachers RUFTH trivets this year. So, how should I present them? Wrapped in the box with a note about the RUFTH program donation? Out of the box, in a gift bag? With note, without?
  8. PampMomof3

    Director Discover Debi Lily's Gift Wrap and Creative Trifle Bowl Idea

    I just found this on CC!! I wanted to share with all of you too! I love the trifle bowl idea!!!
  9. ChefMary412

    Wrap a Basket for October-fest: Find Cellophane and Twixit Attachments

    I am donating a basket for an October-fest. I wanted to wrap it in cellephaine (sp??). Where can I find that? I wanted to attach it at the top with a twixit.
  10. T

    Anyone Remember a Enchilada Wrap??

    Im looking for a recipe for the chicken enchilada wrap?? using the round stone and the cresent rolls and you wrap all the ingredients up and bake it??? if anyone has any idea what im talking about please let me know :) thanks!
  11. J.Corley

    Efficient and Affordable Gift Wrapping Tips for Cash and Carry Booths

    When doing booths for cash and carry I want to have sample products out but have the gifts wrapped and ready to give. How do you all wrap? Do you buy celophane bags even though you can see through them? Is it ok to see the gift? Should I wrap them with tissue paper first? Ok I want to...
  12. Bren706

    Plan a Successful It's a Wrap Show: Recipes, Ideas, and More!

    Does anybody have any flyers, recipes, show outlines, (anything), etc. for a It's a Wrap show. I did find the recipe charts from the 2004 Its a wrap Kitchen show on consultants corner. If you can share your ideas for your shows that would be appreciated. I have a July 8th host that is interested.
  13. Brigitte

    Looking for Turkey Wrap With Smoked Gouda Cheese

    I am having my very first party December 7th and the host has asked for me to make turkey wraps w/smoked gouda cheese. She has been to a party in the past that had these. Does anybody have the recipe or know where I can find it?
  14. J

    Wrap It up - Gift Ideas (Basic, Deluxe, Ultimate)

    came across this in my files (i think i got it from someone's website many months ago) and thought it might be what some of us were looking for - i have not updated it - so make sure you check through the info! WRAP IT UP~ GIFT IDEAS Holiday GIFT GIVING Ideas Get Your Holiday Shopping...
  15. jrstephens

    Easy Home-Cooked Wraps: Delicious Recipes for Any Occasion

    I loves wraps but can never seem to find a good recipe to do them at home. Anyone have one they love? I would love to hear how you make them. I am getting the new SA platter, and I think they would show it off good at a show too. Most of the stores around here have the regular flour torillas...
  16. C

    Looking for It's a Wrap Celebration Show Wraps Word File

    Does anyone have the wraps from the It's a Wrap Celebration shows as a word file. If so, this would be soo helpful! Thanks in advance!
  17. J

    Summer Wrap Show Recipes: Tips and Ideas for the Perfect Demo and Party

    I would like to do some wrap shows this summer. Can anyone share any recipes they might be using for this style show? I have the "It's a wrap" recipes, but my director gave me some others that I'm not sure about. What have some of you found to be the best ones? I am planning to make one as a...
  18. P

    Delicious Chicken Caesar Salad Wrap Recipe from Main Dishes Cookbook (Page 79)

    Hey guys, I need the chicken caesar salad wrap recipe from the Main Dishes cookbook (page 79)...ASAP! THANKS!
  19. DebPC

    Make Your Own Wraps with Pampered Chef!

    Pampered Chef Wrap ShowsI have been doing tons of wrap shows. I do quite a bit of prep work ahead of time, saving some chopping, slicing, etc. for the demo. I lay all the ingredients on the SA pieces (loved using the bowl and caddy for the spreads--sold a lot when they were on sale)...