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What is brown: Definition and 43 Discussions

  1. Sk8Mom209

    Can homemade cranberry chutney be substituted in Brown Sugar Dijon Baked Brie?

    I'm thinking of make this recipe substituting homemade cranberry chutney. Wondering if anyone has thoughts on if this will work.
  2. S

    Fs: Brown & Black Logo Bag / Purse With Large Leather Handles

    This bag was sold at convention only several years ago. It's in GREAT shape! Tall enough to carry forms and catalogs to shows or just carry as a purse to show off your business! It's nice quality and a classy look! It is brown with black leather with white logo. It measures 15" wide...
  3. O

    Recycling Brown Paper Packaging: What You Need to Know

    Does anyone know if the brown paper that they put in our deliveries is recyclable?
  4. C

    Rice Cooker: Brown, Wild, Instant? and Small Amounts?

    Hi- I am not familiar at all with the rice cooker. I have several customers waiting to buy and wanting to cook brown, wild and/or instant rice. One wants to use it for only 2 small portions (i.e. 1 cup cooked). Does that work? If brown and wild rice is feasible, How long does it take...
  5. frozenchef

    Fs: Pink and Brown Pampered Chef Diaper Bag

    Selling my pink and brown Pampered Chef diaper bag for $20 (plus shipping) - it comes with a changing pad - never used as a diaper bag. I used it as my paperwork bag until getting the Pretty in Pleats Going Places bag this week :) Picture attached.
  6. S

    Pampered Chef Tote Bag - Large Brown & Black From Conf

    This bag is brown & black. Black is leather - corners, handles, & bottom ( in the picture I have one of the black corners folded down to show how it works) Large handles to carry over shoulder Top black corners snap down to make a smaller opening at top. inside zipper pocket This bag...
  7. C

    Pink & Brown Pampered Chefhef Diaper Bag

    Brand new Pink & Brown PChef logo diaper bag includes changing mat. Purchased through Merrill. Very cute, email if interested for picture. $20 includes priority shipping. Please email me at [email protected] if interested.
  8. C

    Super Cute Pink & Brown Pampered Chef Diaper Bag

    For Sale: Super Cute Pink & Brown PC Diaper Bag, Brand New, many useful pockets, with changing pad, purchased through Merrill. $20 + USPS shipping. Email for a picture or if interested to: [email protected]
  9. Intrepid_Chef

    Can you cook brown rice in a rice cooker?

    My roomate bought some brown rice and we're both shocked by the cooking directions. 45 minutes? Say it ain't so? Has anybody tried the rice cooker for brown rice? I know it can be a little tricky but I really want to try this ...
  10. N

    Iso Gingerbread Person - Brown Sugar Keeper

    It's a gingerbread man that you put in the box of brown sugar to keep it soft. I have a customer looking for one. Thanks!
  11. P

    Can't Remember What That Pink & Brown T-Shirt Said?

    Can't for the life of me remember what that Pink & Brown T-Shirt said...was something about the DCB and a crockpot. Anyone remember?
  12. C

    Cooking Disaster: Rice Cooker + Brown Rice = Disaster!

    So - I rarely have cooking disasters...but tonight - Wowwie! I don't believe I've ever used the Rice Cooker to make rice before - I just do it on the stovetop, because I am usually adding a bunch of stuff to it when I cook it. But for dinner tonight, I just wanted to make plain brown rice...
  13. itsjustCarla

    forSale: Pink & Brown Diaper/Tote Bag

    I bought this from Merrill and have never used it - in fact, it's only been out of the box once and put right back. It sold for $11.95 and that's what I'm asking plus shipping (which appears to be in the $7 range). I prefer Paypal. ALSO, I am in search of some unused colored cutlery if...
  14. scottcooks

    From Teresa Brown and Stacy Evans, via My Upline...what Percent

    from Teresa Brown and Stacy Evans, via my upline... What percent will you CHOOSE to be in?? Your direct sales marketing success is about how you come across to others. We all know it does not take a rocket scientist to rise to the top of a direct sales company. There have been people who...
  15. janetupnorth

    Personal My Kids Model for Brown Street Studios: Sneak Peek!

    So, my kids "modeled" for a photography clinic yesterday a friend of ours.I won't see all the pics for a few weeks but they gave us a preview!Here are a few: You can check them about on their website: www.BrownStreetStudios.com...or on Facebook: B&B Photography / Brown Street Studios |...
  16. finley1991

    Director Brown Sugar/Dijon Brie: A Delicious Twist on Classic Cheese - TIA!

    Has anyone made this and if so, good or bad? TIA!
  17. Y

    Can I cook brown rice and pasta in my new rice cooker?

    I just got the rice cooker today and was wondering if I can cook brown rice in it? We only eat brown at home. I was looking on my bag of brown rice and there were no microwave directions. Also, can I cook pasta in it?
  18. iteachurkid

    XXL Merrill Brown Quilted Logo Jacket - $25 + Shipping

    Hi everyone! I have the Merrill brown quilted logo jacket (pink writing) in size XXL for sale. It has been worn, but is in excellent condition. I'm asking $25 including shipping. If you'd like insurance it's $1.70 extra. I prefer paypal. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to let me...
  19. kcjodih

    Can You Cook Brown Rice in a Rice Cooker?

    Has anyone made this and can help me? I had a guest order it yesterday at my show but wants to know if she can do brown rice in it since that's the only kind her DH will eat. I told her I'd find out here from the experts ;) before we sent the show in. So can she? And if so, how much at what...
  20. KellyTheChef

    Want the Pink and Brown Diaper Bag?

    Yeah! Just got this email respoding to my request that they add that bag to Merrill's website so we can order it! Kelly, That item will be available in 2 more weeks. Thank you, Clara Pampered Chef Customer Service Merrill Corporation Phone (800) 876-5004 Fax (320) 251-1406
  21. heat123

    Exclusive Brown & Pink Tote - Get it Now on eBay!

    I guess I am a bag-tote junkie but I just saw a pic of the exclusive brown and pink tote (aka diaper bag) that you all had avail to buy at Merrill and LOVE IT!:love: For sale on ebay for $35 is the current bid! :eek: Are they really NOT going to carry it online??:cry: Sooo friggen cute! I...
  22. Kitchen Diva

    Alton Brown Said I Needed Professional Help!

    I'm a Good Eats Geek! I love the show, and I've followed Alton Brown since he was thin, cuter, calmer and younger... So I have about 20+ episodes sitting on my TiVo- last night I went to the bottom of the list and decided to watch an episode on Potatoes. He was going to make a gratin! Oh...
  23. susanr613

    What to Do With Cooked Brown Rice

    In order to use up some chicken broth in the fridge, I cooked a batch of brown rice...and am looking for some creative ideas on what do do with it other than serve as a plain side. Thanks in advance!
  24. C

    Cooking Brown Rice in a Microwave Rice Cooker: A Beginner's Guide

    Has anyone ever cooked brown rice in the microwave rice cooker? My husband threw away my use and care guide and I'm not sure if it will work or not. If you have done so and it worked can you please provide directions on how you did it. I am new to brown rice and don't have a clue! Thanks!
  25. DebPC

    Mini Pesto Pizza Results - Did Yours Brown?

    Mini Pesto PizzasWe cooked them at the meeting last night. They didn't get golden broown at all. There was alot of grease from the cheese so I don't know if that is why. We left them in the oven for about another 5 minutes, They tasted fine- I didn't think to die for but good. Do yours brown?
  26. ParishKitchen

    Delicious Brown Betty Recipe For Stale French Bread - Help Wanted!

    Hi, everyone. This is kind of OT, since it has nothing to do with selling PC, but I do need a recipe. I have a whole loaf of stale French bread on my hands, and I don't want to waste it. It's from my parents (actually, what happened was I took them two loaves from my favorite bakery, and they...
  27. purrbal

    Rice Pudding & Brown Rice Questions

    Using the RICE COOKER PLUS ...Anyone ever make Rice Pudding in their Rice Cooker Plus with MILK instead of water???? :confused: ...Brown Rice - anyone make it in their RCP? Does it take more water?? or more time??? :confused:

    Cooking Brown Rice in a Microwave: Tips & Tricks

    Does anyone have any tips for cooking brown rice in the small micro cooker? Kristi
  29. chefkristin

    Meeting Ayla Brown at Relay for Life: American Idol Fans Rejoice!

    For all of you American Idol fans.....I went down to the Relay for Life with a friend of mine to see her son who was participating. Well guess who was there? Ayla Brown!!!!! I actually had a conversation with her and her mom Gail Huff the news reporter for ABC out here in MA. Holy Cow! She sang...
  30. jrstephens

    Removing Brown Rings from Pots & Pans: Prevention & Cleaning

    What causes and how do you get rid of those brown rings that form on the bottom of pots and pans? I hate them but cannot get rid of them. I have a Gen II pan that has them awful. My Executive does not have them yet, so, I want to know how to prevent and clean them if it happens.