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What is putting: Definition and 35 Discussions

  1. M

    Putting Pampered Chef on Back Burner

    I have Been putting pc on back burner because we r moving to a new house but it's an old house built in 1930 it's. Needs lots of work and new every thing and working hard to Move in by August 15th I have on show a month but want more out of pc what can I Do to get moving again while still...
  2. J

    Looking to Sell My Pampered Chef Changeover Kit and Current Products?

    Would like to sell... 23 New Spring/Summer 2012 Catalogs w/ 1 spanish, 1 mini, host stickers and season's best. All from my changeover kit. $18 and I'll pay for media mail postage. I also have some current products that I will no longer need. PM me for list.
  3. K

    Putting in an Order on Personal Comp

    I am trying to put in an order for a customer for pink products on my website. The problem is that the comp keeps reading it as me and i can't figure out how to put it under the customer's name (who gets a PHD). I have deleted my cookies and it still wants to go to the order. How do I do this?
  4. K

    Putting in Personal Orders Question??

    Newbie question here.... I want to put in a personal order for some products but I also need some catalogs, order forms, and maybe some door prizes. Is there a way to order everything together. When I'm on Pampered Plus it will ask me what kind of order I want to place. Am I doing something...
  5. emiscookin

    soI Am Putting Together an Outside Order Host Packet and a Few

    So I am putting together an Outside Order Host packet and a few questions came to mind: (Note: these questions apply to when my Host comes in direct contact with friends and they place orders right then and there) After I receive the orders (placed on the Outside Order Form) from my Host how...
  6. jenniferlynne

    Having Trouble Putting in an Order

    Hi all. I don't order much at all. I've never really used PP+ enough to really learn my way around, but I could always figure it out enough to place an order. Well, I had all my orders entered and I accidentally added another customer. I was trying to figure out how to delete that line and ended...
  7. kdangel518

    Putting Biz Cards in With Bills...

    I have been doing this on the very few bills I still mail (I am addicted to online bill pay, but dentist bills, medical bills, we still mail in) I had a dentist appt today, and the secretary caught me on the way out and said she wanted to order a few things, said she had been saving my card...
  8. G

    What Do You Guys Put on Your Lapboards?I Was Thinking Putting

    What do you guys put on your lapboards? I was thinking putting different flyers in each is a great idea and maybe have the guest tell whats on the back of his/hers to get some interaction going at shows.
  9. M

    Ideas for a 1-Stop Christmas Shop & Vendor Show with 20+ Vendors

    a vender show at least 20 venders and i need ideas. theam is 1 stop christmas shop. Any one have done this before how hav e you done this? ideas on what to do?
  10. S

    Putting a Table Outside of Your House

    so i was thinking of doing something like these, this weekend, maybe late afternoon since that's when people are coming back home and they have to pass by, but i have no clue as how to approach it. i haven't have a lot of success so far my last show was back in april from then it has been...
  11. babywings76

    Tips for Applying Window Decals: Avoiding Mistakes and Maximizing Impact

    I just bought 3 of the Merrill Pampered Chef decals. I didn't order one with contact info, it's just the name and catch phrase "Discover the Chef in You". I'm thinking of ordering other lettering somewhere else to just spell out my website. So, I'm nervous I'm going to mess these up. Are...
  12. babywings76

    Putting in New Show and Info Didn't Transfer

    Is this normal? I have a guest entered in with complete info, address, e-mail, phone. She booked a show, so then I tried to set up a new show and put her in. When I typed her first name, the little pop up thing came up showing me my contact list people closest to that name, I selected the...
  13. susanr613

    Is Perfectionism Hindering Your Success?

    I read the following this morning and it helped me a lot. I am a perfectionist who sets really high expectations for myself. This is grounding. "There is a very serious mistake that many people make when they think about the perfection of the great scholars and righteous people of the past...
  14. jrstephens

    Are You Putting Your Christmas Tree up Already?

    I normally do it Thanksgiving Day but have been thinking about going ahead and putting it up. I do a lot of work on my tree and would love to enjoy it longer. I was wondering what you all are doing?
  15. princessmeshelle

    Help Putting Together My 1St Fler

    ok, i did a booth today and i told everyone who signed up for the drawing i am having a Black Friday Sale. i plan to give an extra 10% off all orders placed that day. so, i have never put a flyer together or done a sale by myself before. A) so i'm not sure if i set it up as a show with me as a...
  16. P

    I Am Putting Together Some Gift Bags for an Expo and When I Ordered My

    I am putting together some gift bags for an expo and when I ordered my supplies (mini cattys) I am being charged S&H and Tax. I thought we got free S&H??
  17. G

    Putting Lipstick on Your Pig...

    Okay...this thread has nothing to do with a pig but I thought it was funny :) I'm sure KG will find us a picture soon enough! In light of today's headlines I thought I'd ask the question...what is your favorite shade/brand of lipstick? Personally, I hate lipstick! My recruiter used to...
  18. babywings76

    Need Help Putting Pictures in My Newsletter

    Can anyone help me figure out how to put pictures in my newsletter. I am in a time crunch--I want to get it out ASAP and I leave tomorrow to go out of town for a few days. I want to sign up for a newsletter service, like tastytidbits, but can't for this month. So I want to put my own out and...
  19. christinaspc

    How Do I Add Photos to My Thread?

    I was wondering how I can upload some photos to my thread I am going to be listing some things for sale in marketplace and I am not for sure how to do that exactly. Thanks
  20. babywings76

    How Can You Transfer Contacts from P3 to Your New Website?

    I just got my website up and running. Now I want to add contacts. Is there a way to transfer the info from P3?
  21. I

    Something I'm Putting in My Catalogs

    I was running into a lot of people in my area who weren't familiar with what a Pampered Chef party actually was. I had a lot of questions from the people that I left catalogs with or for so I decided to type this up and put it in each catalog that I leave somewhere (show catalogs not included...
  22. K_Jurich

    I Am Putting Together a Jan. Catalog Show and Iwanted to Attach a

    I am putting together a Jan. catalog show and Iwanted to attach a catchy flyer to the Feb specials to help get some more Feb shows. Since I am not there to tell the Feb spec and how great they are Iwanted a flyer that could do that 4 me. I am not good at coming up with them. . .anyone got one...
  23. krzymomof4

    Assembling the Perfect Puzzle: Putting Together Your DIY Post

    I know there is a post about this somewhere, but I can't find it. I am wanting to put some of these together. Does anyone know where to find the post or if you do them, what do you put in them. Thanks
  24. D

    My Recruiter Is Putting in a Supply Order

    and asked me if I wanted in (she and her cluster usually do this together) and since Im sooo new, I was just wondering was there anything anyone recommended I order that's good to have around outside extra catalogs?
  25. pamperedape

    Which Basket is Best for a Silent Auction at My Son's Pre-school?

    for a silent auction at our son's pre-school. Should I do an ice cream basket with the dipper, an ice cream sandwich maker, and other such items. OR... a fall basket with two striped towels, a cranberry scraper, etc. What have you all done?
  26. C

    Lead Box- I Got First Yes to Putting a Box in a Business.

    I was in a little resturant, mainly take out, and notice a Curves lead bag. I go into resturant at least once a week. They know me and my car-they always have my food ready when they see me parking. So I asked the owner if I could bring in a lead box for Pampered Chef. She said sure-I'll...
  27. DMB75

    Putting a Show Into P3 Question.....

    Can I enter orders into P3 as they come in for a show? Or do I have to wait for the show to close. I'm not sure if I can start an order and not submit it until the show closes. This will be my frist show order. and also I'm guessing that they show number will be 1 since it's my first...
  28. KellyRedHead

    Pp3 Not Putting Correct Price In?

    Hi!- At my show today I took my laptop (that I finally got PP3 Loaded on!) Someone ordered the pie crust shield and in the book it is $6.75, but PP3 put in $6.00?? Good thing I looked, I need to look through the rest to make sure. Just wondered what every one else thought? Do I let it...
  29. C

    Help!!! I'm Putting in a Bid to Do a Cookingshow at a Grocery Store

    Has anyone done a cooking show at a grocery store before? Well I asked the store manager and he just wants me to present the recipe and format for my class. It's going to be a Healthy cooking class. I need recipe's too. I told him I am a consultant for the Pampered Chef and he is very very...
  30. C

    Has Anyone Gotten Any Bookings off of Putting a Flier/Info in a

    Has anyone gotten any bookings off of putting a flier/info in a Starbucks? I went into my local store yesterday and noticed a HWC clip on the board, but no ones info. Any advice on what type or what to put in there to get some leads?