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What is fruit: Definition and 59 Discussions

  1. DebPC

    Mini Fruit Pizza Treats - Delicious & Easy!

    ~~Mini Fruit Pizzas~~ 1 package/tube sugar cookie dough-the one that comes in 24 cubes is perfect amount for 2 muffin pans! 1 block cream cheese, softened 1 tub frozen whipped topping, thawed 1/2 cup powdered sugar 1 tsp. vanilla 6 strawberries 2 kiwi 1/2 cup fresh blueberries...
  2. DebPC

    Can You Preserve Fruits by Freezing Them in Ice Cubes?

    Freeze Fruit in Ice Cubes and the skies the limit!
  3. DebPC

    Easter Treats: Chickie Deviled Eggs, Bunny Cream Puffs & Bunny Fruit Bowl

    Chickie Deviled Eggshttp://img145.imageshack.us/img145/9500/250512797993399328kikte.jpgBunny Cream Puffshttp://img839.imageshack.us/img839/1593/bunnycreampuffsb62cf958.jpgBunny Fruit Bowlhttp://img543.imageshack.us/img543/8099/bunnyfruitbowl.jpg
  4. Admin Greg

    Discover the Best Fruit and Cheese Cutter: Tips, Reviews, and More!

    Please discuss the Fruit and Cheese Cutter. Tips, complaints, praise, reviews, ideas, thoughts...
  5. Intrepid_Chef

    Easy & Inexpensive Fruit Dip Ideas for Any Fruit

    Can anybody sugest an easy, inexpensive fruit dip that goes well with any kind of fruit? Last time I did a show I remember something involving marshmallow fluff. Or cool whip. Or yogurt. We need something that goes with all kinds of fruit, so it probably shouldn't be lemon or strawberry...
  6. Intrepid_Chef

    Help Me "Pampered Chef" This Fruit Pizza Recipe

    My host wants a fruit pizza BUT not Taffy Apple. What she's suggested is something like this: Fruit Pizza Recipe - Allrecipes.com Beyond the obvious (like using the measure all to measure the marshmallow fluff and mixing with a whisk) I was thinking of suggesting peaches instead of kiwi...
  7. D

    Urgent Help Me Find a Delicious Fruit Dip Recipe!

    I have a show tomorrow night and can't find where I saw the recipe for a fruit dip. It has strawberries, vanilla yogurt, and cool whip. Can anyone help with the amounts of each. Thanks
  8. T

    Need a Fruit Dip Recipe and Bridal Shower Ideas

    I have a Bridal Shower for my husband's niece this Saturday. I have been wracking my brain trying to get it all to come together nicely for her. I was trying to come up with some sort of a short demo that I could do with her. I got to thinking that we could have a little "cooking competition"...
  9. A

    Looking for a Delicious Chocolate Fruit Dip Recipe? Can Anyone Help Me Out?

    Anyone have one? I searched under recipes and posts and couldn't find one. My brain is addled from the unseasonably hot weather though, so quite possible I missed it. Thanks!!
  10. S

    Fruit Dipping for Fun: Is It Worth It?

    Anyone done this yet? I am wondering what dips to make and if it is actually a fun show. I mean really you are just cutting up fruit...lol THanks so much!
  11. pamperedbecky

    Director Easy Fruit Dip Recipes for MFP: Perfect for Summer

    So, on the back of that Summer Marketing Guide, it talks about the "Cool and Serve" show, which I'm doing a version of on Saturday. It says to use the MFP to make dips to serve with fruit, but doesn't give a recipe. Does anyone know of one? All of the fruit dip recipes I know about can just...
  12. K

    Director Delicious Fruit Cobbler Recipe in DCB | Chef Carlotta's Fresh Fruit Delight

    I was on P.C. community about 2 weeks ago and someone posted a recipe for a fruit cobbler in the DCB using fresh fruit. I meant to go back and copy it but didn't. Now, I can't find it. It was submitted by chef Carlotta. Anyone see this or know what this is? Thanks, Karen
  13. HealthNut

    Need a Good Chocolate + Fruit Recipe for Dcb

    so my first cooking show - my host would like something that is both chocolate and fruit (she's supplying wine for everyone to drink...) so we're doing a decadent dessert type of party. the ONLY two stoneware pieces I have right now are the DCB and the large bar pan (which is pretty "savory"...
  14. kcmckay

    Urgent Pressing Fruit Without Citrus Press?

    Hi all I was going to make the triple citrus mojitos to bring to a bbq this afternoon. However I lent my citrus press to a friend that is of course away for holiday!:( Anyway I don't have juicer or alternate press and I know there is a trick with the whisk? Anyone know that trick because I feel...
  15. kcjodih

    Choosing the Best Fruit and Dip for a Beach Day Outing

    I'd like to send some cut up fruit and dip with my son when he goes to the beach for the day with a friend and the friends family but I have no idea what type of dip to make. What's your favorite? I'm embarrassed to admit I never use dip. Also what fruits would you suggest would hold up...
  16. esavvymom

    Looking for a Recipe- Has Cherry, Fruit, Pie Crust- Round Stone

    I am trying to find a recipe that I had at a PC show many years back (more than 5 yrs but less than 10 :) ). The gal used a round stone- had pie crust then she put on I think some cherry pie filling, and them some other fruit (can't remember which ones though! Berries or peaches??? but they...
  17. C

    Has Anyone Tried Making a Simple Fruit Dip with Vanilla Yogurt and Sprinkles?

    I thought I had seen a simple fruit dip using just vanilla yogurt with sprinkles. Has anyone tried this? I need a dip for fruit tonight and wont have time for the grocery store beforehand. Can anyone share a nice, simple recipe?? TIA
  18. Dotty

    Is grilling fruit with sprinkles a winning combination?

    I just have to say... YUCK! I was so excited about the sprinkle sets that I suggested to my director that we have a grilling party and test out the different sprinkles on different fruits. We had bananas, mango, pineapple, apples, and strawberries. The...
  19. T

    Tips for Preserve Fresh Veggies & Fruit

    Does anyone have tips to preserve fresh fruits and veggies? I am wasting so much $$ on them spoiling before they can be eaten. :grumpy: Thanks in advance!
  20. C

    Fruit Salad With Cool Lime Dressing

    I've misplaced my salad cards. Does someone have this recipe they can please share with me? Thank you! Chef Di
  21. P

    Fruit Demo Prep: Ideas Welcome!

    While a microwave cake is cooling I am going to do a quick fruit demo tomorrow night at a show. Any additional ideas would be helpful. This is what I have come up with so far: Pineapple wedger (pineapple) Core & more (strawberries & melon) Egg slicer (strawberries & bananas) Peeler (kiwi...
  22. turtle15

    Fruit Pizza in Bar Pan Question

    Do you still use one package of sugar cookie dough if you make the fruit pizza in the bar pan?
  23. raebates

    Help Needed: Desperately Seeking Lost Recipe

    I need this recipe quick. I thought I had it in my computer, but I don't. I've tried searching, but no luck. My host for this evening wants this. My cookbooks are packed away in my kit in my van. Can anyone help? Thanks!
  24. ChefPaulaB

    Mini Fruit Pizza: Easy Valentine's Day Demo Idea

    Just saw this recipe on the Krafts foods website, and I think that it would great for a demo (Valentine's)... only instead of using a Chips Ahoy cookie, maybe use refridgerated cookie dough and bake on stone and then top with the other stuff (of course, not use the Cool Whip from a can but use...
  25. M

    Help Needed: Searching For a Round Stone Fruit Pastry Recipe

    Hi Everyone, One of my customers has asked me for a recipe which features the large round stone. The best she recalls is that the recipe uses sugar cookie dough for the crust and fresh fruit for the topping. I remember something like this from years ago and have searched everywhere I know...

    Need Fruit Salad Recipe Anyone... Please

    looking for a fruit recipe ....
  27. lockhartkitchen

    Apple Berry Salsa and Fruit Kabobs

    I'm only doing one recipe in the month of July. This is one of my favorites from All The Best. I have 3 shows some weeks and thought this would make things easier for me. It's my family favorite.
  28. lisa717

    Question about HO's Fruit Salad Staining on Green Material

    I have a question...I have a customer who ordered it....put a fruit salad in it...just the fruit..watermelon, cantelope, grapes...etc and it stained the green part...did HO say that would happen? I can't find the info on the email they had sent....
  29. P

    Make Delicious Fruit Salsa: Recipe Wanted!

    I have a host that is looking for me to demo fruit salsa. Anyone have any idea where I can get the recipe or is someone willing to post it. TIA
  30. A

    Coupon for Free 4-Pack of Goodbelly Fruit Drinks

    Rating: 1 Posted By: dee16 Views: 45 Replies: 1 http://www.verb-goodbelly.com/coupon good thru 2/18/08GoodBelly is currently available nationally through Whole Foods Market and Wild Oats Markets, as well as select stores in Boulder, Colorado. Get your FREE 4-pack of GoodBelly! Make a...