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  1. L

    Wait at the Airport

    I've heard that due to enhance security because of the London bombings, their have been increased wait times at the airport (A neighbor was in the security line for about 3 hours). Has anyone had problems/heard of problems at the airport??
  2. Karen

    Limo from the airport for Conference #3

    Hi Everyone-- I just wanted to let you know that four people from my cluster have rented a limo to take us from O'Hare to the Sheraton Towers Downtown for Conference #3. We will be arriving on Wednesday morning around 11:46 on American Airlines. The limo that we rented seats six people...
  3. P

    Airport Shuttle Discount...

    Here's a website for $2 off your shuttle fees. It's listed behind CC, but I guess it's been deemed 'hard to find'. Enjoy, and see you all at conference! http://www.airportexpress.com/PrintCoupon1.htm