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What is mean: Definition and 65 Discussions

  1. byrd1956

    Subscribed: No"? - What Does It Mean?

    In our contacts under contact information I understand that "Privacy Requested: No" means that the contact has not asked for a privacy request. What does "Subscribed: No" mean? I have looked at people that I know have an account due to ordering and those that are just in my contacts due to...
  2. baychef

    Director Understanding Show Submission Status: Hold with No Declined Credit Card

    What does it mean when your submitted show appears as "hold" but there is no declined credit card? :confused:
  3. finley1991

    Director Rainbow Behind My Whiskers: What Does It Mean?

    When I logged on this morning, I noticed I have a rainbow behind my whisks above my name/pic! What does that mean? Does it mean I post too much! LOL!!!???!!! Either way I like it! It's pretty!!!! :love0010:
  4. A

    Director "Going Through the Big D and Don't Mean Dallas!"

    "Going through the big D and don't mean Dallas!" (nor divorce!) WAHOO! After such a long hard battle with celestial powers, I got the stars to align, had my 2nd best month ever (just shy of $10k), I had my new recruits GO show last night (and I think she just may qualify from hr show), I got...
  5. Barry Carlton

    Hand Wash Only - What Does it Mean?

    What exactly does "hand Wash only" mean. I assumed it meant to wash in the sink in dishwater like you would other dishes. My MFP gear top got water inside and is still draining after all night. Does it mean to gently wipe only the bottom? If so they should say "Do Not Immerse"
  6. K

    What Do Host and Co-Host Mean for Pampered Chef Show?

    Could someone tell me exactly what Host and Co-Host mean? I know they host the show together but what happens as far as host benefits? Do they split them up? Or do they both get them? I have some people that want to co-host a show but they are in seperate places. Would guests be able to...
  7. P

    Eligibility for Kit Enhancement: What Does it Mean?

    I read that you're eleigable for your kit enhancement in your 4th full month. Does that mean on your 91st day? Is it only available for that month?
  8. kam

    Urgent What Does It Mean When Creditcard Doesn't "Hide"

    I am ready to close a show and I am nowentering in the credit card numbers. I have to say that I have never had an issue with a credit card (holds or whatever) before. Each time I enter in a Credit Card #, it usually ***** it out when I go to the next field, but it didn't this time. Is...
  9. byrd1956

    Name on Check: What Does It Mean?

    When listing a fundraiser on our website and it asks for "name appear on check" doew it mean the organization that will get the $ raised or does it mean who the checks are made out to when paying for an order?
  10. pamperedcntrycookin

    Cooking with Different Pans: What Does It Mean?

    I heard about this at conference and being a newbie to PC i am totally confused. It was something about placing an ice cube in the stainless and nonstick pan and then one in stoneware. what does this do and what does it tell us? Also is it true you can thaw meat faster sitting it in a pan then...
  11. J

    Processing a Show for First-Time Recruit: What Does It Mean? - Jen

    Hello all! I have a quick question. I've tried searching the forum, but didn't see what I am looking for. I am signing my first recruit. She chose to use the $40 kit credit on her show for the large kit. I entered it into P3. She's ready to do her agreement (I submitted her show...
  12. P

    My Commission Statement Is Posted.... What Does It Mean?

    I looked at my statement ( I am a new director promoted Feb 1) and I can't tell what the break down is on my statement. There is an amount under "Transition" for $125 but no break down as to what that actually is... any one know if there is a place in Consultant Connection that will break it...
  13. J

    What do P3 and Pws mean? Learning as a newbie!

    Hi just wondering what does p3 and pws mean? I'm learning all I can! Thanks
  14. K

    Discover the Meaning of Hwc and Earn Free Products | Company Perks Explained"

    And also, do I get anything gifts or products from the company for qualifying (other then the PC Dollars). How do you earn free products?
  15. Jennie4PC

    What is #BG48 and Why Did My Recruit Mention It?

    My recruit just called me and her host had the # BG48 and there was no product with it. Does anyone know what it is? i looked under the magnifying glass and could not find it.
  16. J

    Urgent What Does Pmb Mean in Military Terms?

    Just sold an expensive item on e-Bay. Pay Pal is holding the funds until the item is received by the buyer. The address includes "PMB". Thought it may be a military term....the buyer is from San Ysidro, CA....help!
  17. krzymomof4

    Message Cancelled: What Does It Mean?

    What does it mean when you are leaving an answering machine message and while you are still talking it says message cancelled? I have been in contact with a potential recruit through email and told her that I would touch base with her by phone. So I sent her an email last week with ways she...
  18. C

    What Does This Error Mean for My First Show Submission?

    I am submitting my first show and I am getting an error from PPP. It says " Half Price item selections can not exceed what has been earned." She is just trying to get something worth $16 half price. Thanks!
  19. babywings76

    Candy Making and Cookie Shows: What Does Mike Mean?

    I have Mike's newsletter service, and he put in the Oct. newsletter something about "ask me about Candy Making and Cookie shows" Now what does he mean by that? :confused: I can hear it now..."Hey Amanda, I'd love to know what candy you'll teach at a show?" me: "Huh?!"
  20. C

    Ignoring Mean People: My First Experience

    I learned how to put someone on the ignore list today on CS. I do not like mean people! This was the first time someone was mean enough for me to do that.
  21. N

    Submitting an Order to PA: What Does No Tax Mean?

    I have an outside order for a show that I am trying to submit and when I put the order in (it is going to be direct shipped to PA) P3 says there is no tax. So, when I try to submit the order it says "An order must have a tax rate that is equal or greater than the tax rate for the state to which...
  22. KellyTheChef

    Does This Mean My Knife Block Shipped?

    Here is the email that just came through a minute ago... Since I have received everything else on that order, does this maybe <hopefully!> mean that my knife block is on the way?!!? Otherwise, they are a little late in notifying me...:D Thank you for your Sample Package order. The...
  23. heat123

    Delivery Exception: What Does it Mean & Should I Call HO?

    I received box 1 of 2 of my supplies yesterday and did a search for the other package and it said "delivery exception"? What does that mean??:confused: Should I wait or call HO?
  24. PampChefJoy

    I Really Don't Mean to Sound Ungrateful... But...

    I am scratching my head over some recent emails.... With the Fall Flash this year, I made it an emailable format and so what I asked people to do is sign up on the sample request page of my website so you can be added to the database and I can generate your personal copy. Except, after I...
  25. Kitchen Diva

    I Don't Mean to Seem Ungrateful

    :( But why is it that EVERY time I update my resume on Monster.com or Careerbuilder.com, the only inquiries I get to my resume are for Insurance Sales or Real Estate Sales?:grumpy: Crimany- I have 16+ years of management experience, and not assistant management, but actual head honcho. (not...
  26. Jenni

    Yellow Sign by Grill Basket: What Does it Mean?

    I was just typing in the last few orders of a catalog show and this little yellow sign came up next to the grill basket. What does that mean? I Called to ask my Director but honestly I will probably get an answer here first.
  27. J

    My Debit Card Transaction & KE Order: What Does it Mean?

    I submitted a show last week and my PC debit card transaction has still not posted but the order has shipped. does that mean that my KE order also placed with my debit will not be charged right away as well?
  28. S

    Why do some people cancel show bookings and then avoid calls?

    So I'm making my calls last night and I called someone who had booked a show then ended up canceling after not calling back any of my coaching calls. She is a Partylite consultant so I was a little put off by it, but she seemed kind of sincere in her explanation as to why. It has been about 4...
  29. whiteyteresa

    What Does the (T) Beside My Recruit's Name Mean?

    Beside my recruits name is a letter (T) It did say (I) for inactive last week What does (T) stand for??? :chef:
  30. wadesgirl

    Remember, No Came Mean Not Now!

    My great aunt has been a great customer since I started my business but always told me no about having a show. Her daughter and the daughter's daughter (a cousin my age) have had shows with me but the aunt always said no. Well, I saw my aunt and her daughter at a funeral two weeks ago and some...