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What is arrive: Definition and 29 Discussions

  1. O

    April Website Newsletter: When Will it Arrive?

    Hi Does anyone know when the April website newsletter will be sent?:confused:
  2. finley1991

    Director When Will Our Chip Makers Arrive? Answers Here

    I threw away my packing slips... did it say on there when we could expect our chip makers to arrive?
  3. chef131doreen

    Pink HWC Shoes Arrive - I'm in Love!

    Fed -ex man just dropped off my Pink HWC products ..... I just love the shoe server
  4. finley1991

    Director When Will Our Products Arrive? - Seeking Answers

    Does anyone know when we might receive these products? I checked the flier and usually it says when they will ship but I didn't see it. TIA! :)
  5. B

    Director Dates That Sat and Director Packets Arrive

    I have looked and looked on CC, on CS and here and I can not find the dates the products will ship to arrive by. I don't know if I'm blind or if it's the drugs...
  6. Mel92504

    Super Excited About My Home Office - Products Arrive Tomorrow!

    I just wanted to say that I am LOVING :love: Home office right now. I submitted a show LATE Tuesday night & just received the email that said that the products have shipped & will be here tomorrow! The usual turn-around time here in NY for me is about 1-2 weeks plus shipping so I'm so excited...
  7. mamadugan

    Did My Spring Mini Catalogs Arrive Yet?

    are the sping mini catalogs still out?? I ordered them and thought if they were still out, that is why I didn't get them. BUT I will call HO today if they have some available.
  8. The_Kitchen_Guy

    Did the Dec Pampered Chefs Arrive 25 Years Ago?

    Why, yes they did, about 25 years ago. There were three of them from Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) the DECMate, Pro 350 and the DEC Personal Computer was called the Rainbow. The Pro was a micro version of the PDP-11 (and not a very good version of it) the DECMate was a word processor and...
  9. prepchef

    Dec Pampered Chef$ Arrive Yet?

    Has anyone had their PC$ deposited into their online account yet? I thought it was supposed to be Jan 16? :cool:
  10. ChefJoyJ

    Will My Fed Ex Delivery Arrive on Monday?

    Does Fed Ex work over the weekend? Meaning, if something shipped out Friday, and it only takes 2 days (99.7% of the time), for things to arrive at my house, does that mean I can possibly expect it on Monday? I ordered my supply order on Thursday, by Thursday evening they were dealing with...
  11. PCSarahjm

    Ordering Basket: Will it Arrive by July 10th?

    Does anyone know the status of this basket...when I try to order it...it says backordered? I have a customer that needs it by July 10th. Do you think it will be here intime if I order it today?
  12. pchef_Christy

    When Will the New Catalogs Arrive for My Party Hosting?

    I have a customer who is wanting to host a party but not until the new catalogs come in. Does anyone know when that my be? I just signed up this week and didn't know?
  13. S

    Achieved Level 1 But Can't Afford Conference: When Will Gift Card Arrive?

    I earned level 1 last year and still can not afford to go to conference. :( Does anyone know when we should be getting our gift card? Thanks. Michelle
  14. brendaivette

    When Does My CC Guests Typically Arrive?

    any know around what time they show up in CC, thanks
  15. J

    Celebrating 15K - When Will the Whisk Charm Arrive?

    Ok, I reached the 15K mark back on December 15th. Yeah for me! However, when does the whisk charm arrive? I'm dying to get it!!!
  16. PampMomof3

    Columbus Day: Will Our Paychecks Arrive On Time?

    Hey, Are we getting paid tomorrow? The calendar says yes but are banks open on Columbus day? Just curious! Thanks!!:D
  17. F

    How Long Did Your Samples Take to Arrive?

    I ordered my samples and now I need to know how impatient I need to get. How long did yours take to arrive?
  18. SilverCeladon

    Damaged Trifle Bowl Returned - Will Replacement Arrive on 4/19?

    I had a customer who wants to return a trifle bowl because it was damaged. I got the adjustment number and they told me they would send out a mailing slip so she can return it and another one would be delivered on 4/19. This is what HO emailed me: Thank you for contacting The Pampered Chef...
  19. Chef Stacy Edwards

    When Will Our Commission Checks Arrive?

    Just wondering if anyone knows if we will get our commission checks Friday or on Monday after the holidays?
  20. smarteez2

    Mid-Season Products Arrive - Who's Ready to Celebrate?!

    That is the date I will be getting my mid-seasons products!! I can not wait!! I really can't wait to get the salad recipe book!! Whoo Hoooo!! Anyone else know when they are getting their free products? Say it loud and say it proud!! :)
  21. G

    When Will Trifle Bowls Arrive? We're Excited!

    Any idea when we will be getting our trifle bowls? I can't wait!
  22. mbh06

    Pampered Chef 1099s: When Will They Arrive?

    I have a question for those of you that have been w/ PC for a while: When will we get our 1099's? I know they have until the 31st, do they take that long?? TIA!!
  23. P

    When Will Our Mail Be Delivered?

    Does anyone know when we get that mail to us?
  24. J

    Will My Order Arrive Before Christmas?

    if i place an idividual order today (12/12) will it be here on time for chirstmas barring any cc issues? and with just regular shipping? thought someone here might know - thanks! jen
  25. TinasKitchen

    Recipe to Prepare Before Guests Arrive

    If I do my price is right show I want to prepare something before the guests arrive or while they are arriving have it in the oven, etc. What do you suggest? Touchdown Taco Dip I heard is awesome but not sure if my host likes mexican. any other suggestions? maybe a dessert would be good?
  26. heat123

    Waiting for Ever for My Kit to Arrive!

    I just signed last tuesday and it seems like forever ago as I wait for my kit to arrive! Have 11 shows to plan for and cannot wait to start using the tools and practicing recipes! How long does it take to ship?? And cannot wait to set up my website! I am soo excited about this new venture! Just...
  27. rennea

    How Long for Orders to Arrive!!

    When you place orders how long does it take to recieve them. I live in British Columbia so if any Canadian consultants could give me a rough idea that would be great!! Thanks
  28. M

    How Long Does It Take a Kit to Arrive?

    I signed the agreement on Wednesday, and my recruiter made my SS1 Sept. So I am itching to get my supplies to start getting my hostess packets out! Also, I'm asking so many questions here because I'm a little frustrated at my recruiter. I signed up under a friend of mine, and before I signed the...
  29. dannyzmom

    What to Do While Waiting for Your Kit to Arrive Fliyer/List?

    Anyone have this? I can't find it on my harddrive and I know I had it...help?