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What is yeah: Definition and 27 Discussions

  1. S

    Who is the newest recruit for the Pampered Chef?

    I signed another recruit. She's a new mom & love to cook. She's going to do great. I paid for her to be on here too. Welcome Jessica Willmore!
  2. thehaleykitchen

    Isn't It Great When You Can Share Your Love for PC with Others?

    Happy Day! First the weather is wonderful here in MN and my boys and I are spending so much time outside playing baseball, they will crash hard tonight! Then we were able to give away our old table and chair set right away this morning to a wonderful family and when I mentioned to the lady...
  3. DebPC

    Yeah! We Get to Pick Our Prizes!

    Just got an email from HO. I got level 2 so I'm taking the 5 Piece SS Cookware Set. I plan to use it somehow for a recruiting or signing incentive. What is everyone picking?
  4. janetupnorth

    Can You Increase Sales by Wearing Your Company's Merchandise?

    So, I haven't done much this month, but DD had to sing at church tonight for school. So, since it is already -5 degrees, I went in long underwear, jeans, turtleneck and black Pampered Chef windbreaker. After the church a mom of one of the girls in DD's class saw my jacket and asked me if I...
  5. The_Kitchen_Guy

    Yeah, Till at It. Just Ignore This Thread, It's a Test. Okaithnxbye!

    What is this guy up to? Meditabar aliquid enotabamque, ut, si manus vacuas, plenas tamen ceras reportarem. Meditabar aRidebis, et licet, enotabamque, ut 115 Non est quod contemnas hoc studendi genus. Mirum est ut animus agitatione motuque corporis excitetut. Iam undique silvae et solitudo...
  6. The_Kitchen_Guy

    Yeah, Me Again. Just Ignore This Thread, It's a Test. Okaithnxbye!

    Yeah, me again. Meditabar aliquid enotabamque, ut, si manus vacuas, plenas tamen ceras reportarem. Meditabar aRidebis, et licet, enotabamque, ut 115 Non est quod contemnas hoc studendi genus. Mirum est ut animus agitatione motuque corporis excitetut. Iam undique silvae et solitudo ipsumque...
  7. kreaser

    Is My Daughter the Next Miss Elyria and Future Hunting and Fishing Show Host?

    wanted to share that my 18 year old daughter was crowned Miss Elyria, OH at our Apple festival this past weekend. It was a really neat experience for her and she also won for best costume!!! She was "snow white and the poison apple" for her costume. I'm hoping I can get her pics to upload here...
  8. redsoxgirl

    Ot: Awwww Yeah!! Tonight I'm Hangin' With......

    http://www.80smusiclyrics.com/artists/images/nkotb.jpg JEALOUS?!?!?! ;)
  9. J

    Yeah! My Recruits Are Recruiting!

    Well, it took me 23 recruits before it happened, but one of my recruits just recruited! The new consultant is amazing and I know she will be a wonderful addition to our team. And the recruiter has just finished her 3rd month of business and is soooo excited! She even has ANOTHER who is on the...
  10. janetupnorth

    Surviving Dad's 11-Day Absence: A Fun-Filled Update | Blog in My Signature

    Well, as just a few of you know, DH has been gone for 11 LONG days! I didn't post before his arrival back today because it's just not good to advertise that Dad is gone for that long... Anyway, we've had a fun time... 1. Day he went to leave, water was leaking in our room and when he...
  11. sddmom2

    Yeah! My First Wedding Registry!!!

    I just got my very first wedding registry! I am sooo excited!!! :D Now, I could use some advice! We do have a shower scheduled. So any advice to make both the registry and shower successful would help ( I think I am going to collect orders before the shower and then surprise the...
  12. J

    Yeah!! New Customer Phone Option!!

    I just called HO to ask a question about submitting a show (which was already answered on another thread -- they are having issues at HO, so I will wait til tomorrow)....but there is now an option when it answers: If you are a customer, press 1, if you are a Pampered Chef consultant, press 2...
  13. janetupnorth

    Overcoming Illness and Excited for AWANA Sunday with 66 Guests | Blog

    Well, long story short, the kids and I have been in bed since Friday night when we got home. Flu turned into bad sinus infections, coughs, etc. I am missing my obligations for AWANA Sunday at church today and laying in bed with bruised ribs and sternum from coughing so hard for the last few...
  14. janetupnorth

    Celebrating Payday: My Successful January and Upcoming Catalog Shows!

    Just had to be happy about it! I only did 1 show in January and still got a decent check - at least a day's wages at my regular job! Got to love it! :D ...and I have 2 catalog shows closing on 2/13. A cooking show on 2/28 and probably one more catalog show the 2nd half of the month...not bad...
  15. K

    Yeah - a Little Success Finally

    My show today have about 4 purchasing guests with 2 outside orders so far It cureently sits at about $300 but I have 3 bookings and a potential consultant this fall. My host does 2 shows a year and I just casually asked her why if she has been having two shows a year hasn't she considered...
  16. spoiledchef

    Yeah!!!! My Neighbors Are Selling Their House!

    Okay, let me preface this by saying, I truly am a nice person. But -- these people...I'll share the story. We moved here in Feb. of '05, and we soon met our neighbors across the street. It turns out they have a little girl a few months younger than our DS. So, we meet them, we get along...
  17. Morvin

    Want to Help HWC Fundraiser? Check Out My Flyers!

    okay a posted this on another thread but it is a little crazy and not really together so I am starting a new thread. And I am posting my newly created letter and attachment. (Not exactly my strong point!!) I have worked all night on them check them out and let me know what you think. These...
  18. quiverfull7

    Is it Payday Already? Celebrate with Me!

    Sorry... don't mean to "shout" so loud but I do LOVE this day! Happy 8th of the month everyone! :)
  19. S

    Qualified and Earning: My Open House Success Story | Get PC Dollars Now!

    Did an open house over the weekend and used it to qualify!! Yippee! Doing the Happy Dance here! So I got my 4 shows and $1250 in the 30 days. Can't wait to get those PC dollars! Any idea how long I'll have to wait??
  20. PCGINA

    Did Gina Get Promoted in Time for Leadership?!

    :) FINALLY ~ This has been a very long month for me....but well worth the wait. @@@UPDATE@@@ I got my call today(12/26/06)~ just in time for Leadership!!!! I PROMOTED!!! Check out my new signature....
  21. pamperedalf

    Almost Finished With Hw!!! Yeah!

    I am so excited that I am almost finished with my HW. I would have been already done, but my group from Hell hasn't let up. So when I sit at the computer, my mind just starts going a mile a minute. My brain is on overload trying to make unit plans, and do my portfolios. Good thing all my...
  22. J

    Yeah, Baby!!! I'm Qualified!!! Woo Hoo!!

    :D I'm doing the happy dance over here!!! Not only are we still in one piece after last night's storms in the Chicago area (unlike much of Chicagoland), but all of my Sept shows are now showing and I AM QUALIFIED!!! I'll be getting my SS1 toys and my knives!! WOO HOO!!!! Plus I've banked...
  23. DZmom

    Did I Achieve My Monthly Sales Goal and Earn My SS3 Bonus?

    Yeah!!! I made my SS3 Bonus! BUT...I had VERY high goals this month. I needed $2300 in Sales to get the last piece of show to go, but I really thought I'd make it. I had 8 shows on the books. 3 Kitchen shows and 5 Catalog shows. Sounds good right? Well I had 1 catalog show cancel, 2...
  24. N

    Get Organized: Tips for Ordering Supplies and Planning Your First Show

    I am so excited, My kit was delivered last night and I believe I have everything organized so far...I want to order some supplies and wondered if anyone could tell me how long it usually takes to be delivered. I want to order some door prizes and hope they arrive on time for my first show...
  25. KHocutt

    Celebrating My SS1 Achievement and New Charm Bracelet!

    I'm so excited! I'm in my SS1 and I've already qualified! I cant wait to get the roasting pan so that I can show it off at the earlier shows in October that I have booked. I also got my charm bracelet today...it's really pretty. I just wish that I had joined PC earlier so that I could have...
  26. D_Patel

    Signing a New Recruit Without Credit Card: How to Make It Work

    Ughh ! Iam signing a new recruit ! Yeah ! So i have been waiting for her show to ship so her host credit can be applied... today it shipped ! So iam signing her up just about done and they do not accept debit cards... Ughh ! The new consultant doesnt have any credit cards , so she gave me the...
  27. P

    SS2 Bonus & Tomato Sandwich: My Experience with the US&G Machine

    I got the bonus for SS2 and it arrived yesterday. I used the US&G today to make a tomato sandwich and I love it. I didn't intend to slice the whole tomato, but it was so easy that I just did it. For those of you wondering and thinking I made it very early, I will admit that I held over two...