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What is middle: Definition and 20 Discussions

  1. T

    Delicious Middle Eastern-Inspired PC Recipe for Any Host | No Food Restrictions

    Is there a good PC recipe that would be good for a middle-eastern host? They would prefer something close to their favorite foods. There are no food restrictions, though. Thanks.
  2. iteachurkid

    Recipe Help for Middle School Girls

    So I'm going to be teaching a "Cooking quick and cheap" class at my school's 3rd annual Girl's Night Out. My first year I did an appetizer (Touchdown Taco Dip) and then last year I did the Mexican Chicken Lasagna. In the description of my class it said we'd be making a main dish and I need it...
  3. The_Kitchen_Guy

    Just Testing. It's the Middle of the Night - Go to Bed!

    This is a test. This is only a test. If it was a real post, it would have something intersting in it. Meditabar aliquid enotabamque, ut, si manus vacuas, plenas tamen ceras reportarem. Cx rpnz fo licebit abr apros vp nrt 31 Non est quod contemnas hoc studendi genus. Mirum est ut animus...
  4. buzz26

    What's for Sale at the Smyrna Yard and PC Consultant Sale on August 15th?

    On Aug. 15th I'm having a yard sale and PC consultant sale. I have LOTS of PC consultant material for sale. My address is 251 Neal AVe, Smyrna, TN 37167 and my email is [email protected] if you have any questions. Please share this with your clusters. Here is a list: Yard Flag from...
  5. A

    New Recruit-Doesn't Want to Start Until Middle of May

    My new recruit definitely wants to join but doesn't want to sign up for another two weeks because she can't hold her grand opening until June 7th. Any ideas to help her generate shows sales before then to get her quailified in 30 days? I want those bonus points. I gave her almost all the...
  6. candiejayne

    Stuck in the Middle: A Frustrating Day of Bad Luck!

    I'm having a super bad day, I fell down the stairs this morning just to have my BF come running, ask if I was ok, not waiting for an answer says put layers on today, I asked why, said the furnace went out. I'm freezing cold, I hurt from the fall, and I've had a really bad week at work, so I...
  7. Jessamary

    De-lousing Disaster: My Middle Child & Unsupportive Hubby

    Guess what I spent the last hour doing. De-lousing my middle child. ::shudder:: I am so grossed out! Anyone have to deal with this ever? A few years ago, my eldest son had it and I was equally grossed out then. Then, to top it off, my husband goes to play poker on Facebook while I'm...
  8. chef131doreen

    Fundraising for Our Middle School: 1,100 Kids!

    Has anyone done a large fundraiser . I am going to do one for our Middle school 1,100 kids. even if 1/2 partisipate wow that's alot I will put on pws 1 cataloge & outside order forms + they can make copy's I said I would help sort with some help from them letter says diret shipping is best...
  9. C

    I Am Organizing a Boutique for the Middle of August and Need Some

    I am organizing a boutique for the middle of August and need some ideas. If it were closer to the holidays there are lots of ways to "label" the boutique (ie: home for the holidays...) What about if it is in August? Can't do Christmas in August!! I am just not in a creative mode and need...
  10. krzymomof4

    Is My Neighbor's Drama Putting Me in Danger?

    I know there is a reason that I mainly keep to myself and mind my own business. Long story short, I have become friends with the lady across the street. She doesn't make the best decisions, but I felt like God put me here to help her within reason. She has this "boyfriend" who treats her like...
  11. P

    I Need a Director in the Middle Tennessee Area

    I recently signed a new consultant in the middle Tennesee area and am looking for Hospitality for her. My Director is plannig to request it through HO next week, but I thought I'd ask around here first. If you are a Director or know a Director in that area - or - if you are a consultant and...
  12. ayoung73

    Connecting with TN Locals | Join Our Monthly Cluster Meetings!

    I am curious about who all is from TN - Pleasant View, Springfield, Clarksville, Goodlettsville, Nashville, Ashland City or surrounding areas - to be exact. I was recruited by someone over an hour from me in Murfreesboro, TN and would like to see about getting closer for the monthly cluster...
  13. M

    Oval Baker Sizes: Is There a Middle Option?

    I have a customer looking for a oval baker bigger than the small oval baker and smaller than the 7 cup oval baker. Does anyone know if there was one in prior catalogs?
  14. kcjodih

    I'm in the Middle of a Real Estate

    transaction and I'm ready to vomit! ARGGGG Listed our house last week, had an offer within 48 hours, 24 hours later we had an accepted conditional (on the sale of their house) offer and now 2 days later we have another offer going back and forth and they're nickle and diming us to death...
  15. gilliandanielle

    I Need a Middle Name for Baylor...

    Ok, so DH and I have narrowed it down to Brooklyn and Baylor. We really like Brooklyn Mackenzie (BMW initals, LOL!) but I can't think of anything for Baylor and DH doesn't like it with Mackenzie. You guys are so helpful I was hoping you can throw some ideas out there for me. Baylor ______...
  16. quiverfull7

    Ever Had the Host Leave in the Middle of a Show?

    Sigh... I guess I'll chalk this week up to the weird PC Shows Listings! Tuesday was the Bunco weird feeling show, Thursday was the MIL hijacking me and yesterday... the host's cat, whom she had for 13 years, was staggering across the floor and falling down... she was dying right in front of...
  17. T

    Mystery Host Show for Middle School Teachers: Ideas Needed

    I want to have a mystery host show for the middle school teachers at the school. I need a recipe that will feed several people. I would like to do this during their free time. What pieces would you carry for show? PLEASE, ideas needed.... Thanks in advance..
  18. B

    Stuck in the Middle of Fight With Guest and Host!!

    So back in March I had a show for this lady who is a recruit lead for July. Well I got an email a few days ago from a guest of her show stating she hadn't received her order yet and that the host won't call her back. I call the host for a couple of days no luck. Well she calls me yesterday...
  19. M

    Looking for Pampered Chef Enthusiasts in Middle Tennessee?

    Hello are you out there?? Is there ANYBODY around the Nashville area?? North-ward around Gallatin?? :confused:
  20. cjdrish

    I Need a Recipe for a Middle Eastern Type Dish

    I have a friend who said she would have a party if I can find a Middle Eastern type recipe. There is a Resturant here in MI (La Shish) she eats there with all of her friends all of the time. They serve hummos, falafal and toubuli type things!! If anyone has anything please send it to me!!! my...