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  1. M

    Got first real response from my promoting..

    Well, I had mentioned about my window decal. Well today a neighbour I dont see often was out walking with her kids. She had seen my pc window thingy and asked about it. She wants to host a show and is going to call her friends to see when they can do it. She sounded interested and wants the free...
  2. rwesterpchef

    Promoting the mid-season products

    This is an email shared with our cluster and thought I'd share with ya'll too (can you tell I'm from Texas, ya'll?) :) When I first saw out cake mixes at conference, I thought they were way overpriced. Granted, I haven't sampled the taste of them yet, but knowing Pampered Chef's dedication...
  3. C

    Need help woth 2 areas-website promoting and flyer idea for promoting gift register

    I am a new consultant. I have already done my website. One hostess as gotten 3 orders from it in 2 days and loves it. My question is how to ya'll promote your website. I have add a link in my email signauture and made the following label to put at bottom on pastcard invitations. "Online...
  4. C

    Promoting Pampered Chef Website

    Any advice on promoting our websites. Or on how to get the hosts to use it. I've had mine for a year, actually just renewed it. I've only had a couple hosts use it to evite guests. I have enclosed it as part of my signature on my e-mails, mention it in my newsletter, and tell my hosts...
  5. DebPC

    Promoting January Guest Special

    Almost all my customers are spending $50 or more this month to get the freebies offered by Pampered Chef. I mention it at the beginning of my demo and at the end. When I am adding up their order if they are closer than $15 away I bring it to their attention and see if they'd like to add on. I am...
  6. DebPC

    Promoting Outside of Shows

    Promoting Your Business Outside of Kitchen Shows Craft Shows, Fairs, Garage Sales By Julie Gizzi, Independent Senior Sales Director Why do it? These opportunities allow you to grow your business with groups of people you have never met and who you may never see...