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  1. J

    I was told you could brown hamburg or turkey in the Micro-Cooker but

    I was told you could brown hamburg or turkey in the Micro-Cooker but Some one asked me how at a show and I didn't have specific directions. Can some one tell me how to do this so I can get back to her? Thanks. I guess that will teach me before I go and open my mouth. :rolleyes:
  2. kimcooks4u

    WOOHOO!!!! LOVE that man in BROWN!!!!

    I just logged off and had to come back ....I got the Roasting Pan and Rack just now All I can say is WOW!!!! I didn't get a chance to really touch the products in the product preview room at conference so I didn't realize :rolleyes: (DUH) how incredible this roaster is. ok that's all. :p
  3. K

    Cooking brown rice in the rice cooker

    Has anyone tried cooking brown rice in the rice cooker? If so, can you tell me the directions? I know you have to cook brown rice alittle longer than white rice so I assume it is going to be different. I've cooked white rice in it plenty of times and every time it has come out PERFECT! I...
  4. D

    Stone for brown sugar

    Hey Everybody, I had a show over the weekend, and one of the guests had asked me if we still have the stone that you put in your brown sugar to keep it soft. I told her I did not think so, but I would look into it for her. Does anyone know what she is talking about? Please help. Thanks...
  5. C

    Rice Cooker & Brown Rice

    Hi everyone- I've had wonderful success with the rice cooker and white rice, however tonite for dinner I made brown rice and although followed directions it was undercooked. :( Anyone with advice/ same experience? I don't want to promote this to cook both kinds at shows if it won't work as...