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What is reasons: Definition and 32 Discussions

  1. J

    8 Reasons to Host a Show Flyer?

    Hi! Does anyone have a copy of the "8 Reasons to host a show" fyler? I would like to include it in my guest packets. Thanks in advance! Jana
  2. straitfan

    Reasons for a Show Being Put on Hold?

    Is there any other reason than declined CC for a show to be put on hold? I submitted my last little bit to make my SAT goal last night, and a couple hours later it shows as "hold" on shipment status, both last night and again this morning I checked to resolve declined CC's and it says I don't...
  3. colegrovet

    Humor aDozen Reasons to Be Thankful (That I Burned the Turkey)!

    A Dozen Reasons to Be Thankful (that I burned the turkey)! Salmonella won’t be a concern. No one will overeat. Everyone will think it’s Cajun Blackened. Uninvited guests will think twice next year. Your cheese broccoli lima bean casserole will gain newly found appreciation...
  4. ChefPaulaB

    Convincing Reasons to Love SS Colanders

    So, just received my second shipment of samples which had the new SS Colanders... I'm just not sold on these. I love our other colanders with the bowls and lids... When I got them a couple years ago I got rid of my stainless one (not PC), and now they came out with these... Can someone sell...
  5. Liquid Sky

    Reasons to Have a Pampered Chef Biz

    Sometime ago, I saw a checklist floating around on here that gives a really good questionaire when choosing a direct sales company to do business with. One of the questions were "Does the company pay for the credit card processing fees"....or something of that nature ;) Does anyone have this...
  6. krzymomof4

    Humor Hilarious Reasons Why Couples Get into Fights!

    Thought you all would get a kick out of this.... WHY COUPLES GET INTO FIGHTS??? ************************************************* My wife sat down on the couch next to me as I was flipping channels. She asked, 'What's on TV?' I said, 'Dust.' And then the fight started...
  7. SeeMe4PC

    Reasons to Host a Show Attachment

    I am going to post this at my booth tomorrow in an effort to conjure up some sort of attention for future bookings. It is supposed to be a conversation starter. :( I have tried giving away the farm in Monthly Newsletters, Black Friday Sales, Mystery Host Parties and then when I tried...
  8. pamperedbecky

    Director Reasons to Sign in November and December

    A while ago, there was a flyer floating around that summarized the top 10 reasons to sign in Nov and Dec. I think it was pretty outdated, but I'd love to have something to work with to make a new, current one. Or does anyone have anything like this??? Maybe we can brainstorm to come up with a...
  9. chefkathy

    Director Empowering Women with Pampered Chef: Reasons Consultants Choose PC

    Hey all, on our last DCS call Morfia challenged us to go through the Empowering Women magazine and make a list of all the reasons the consultants in there are doing PC. I figured we could put it all together here! So take the "whys" from EW and add yours too! Let's make a list together!
  10. kam

    Why is it so hard to connect with my friend for our recipe discussion?

    I have a host for next week's show. She works nights and I work days so it has been hard to connect! She wants to see some of the recipes we have been discussing (won't go there-long story) so I email her the recipes and tell her I'll call her on Tuesday (her next day off so we can talk in...
  11. krzymomof4

    Don't Worry: Reasons to Host a Show

    What is your response to those that tell you this reason for not buying or hosting a show?
  12. M

    Top 10 Reasons to Own a Pampered Chef Business: Jay's Come to the Basement Book

    In one of my workshops, the speaker mentioned the Top 10 Reasons to own your own PC business. She said it was in Jay's Come to the Basement book, and she uses it in her shows, but she just glossed over the reasons, and I did not get them down. Does anyone know what they are? She said she puts...
  13. D

    Need a Fun Post-Holiday Activity? Consider Booking a Show in February!

    Any ideas on reasons to book a show before March? Thanks!
  14. D

    Getting Back on Track: Making a List of 100 & Top 10 Reasons to Host a Show

    Hello! I have been inactive since December. My director is helping me set some goals & get me back in business. She has asked me to do my list of 100 again & I am having trouble with it. Does anyone have any suggestions? Also, she has told me to make a list of the top 10 reasons to host a show...
  15. M

    Can't Add to Wedding Registry: Reasons & Solutions

    Why can't I add this to an online wedding registry?
  16. clshirk

    What Reasons Do Order Submissions 'Fail'?

    i'm trying to determine the cause- but I'm trying to submit an individual non-commission order and it tells me everything is fine until it goes through the application updates and officially tries to submit the order- and says it fails. What could be the cause? HO is closed today and I'm...
  17. T

    Top Reasons to Host a Pampered Chef Show...ideas Wanted

    I am looking for some fun ways to list the Top 10 Reasons to host a show that I can send out via email or include in my guest folders at my shows....I was thinking of things like "A perfect way to get your husband out of the house" or "Who needs another reason to shop" ect. I am just having...
  18. C

    Katie's Pampered Chef Scrapbook: Reasons to Join

    I am making a PC scrapbook for recruting . My first page says " This is why I do Pampered Chef. Then each page shows my top reasons for doing PC, and Pictures, checks, etc. I want to know the top 5 or 6 reasons you all do PC. This way I can hit on everybodys reasons. Thanks for helping. Katie
  19. PampChefJoy

    Tighten Up Your Presentation: 3 Reasons to Buy 3 Products

    I don't do many shows anymore, but I just thought of this as I was reading through some threads... We sorta follow this formula when we pitch sales ideas at work. Basically, you take the one topic (product, in this case) and highlight 3 things about it. I thought it would be good in our case...
  20. chef_kimmo

    Top 10 Reasons to Join Our Business Opportunity

    I had a potential recruit who was interested late last year. I mean this lady was SO interested & excited. At the show she was at she asked a ton of questions and started making a list of people to have a show. She eventually told me she was pregnant and wanted to wait. I have mailed her...
  21. S

    What Reasons Do You Usually Get for Cancellations and Non-Bookings?

    Hi there, We are having our monthly unit meeting tonight. My director asked me if I wouldn't mind leading a discussion about common reasons for cancellations or not booking a party. If you wouldn't mind sharing what reasons your customers usually give you I would greatly appreciate it...
  22. debbieskitchenhelper

    Top 10 Reasons Not To Become a Pampered Chef Consultant

    Here is a list of the top ten reasons that someone should not become a pampered chef consultant. It can be included in your packets. 10. I enjoy getting up at the crack of dawn. 9. My kids enjoy getting out of bed, getting dragged to car half asleep, to be delivered to the babysitter...
  23. P

    Requesting a Waiver for Sales Quota: Medical Reasons?

    I have a question concerning waivers? Is the only reason allowed for requesting a waiver from selling quota medical reasons? I have a recruit who has finished her super starter months and is going on her 6 month, however her life has recently been turned upside down and is struggling to meet...
  24. B

    Top 11 Reasons Not to Host a Cooking Show

    Alright, fellow cheffers here is another cute little gimick like the top 10 reasons not to join the PC. TOP 11 REASONS TO NOT HOST A PAMPERED CHEF COOKING SHOW~ 1) You NEVER like to get things for free. 2) You haven't had company for years and you don't want to start now. 3) You have...
  25. M

    Did Someone Share an Invite with 10 Reasons to Attend Our Show?

    Didn't someone post a flyer of an invite with 10 reasons to attended a show at the top and some other things at the bottom relating to prices. I thought i saw it here and my host wants this invite. It was like 10: You know the Pizza Hut delivery guy to well.
  26. A

    Join Pampered Chef: Top Ten Reasons - One Page, Black & White

    I found this recruiting flyer in one one the other threads - "Top Ten Reasons to Join PC". I think it's great. It is to the point and is all on one page. I modified the flyer to Cdn rates and made it just black & white. The original had each point in a different colour, but colour photocopying...
  27. pamperedalf

    Looking for a Flyer (Top 10 Reasons to Host)

    :o I am looking for a flyer I saw yesterday, but forgot to save. I was going to print it out for all my november shows, which start tonight. The flyer was the top 10 reasons to host a show in December. If anyone can send me this flyer I would greatly appreciate it. I am trying to really book my...
  28. heat123

    Help With 10 Reasons to Book in Dec. List!?

    Ok, I want to make a poster board size announcement of 10 great reasons to Book in December for my Grand Opening this weekend (my nov. is already full) can anyone help add ideas to my list: I have so far 1. Last minute shoppers 2.Great Holiday Themes 3.Great gift giving ideas 4.Great...