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What is pastry: Definition and 48 Discussions

  1. R

    Iso Old Style Pastry Blender for Customer~ New Please!

    Hi everybody I am ISO the Old Style Pastry Blender for a Customer.... It was all Stainless with a long Handle
  2. byrd1956

    Looking for Vintage Door Handle

    Does anyone have one of these from the past? I have someone that is looking for one because they really like the handle on it.
  3. byrd1956

    Help Finding the Perfect Pastry Mat for Cutting Even Pie Crusts

    I have a host asking a question about the pastry mat for a friend. The friend wants the mat to have places that will help her cut her pie crust evenly. When I look at the pic to me it looks like she should be able to do that, but the host said the lady asked about having bumps or raised areas...
  4. DebPC

    Director Delicious Greek Island Pastry Recipe: A Big Hit at Shows!

    I just made this at a show for the first time this last weekend on our round stone. It's in the All The Best CB and I've passed it by for years. It was a big hit and makes a great demo recipe. I cooked the crust ahead- but you could do it there ahead of the show. I'm going to start making this...
  5. KateInTheKitchen

    Silpat vs Pastry Mat: What's the Difference?

    A customer would like a silpat or two... am I understanding correctly that this is different from the pastry mat (which I haven't actually seen). Can you bake on our pastry mat?
  6. byrd1956

    WoW Puff Pastry Desserts - Simple Ideas for a Host!

    I have a host that wants a dessert that uses a puff pastry. No particular recipe...she just wants to see how the pastry works and believes it will be WoW! So, does anyone have some WoW suggestions....that won't be too complicated?
  7. RMDave

    Need 10 reasons to choose our Pastry Roller?

    QUICK! I need 10 good reasons someone proficient with a rolling pin would want/need our Pastry Roller. Ten reasons. Quick! Starting NOW!
  8. T

    Have you tried the Pastry Cutter for your baking needs?

    Is anyone familiar with the Pastry Cutter? What is the quality like? Does it cut fondant? Tara
  9. kcjodih

    Urgent Help!! Honey Brie Bites - Wrong Pastry!!

    Hi everyone, My host JUST called and I'm supposed to be there in an hour and a half to say that she didn't find the phyllo shells for this recipe so she bought phyllo pastry!!! What do I do? I've never used that before! She said pick up some shells if you can, if not, improvise I guess! UGH...
  10. jbondr

    My Adventures in Pastry Blending: Aggressive or Incompetent?

    Am I the only one having trouble with the pastry blender? Today, I broke my second one. I must be an aggressive pastry blender. On a positive note, I did learn that the Mix'n Chop is great for blending pastry. :)
  11. wadesgirl

    Success with a Pastry Cutter: Making Cinnamon Chips

    I was making the cinnamon chips from the All the Best cookbook. It suggests using the pizza cutter to cut into wedges. Mine was dirty so I dug through my drawers trying to find something to use. I noticed the pastry cutter and figured it had to work. It worked perfect! That little baby is...
  12. K

    Can Strawberry Amaretto Pastry Be Made

    ahead of time. I just wanted to know because I want to make them before the pizza. Or can i use my flat rectangle stone to make them as well?
  13. M

    Help Needed: Searching For a Round Stone Fruit Pastry Recipe

    Hi Everyone, One of my customers has asked me for a recipe which features the large round stone. The best she recalls is that the recipe uses sugar cookie dough for the crust and fresh fruit for the topping. I remember something like this from years ago and have searched everywhere I know...
  14. lisa717

    ,,Is Better Than a Pastry Blender>>>Try It!!!

    ,,is better than a PASTRY BLENDER>>>TRY IT!!!
  15. P

    Peanut Brittle Recipe: Missing From Pastry Mat?

    OK, since I can't log onto CC, does anyone have the recipe for the Peanut Brittle that was shown with the Pastry Mat when it was first introduced? I looked at the recipe that was included with the Pastry Mat and the Peanut Brittle was not on it. :chef:
  16. Michelle817

    Tips on Washing the Pastry Mat?

    I absolutely love using the pastry mat, but loathe cleaning it. I normally end up with me and/or the counter/sink area wet. I've honestly thought of washing it in the bath tub, but haven't tried it yet. A lot of times I'll wash it with a soapy sponge while it's laying flat on the counter, but...
  17. DebPC

    Director Pastry Blending with My Son-in-Law: A Review

    My son in law says this tool also is great as a pastry blender. Has anyone else tried this?
  18. J

    Efficient Storage Hack for Pastry Mat | Roll Up and Store in Paper Towel Roll

    I just thought I would share.. didn't do a search to see if it was already posted so sorry in advance if it is. I roll up my pastry mat and store it in an empty paper towel roll.. works out perfectly!
  19. Jenni

    Delicious Recipes with Your Pastry Mat

    Looking for a good recipe that I could use with the pastry mat.
  20. wadesgirl

    Who Else Sold 4 Pastry Mats at Their Last Show?

    I had a show last night and when I had them introduce themselves and say their favorite product one of the co-hosts mentioned that she loves the pastry blender (which is a different item that people hardly ever say). I always bring the pastry mat with me so people can see the difference in ours...
  21. Bren706

    Can Chicken & Broccoli Pastry Cups Be Made in a Deluxe Mini-Muffin Pan?

    I am looking for the Chicken & Broccoli Pastry Cups recipe that was featured in the Spring/Summer 2002 Season's Best. Could someone please post it for me? My host for Thursday wants me to make it at her show.
  22. ChefinHarmony

    Older Gray Pastry Mat: Warranty, Part Number, and Discontinuation Inquiry

    Does anyone remember when they discontinued this? Do you know what the warranty is on it? I have a great Host/Customer who is having a problem with hers. I told her I would look into. Anyone have a part number? I don't have a clue where my old catalogs are right now.... Thanks!! Joanne
  23. chefann

    Can a Pastry Mat Safely Be Used as a Craft Heat Tool Surface?

    Has anyone used the Pastry Mat (current or retired version) as a work surface for crafting, specifically when using a heat gun? I was at the craft store today and there was a mat for sale to use with heat applications (under melting pot, with heat gun while embossing, etc.) that was billed as...
  24. JAE

    Anyone else struggling with a rolling Pastry Blender in their drawer?

    I just purchased the Pastry Blender in December. I haven't used it yet. I don't make pastry much. Anyway, it keeps getting caught when I open my drawer because it rolls around. Does anyone else have this problem? I just moved it to a bigger cupboard where I keep my pie plate and dough and pizza...

    Kristi's Search for Pastry Mat Recipes

    I am looking for Pastry Mat recipes for a client. ANyone have some? Thank you, Kristi
  26. C

    Using a Pastry Mat in the Oven: Does it Work?

    When I was looking at the Prod. Info on the Pastry Mat, it stated it was heat safe to a pretty high temp. Can this be used in the oven, under a pie to catch the drippings? Does anyone know!
  27. C

    What are some alternative uses for the pastry blender besides cutting eggs?

    Any suggestions for other uses for the pastry blender (December special) other than chopping eggs for egg salad? Other than pastry, of couse :)I'm stumped.Thanks!
  28. kam

    My Pastry Mat Has an Unusual Smell - Is This Normal?

    OK, I decided to order the Pastry Mat and it is here just in time for my shows this weekend. Yea! But, I notice that it smells - maybe a little like burnt plastic? I have been soaking it and washing it and was wondering if this was normal and I should not bother trying to get the smell out...
  29. kam

    Is the Pastry Mat Worth Getting?

    I am debating on whether I should purchase the Pastry Mat (sample order of Dec Guest Special). I currently have the Tupperware brand silicone mats and the Silpat mats...both of which I can bake on. I really think I should have the Party Mat to show guests - but I do not bake pies. And if...
  30. redsoxgirl

    Cinnamon Pastry Wedges: A Delicious and Easy Recipe for Any Occasion!

    *yawn* morning everyone!I tried out the Cinnamon Pastry Wedges (SBRC Fall/Winter 2004) that obxchef mentioned last week in my Nov Open House recipe post. So good and very easy to make! I made them for our cluster meeting last night and the ladies loved them. I mixed some cinnamon and nutmeg with...