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More Stuff! Stickers, magnets, jewelry, shirt, CDs


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Jan 21, 2007
MORE stuff! I went through a filing cabinet and a bin and found some more items. Summer is my only time to reorganize and I’m trying to make some room. Help! Prices do not include shipping. Make an offer for multiple items if you'd like…happy to deal or if you don’t want everything in a group, let me know. PayPal is the preferred payment. I also have several products, discontinued and current if interested.

I can get quite a bit in a medium flat rate box ($13.60) though I check price for regular ground and am trying to respond and ship quickly. Questions? Just ask. Thank you for helping me find a home for these items.

Don't forget to check out my other post with aprons and bags and miscellaneous items

HWC Ribbon Magnet Clips: I have 39 with magnets and a few without. $2.50 ea or $70 for all.

Blue ¾ length sleeve zip up shirt – XL …$10
HWC short sleeve shirt – L …$3
Red zip jacket – L…$3

Water bottle Holder…$1
Polka Dot binder-$5 SOLD
Black portfolio-holds address book (also pictured) and legal pad $5
Small black notepad holder, notepad & pen $5
Pins & Magnets: 2 Pampered Chef, 1 Earning More, 10 ribbon pins, 7 HWC ribbon magnets $7 SALE PENDING

Jewelry: slide bracelet with batter bowl charm, link bracelet 11 product/picture links & additional links, batter bowl and whisk charms…$20

Empowering Women magazine with PC featured – 5 copies & 4 Your Life, Your Way recruiting CDS…$3
Nancy’s Artwork: (this includes items that were previously listed) $15

Letterhead (52 sheets), #10 envelopes (9), notepad 8x5.5” (about 40-50 sheets), envelopes (75), Door Hangers (10), labels for pencil flags (1 sheet, 8 stickers but could use as labels and double that), business cards (140+ cards: 14 full sheets-10 cards each, one partial), post-it notes (95 sheets: 3 pads- 15 sheets each, 2 pads – 25 sheets each), postcards over 700
Stickers: Sticker (# of stickers) (1282 stickers!!) $10
Pass Me Around (120), Outside Orders add up (6), Look Inside, Gather 6 orders (297), Round PC (36), Holiday Show date (4), Catalog Show Strategy (48), Show Strategy (18), Please Read (15), Attendance=Success (3), Bring a Friend (518), I Love Referrals (18), 3 year warranty (28), Having Kitchen Show: Ask Me (77), Gift Cert (94)
Nancy’s Artwork & Stickers (plus a few other small items) can fit in a medium flat rate box for $13.60. $38 with shipping for over 2000 items J

CDs: $5
Booking, Recruiting, Host shows, Meeting, Booths, Time Management, Selling, Shows, Customer Care, etc (73 CDs). If you want specifics, let me know. Some duplicates (about 10 I think). Most from past conferences...some great info.

Even MORE fun: Show & Sell CDs FW 2001-SS 2010…blasts from the past…though several are still in our catalog! Season of Success 2006-2009 & Spring into Success 2006-2012 plus VHS 2005! Kitchen Show & FW 2004 VHS. Maybe you do something crafty with CDs or like to reminisce. FREE with shipping…can put them in a flat rate with other stuff ;-)
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Jan 21, 2007
I'm guessing it doesn't but I'm asking to be sure...does your link bracelet have the watch charm?

No, it's just a bracelet. A watch would be nice to add to it.