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What is certificates: Definition and 74 Discussions

  1. ChefPeg

    Self-Produced Gift Certificates

    If you sell gift certificates you've made yourself and that are redeemable only through you, I'm assuming you can only accept cash or check as payment, correct? What do you do when a customer is buying more from you, plus a GC, and wants to pay with a CC? And it's a separate service, so to...
  2. S

    Urgent Discover Our Gift Certificates - The Perfect Present for Any Occasion!

    Did I have a bad dream, or do we not offer gift certificates anymore? TIA, Sandi
  3. B

    Gift Certificates No Longer Available?

    I just read in the Spring Product Guide that: "Beginning March 1, 2012, Gift Certificates will no longer be available for purchase. Customers can still redeem their current certificates through pamperedchef.com or by mail order. A new program to better serve both you and your customers is...
  4. wadesgirl

    Gift Certificates Going Away...

    Someone posted on FB that the gift certificates are going away and will be replaced with something else. I asked where they heard this and they said it was in the Spring Marketing guide. I'm interested to find out more! I've never liked gift certificates and only sold them if someone insisted...
  5. J

    Bride's 10% off and Gift Certificates

    I had a past bride just email me. She is trying to redeem a gift certificate but she can't find a place to enter her 10% off discount...anyone know what I need to tell her?
  6. L

    Creating the Perfect Fundraiser Basket: Ideas & Gift Certificates

    When putting a basket together for a action at a Fundraiser what do you put in it? I would like to also include a gift certificate with the products.. any ideas are appreciated. Thank you.
  7. lt1jane

    Personal My Calendars and Gift Certificates Worked!!

    Last fall I bought the recipe calendars. Everyone in my family received one as a Christmas gift and I sent one to all of my past hosts. (My two year anniversary was last August.) [NOTE: my cluster did a bulk order of calendars so we all were able to enjoy the cheapest rate, we just had to...
  8. A

    Free Product Value and Gift Certificates

    Hi, Odd-ball question here. Can a host use earned product value to purchase gift certificates? I was approached with this question and neither my director or I know. Thanks! Angela
  9. B

    When You Talk About Gift Certificates...

    How does this work? We as a consultant buys a gift certificate? (does PC have special ones or can you use store bought gift certificates?) Do we just enter the $10 or whatever the cost in as a consultant gift and they pay the rest?
  10. LauriChick

    Gift Certificates: How Do They Work?

    I see a lot of people give gift certificates redeemable only by them. Can anyone give me an idea of how this works? What restrictions to you give them, and how to do the redemption end of things? Thanks! Lauri
  11. KayPT

    Selling Gift Certificates: P3, Money, Forms?

    Ok, how do I sell a gift certificate? I see it is listed in P3 but am not sure if the money would add to the show now or when it is used. Also, do I need to order a form for the gift certificate? Could I just print my own? Thanks!!
  12. D

    Award Certificates for Team Meetings - Need Help!

    Does anyone have an award certificate document they use such as #1 in Sales and so on to give out at Team Meetings? Wanted to start doing this and didn't want to have to create a document if someone out there had already created such as this. Thanks in advance for your help!:chef:
  13. K

    Ho Gift Certificates Vs. Own Gc's!

    I have a question about gift certificates... I'm having a show on Friday, and a customer placed an order through the show ON my website... part of her order was a $30 gift cert. I've heard before that people make their OWN gift certs so it's easier, and you get commiss when the cust orders more...
  14. L

    Personal Pampered Chef Gift Certificates

    Do you know if it is allowed to give personal gift certificates (ones to be used through me)? I wanted to print some small gift certificates for some of my best customers this year. Do you think that is tacky? Or maybe a bottle of wine? There are some customers that have been to several of my...
  15. mountainmama74

    Gift Certificates: Can They Help Me Reach My Goals?

    Gift Certificates count towards my monthly sales, right? And my career sales? I'm $63 away from $5000 in my first 90 days - and I really want that extra $100 in PC Dollars!! I had someone contact me today about gift certificates, so I'm really hoping she'll buy some!
  16. U

    Order Form for Homemade Gift Certificates?

    Hi everyone, im new to Pampered Chef and just found some great gift cerificates on here i plan to use. I was just wondering if any of you used an order form for the gift certificates you make yourself. If you don't use a form what all information do you get from the person buying the...
  17. M

    Can Gift Certificates Be Exchanged or Returned?

    Can Gift Certificates be exchanged or returned? I have a customer that got one this past year but doesn't want to use it through pc.com because direct shipping here is outrageous? Does anyone know? Thanks Mara
  18. C

    Buy Gift Certificates Online for Employee Incentives - FAQs Answered

    I have a guest who wanted to buy gift certificates for incentives for her employees who reach certain goals. So she would not know the recipients name at the time of purchase. Can she still get them if she doesn't have a name and address? Also the recipient has to buy them online not redeem...
  19. F

    Gift Certificates for Team to Cs?

    How do you get a gift subscription to CS? Told my team if they turned in 1 show in May, I'd give them a 1 yr. sub. to here.
  20. A

    Fundraiser With Gift Certificates

    Hey, This is my first fundraiser and I am thinking of doing it completely with gift certificates. I want to make sure my understanding is correct. The participants can sell the gift certifcates in $20 + $5 increments. There is no tax or S&H. HO will mail the gift certificates directly to the...
  21. ElizabethPurvis

    Urgent Help! My 1st Gift Certificates Sold & I Don't Know How to Deliver!

    I had two people purchase gift certificates from me at my recent show. They did not come with the show order, and I didn't see any mention of them with that order. How do I get those to my guests?? HELP! These are the first GC I've ever sold...
  22. Chefstover2

    Can a Host Apply Her Discount Toward Gift Certificates?

    My host from yesterday was wondering because she wanted to get a wedding gift for her babysitter. I know you can apply free product value for one, but can she apply her discount? TIA
  23. rbvernon

    Gift Certificates for NC: How Does it Work?

    A good customer of mine wants to buy a gift certificate for her daughter that lives in N.C. I have never done one before so I am not sure how it works. I seen that people make there own gift cert. but if I do that, How would she use it on my website? Thanks so much for ya'll help!
  24. G

    Keeping Track of Personal Gift Certificates

    I am having my first booth at a Holiday Bazaar tomorrow and will be offering some beautiful personal gift certificates that I found here. Thank you all for sharing your talents! I just created a log for keeping track of all the gift certificates that I sell. It also has purchaser and...
  25. J

    Gift Certificates for Canadians

    My customer wants to order GC for her sister who lives in Canada. My website doesn't give her that option.. if she orders & has them sent to herself, then mails to her sister..will the sister have trouble using them. I don't know about the conversion?
  26. ChefPaulaB

    Gift Certificates for Jan. Show

    There was a thread on here a while back about having your January show people try to sell gift certificates to husbands of people they are inviting to their shows to give to them as x-mas gifts and then they would be able to buy something at their Jan. or Feb. show. I thought there was a flyer...
  27. C

    Ordering Gift Certificates for a Catalog Show - Benefits & Redemption Info

    A friend of mine is doing a catalog show. One of her guests wants to order a gift certificate so that her daughter can order what she wants to. Does the gift certificate benefit my host? Also how can I attach the gift certificate to the show and be redeemable to me?
  28. starrmarie

    Restaurant.com - $25 Certificates for $2

    Just to let everyone know Restaurant.com is having a sale $25 certificates for $2 use code SURPRISE in the code box Also their dinner of the month club is up to 80% off with the same code ***Offer ends tomorrow November 20th***
  29. whiteyteresa

    Pampered Chef Gift Certificates

    I saw the sample order form on CC for PC Gift Certificates but I can't find a flyer for one. I would like to included this in my host booklet but don't have a flyer Does anyone have a PC Gift Certificate flyer explaining how they work or could someone please design one for all of us. This...