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What is promoting: Definition and 68 Discussions

  1. 1

    How the Promoting Structure Works

    I am currently a Team Leader with two active consultants on my team and I'm working towards directorship. My newest consultant is excited about recruiting also and I think she'll be very good at it. I know that until she is a director, her recruits are technically a part of my personal team...
  2. DebPC

    Recruiting and Promoting Goals for 2013

    Hearing what everyone else's goals are can be very motivating!
  3. A

    How Can I Boost Interest in My Mystery Host Show?

    HELP! My January sales have fizzled big time:( and I really need to get some more sales in for the month. I have set up a Mystery Host Show as a Catalog show... put it in my Newsletter and on Facebook. I am just not getting any interest! Since there is only a week left I was thinking of...
  4. S

    How close am I to reaching my personal goals as a Director?

    I am so excited!! I have 5 active recruits right now and one of my new recruits(one of my best friends) has her first party on Sunday and she will be submitting 2 parties before the end of the month. My cluster sales are almost $7000, so I am good to go!!! I can't hardly wait to see it all in...
  5. chef131doreen

    Promoting to Director: What Benefits Do You Get?

    Question here I can't believe I don't know this .... When when you promote to director what do you get , I know 250 points each month, what about bonus points that is what I don't remember Thanks
  6. L

    What are Effective Strategies for Promoting a New Business?

    I just started this month and have had a great start so far but it has just been through friends and I really need to expand my business-Does anyone have any great ideas? I was thinking of mailing the Bridal Registry pamphlets to newly engaged couples I find in the newspaper but I really want to...
  7. Sheila

    One of My Tl's Is Promoting to Director!

    Karen's been waiting on a 2nd SC line and it's happened. She already had the personal sales, the team sales and the structure ... she was just waiting on the activity. Her 2nd SC line is now active. So I have a C promoting to SC, Karen promoting from TL to D, I'm promoting from D to AD, and...
  8. Sheila

    Director One of My Tl Is Promoting to D!

    I knew it would happen for her, but I just got the call that her 2nd SC line has submitted a show and that she's met all the requirements to promote. She's so excited. I'm excited for all of us! The C will now promote to SC, the TL will promote to D, I'll promote to AD and it appears that my AD...
  9. M

    Can You Promote a Black Friday Sale on Facebook Without Alerting Current Hosts?

    I want to promote my black friday sale, but don't want current hosts and their guests to see it (I have the show that just won't close going on right now!) Is there a way to mention my black friday sale, and have people "opt in" to getting info about it, without doing it to everyone?
  10. Sheila

    Director I Have Two Who Are This Close to Promoting to Director!

    The first one has 8 personal recruits, 1 2nd line and the sales. She's just waiting on a 2nd SC line. She's hoping to promote to D by Dec 1st. The 2nd one has 5 personal recruits & 2 who have just recruited. So she has the structure in place, she's just waiting on them to all be active...
  11. D

    Promoting Our Business at a Bridal Fair: Ideas Welcome!

    My recruiter and I, are sharing a booth at a bridal fair next month. This is both our first time working at a fair. Part of the cost is that we are allowed to put some promotional materials in the brides bag. I know this is cheap but all I can think of making is putting one pan scraper in a...
  12. Jolie_Paradoxe

    Director Promoting a 3Rd Generation Director?

    I have been working closely with a 3rd generation and she's interested in promoting to D. If she does promote, does that promote me? Is it as soon as she promotes or after 3 months when 1st and 2nd generation recruit have a chance to promote. Also, if 2nd and 3rd promote to D....how does...
  13. T

    Need a Flyer for Your Business Promotion?

    Hi I am looking for a flyer that I can put in my store promoting my business. Thank you Karen
  14. P

    Who Just Got Promoted to Director in This Amazing Business?!

    I am over the moon right now... my 2nd first line Director just promoted!!! I love my business!
  15. C

    Is the Old Promotional Phone Call Still Part of the New Program?

    Okay, so with the old program, you would receive a phone call asking if you want to promote, and a contract that you signed... Does that still happen in the new program? I haven't heard anyone say lately that they are waiting for their call. I'm gonna be slightly disappointed if I'm not...
  16. Sheila

    Getting Close to Promoting to Director! :D

    I was sitting at 2 across & 1 down. I met someone today who just moved here, is inactive & wanting to get going. I updated her on all the rules for being here on the military base & we talked about the new career plan (which she didn't know about). She was NOT happy with her director or the...
  17. T

    Maximizing Black Friday Sales: How Can I Promote Them Better?

    So, I'm trying to brianstorm places/ways to promote my black friday sale. I'm sending an email to all of my customers, but I want to generate more interest if possible. I haven't been promoting it at my shows because I don't really think that's right/fair to the host(s). I printed up some half...
  18. P

    I Might Be Promoting My 2Nd Director Next Month!

    I have already helped 1 director promote and now I have a TL who is 1 indirect away from having the team structure in place to promote to D next month. My first D is promoting her first D next month too. So that would give me 2 direct Ds and 1 indirect D.... which puts me 1 away from promoting...
  19. DebPC

    Director Promoting Discontinued Products

    Any plans to encourage sales before they're gone?
  20. finley1991

    Director Motivating Team Success: Promoting Our First Director - Take Action Now!

    I have the opportunity this month to promote my first director! (I won't promote though as I doubt the team can do the $12k and I'm okay with that.) The TL wants to promote so badly and is working her tail off!!! We have her structure in place, we just need to make sure that everyone works...
  21. S

    Get Creative: Ideas for Promoting Your Wedding Registry

    Can someone provide me with some ideas of how to promote my wedding registry? Thanks Sandy
  22. S

    Boost June's Specials: Strategies for Promoting Host Deals on Collapsible Bowls

    Can anyone share how to promote the Host Specials for June? I don't have a lot of ideas for the collapsible bowls.
  23. A

    Promotion on the Horizon: Will I Get the Call This Month?

    I'm not one to toot my own horn or anything but when will we get the call??!!!! For once my team has pulled together & I should promote this month :) I've got my meeting on Monday & I'm trying to think of something special for them only 2 of them know so it's going to be a surprise! (I...
  24. babywings76

    Get Creative: Ideas for Promoting April Shows

    I have an empty April. I was tossing around ideas on what I could do to encourage some bookings. I was thinking that since I can order the DCB at half price (from the samples list), that maybe I could offer that as an incentive. Maybe something like entering all my April shows in to a raffle...
  25. mscharf

    Promoting in MLM: Requirements for Director Title and Academy Attendance

    I am still pretty new at this, so maybe someone could answer this for me. I have 3 recruits and 2 STRONG leads. If they both sign, they would need to qualify by Feb 28th for me to be a Director March 1st correct? I am hoping to go to Director Academy in March and i assume I need to have...
  26. J

    Promoting Cookware at Shows: Ideas & Suggestions

    How do you promote both lines of cookware at your shows? Do you take cookware to every show even if it's not in your demo recipe? I'm looking to good ways to show cookware if not in demo. Looking forward to your ideas and suggestions! Thanks.
  27. Chefstover2

    How Long Does It Take for HO to Update After a Promotion?

    :sing::sing::sing: I'm so excited! The last consultant I've been waiting for just called and I've now got 5 personally recruited, active, qualified consultants as of 11:14PM ET tonight!!!! :sing::sing::sing:
  28. L

    Director Are you ready to celebrate my promotion to Advanced with me?!

    Hey, everyone--just had to share! My second Director promoted November 1st--which means I'm promoting to Advanced!! I can't believe it--I've been with PC nineteen months, and promoted to Director Feb. 1 of this year--I'm so excited! I'm also going to Mexico--because of the lowered points and...
  29. Kitchen2u

    Fears of Promoting to Director? (Long Post)

    After reading Sue's post (http://www.chefsuccess.com/f49/congrats-ellen-hill-new-director-44686/) of being hesitant of promoting to Director, I thought it would be advantageous to some of you out there to start this thread. Benefits of Directorship: TONS! Overrides on your sales and your...
  30. C

    Incentive Payment for Promoting?

    In the July - Sept. Promotion, I re-promoted to FD. (lost it in June when 3 of my 4 went inactive) I think I technically re-promoted September 1st, since I signed 2 new consultants in August, and had a couple consultants turn in shows in August. My understanding (and I just re-read it in the...