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What is tickets: Definition and 33 Discussions

  1. Jasmine

    Who Is Going to the National Conference?

    Who is going to the National Conference? I am! :D
  2. wadesgirl

    Not Pampered Chef - 2 Fandango.com Tickets

    I know this isn't a PC item but I can't stand letting these go without getting used. I bought some online deal tickets for Fandango.com and we have one set of tickets that won't be used. They expire Thursday, January 12th. It's $12 for two tickets to most theaters around the US (cannot be...
  3. NooraK

    Get Free Tickets for Megabus Spring Launch | Limited Time Offer"

    In case anyone is planning to take the Megabus to Spring Launch, check out this offer: http://thefreebieblogger.com/free-megabus-tickets-3/
  4. P

    Exploring Refunds For Our Southwest Tickets: Philly to Chicago

    So, my Team Leader and I bought our tickets through Southwest on April 1. Today, it looks like the one leg of our trip (Philly to Chicago) has dropped in price from $180 to $134. The return trip has not dropped from the $180 we paid. A couple points / questions : 1) These were Wanna...
  5. wadesgirl

    Score Cheap Mega Bus Tickets for Your Summer Conference!

    Getting set for Conference this summer!! Mega Bus opened up the route to the middle of July! Got four tickets for $12.50! Just need to get my team members to go with me now!
  6. B

    Tickets for Ticket Game....i'm an Idiot

    So i went to walmart and bought tickets for the ticket game. Yeah. I bought tickets that don't have 2 for each number- just a single roll. What do i do w/ these?? :blushing:
  7. J

    Questions for Earning Disney: Dining Plan & Extra Tickets

    Ok, so, I've earned (once the system updates tomorrow) Disney!!!!! Wahooo! But, I have a few questions. Is there a way we'll be able to purchase the dining plan????? That is the cheapest way to eat when you stay down there, so, I'd really like to get in on it. I'm pretty sure you have to...
  8. pampchefrhondab

    Cheapest Way to Get Disney World Tickets for 1 Day Visit

    Anyone know the cheapest way to get Disney World tickets? We only want to go for 1 day w/no hotel. I'm guessing we can't get any discounts but thought someone here might know:)!
  9. C

    Get Discounted FS Disney Tickets - 4 One Day Hopper Passes for Sale!

    FS- Disney Tickets - I have 4 one day hopper passes for sale. e-mail me at [email protected] if you are interested.
  10. chefkathy

    Are you ready for a Miami getaway with family and relaxation?

    We took the travel allowance because we're bringing DS to MIL's house first. She lives about 2 hours north of Miami. The prices were pretty high and I've been checking every day. Today I scored 3 tickets for $679.20! Woot! We leave Friday 4/3, spend two days with family, then down to...
  11. T

    Score Cheap Airline Tickets to Denver from Raleigh!

    I just got a great deal on airline tickets from American. I went directly to there website and got my tickets to Denver for $60 each way with tax I got my round trip tickets for $160. I thought it was a great deal! If you don't have tickets yet you should check it out. My tickets are out of...
  12. lauradahl

    Need Tickets for Mystery Host Event

    I have been reading many different threads as I'm getting ready to try my first Mystery Host party in November. I really need to know where you all get your tickets. Do you print them? Do you buy them and if so where? I live in the wide open spaces of ND and don't have great access to...
  13. DebPC

    Director Buying Concert Tickets: Pros & Cons

    Is anyone taking these to shows and are you selling them? Or are you just hanging back until the issues are resolved?
  14. NooraK

    RSVP: Should Non-Attendees Get Raffle Tickets?

    For those of you who have held raffles for items in conjunction to an Open House or something similar, here's a question: When having "RSVP" as one of the ways of getting ticket, do you -give tickets to those who RSVP, but say they are not coming? -give tickets to those who did RSVP that...
  15. M

    Carnival Tickets for Prizes - Where to Get Them?

    my pc consultant I had at my party had tickets almost like you get at a carnival, she used those for prizes at the end. does anyone know where to get those?
  16. C

    Selling Raffle Tickets for Open House: Ideas and Advice Needed!

    Hello all! I have posted a similar question here before, but had little response. My open house is in one week so I need some HELP!! Has anyone ever sold raffle tickets for an item in order to help recoup some out of pocket expenses? For example, Ultimate Mandoline . . .tickets $1 each...
  17. chefsteph07

    Looking for Baseball Tickets...

    This may be an odd request, but if anyone here has tickets to the Detroit Tigers against the Cleveland Indians the weekend of June 6-8 that they'd like to get rid of, please let me know! Thanks!
  18. Gina M

    Just Bought My Bon Jovi Concert Tickets!

    For all those who love Bon Jovi - I just got tickets for their show in Chicago on February 23rd! Yea - and Daughtry is opening for them (Chris Daughtry from American Idol fame) - yes I am a girl of the 80's - never seen them in concert and bought their latest album - Lost Highway - it's great...
  19. J

    Get Home for Christmas: Find Best Deals on Plane Tickets

    Okay so this may make me sound crazy but here goes. My hubby who is currently deployed wants me to go home for Christmas. This brings me to my question what is the best sites for getting the best deals on plane tickets?? I have never had to buy a plane ticket so I really have no idea:P It...
  20. L

    Raffle Tickets: Free Template Search

    Does anyone have a template for raffle tickets? I did a search but did not find anything.

    Booked My Flight & Ready for Conference: How I Saved Money & Upcoming Shows!

    I registered for Conference. I had enough in conference cash to pay for it. Woo Hoo! I booked my flight on Friday. (Luckly I had a seperate conference cash fund with my Director, because flights are already rising. We put in at least $5 a month and she matches it. I've been putting a...
  22. J

    Ticketless for Raffle? Need Blank Tickets - Help!

    I forgot to pick up tickets for the raffle i'm going to be doing at my show.... I have searched throught the files and can't find what i'm looking for... Does anyone have a file with Blank tickets that can be cut out to use as raffle tickets?? TIA
  23. DebbieJ

    Can You Outsmart the Rush for Chicago Show Tickets?

    The Chicago show went on sale today. I have two web pages open and have two phones redialing. I'm not hopeful. DH would LOVE LOVE LOVE these tickets. I hope I can get through.
  24. Tara1021

    Ready for WAVE 3? Who else is flying to Houston?

    I'm soo excited!!! Just had to share! WAVE 3!!!
  25. pamperedalf

    Scored Cheap Tickets to Chicago - Get Ready for an Epic Birthday Present!

    I am so excited, I had to sweet talk DH into an early B-Day present but I got my tickets for Chicago $284 out of Sac! Which is pretty cheap, not as cheap as last year! Now I need to get on the phone and get more shows, so I can prove to him it's worth it!!
  26. M

    The Pampered Chef TeamLooking for Raffle Ticket Ideas for Fundraiser?

    I am currently trying to book a fundraiser, and I am pitching the idea of having a kick-off show, and then have the participants sell raffle tickets for a PC shopping spree. I looked up the rules for raffles for my state, and it is fine unless I plan on raising more than $25,000 or something (I...
  27. pamperedalf

    Just Bought My Plane Tickets for Dallas!!!!

    I am so excited I can't wait to get to Dallas. I am hoping to walk as a Director, however 2 of my newest seem to be kit nappers. So we will see!! I am trying to figure out how I am getting from the airport to the Hotel. I just wanted to start chatting about it....
  28. AmyP

    Mystery Host How to Earn Tickets

    Any ideas on how people can earn tickets for a MH party??
  29. mandydollie

    Has anyone done a raffle for a PC shopping spree before?

    Good Morning everyone! I am preparing to do a fundraiser for a friend of mine and instead of doing the normal PC fundraiser, we've decided to sell raffle tickets for a PC shopping spree. She is hoping to sell tickets at $10 each and then we will figure a shopping spree on the amount sold...
  30. plichte

    Multi Vender Event - Scratch off Tickets

    I am involved in a multi-vendor event on March 11 and I have a couple of items I would like some of your guys' input on. 1. I am going to turn my business cards into a scratch off ticket on the back. I want everyone who comes by my booth to get one of these and win something. I am trying...