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What is stir: Definition and 72 Discussions

  1. J

    Iso Replacement Plunger for Quick Stir Pitcher

    Newbie here.....I have a customer asking about a replacement plunger for the older polka-dot style Quick Stir Pitcher (1 gal). This is the photo she sent me.I feel sure the new style replacement plunger won't work, but do we offer the older style replacement parts for various items? I don't see...
  2. C

    Quick Stir Pitcher Charm Wanted

    ISO Quick Stir Pitcher Charm. I earned all the charms and it was stolen when they broke in our home. HO does not replace so I am piecing it back together. Any help is appreciated. Won't be back on till Tues. Thanks (reasonable price only please)
  3. O

    Drink Recipes for Quick Stir Pitcher (Alcoholic & Non-Alc)!

    I've looked in the files and can't find anything. Does anyone have any drink recipes, with and without alcohol, for the quick stir pitcher? Or even not using it? lol. Thanks so much!!!
  4. Intrepid_Chef

    Which Quick Stir Pitcher Size is Best?

    A moment of silence, please, to mourn the passing of my Quick Stir pitcher. I loaned it to my $1,300 host, and when I got it back I accidentally dropped the bag ... and it's cracked on the bottom. I fear it won't hold water. It was received in a Surprise Box in Conference 2008 and was so old...
  5. byrd1956

    Removing Tea Stains from Quick Stir Bowls: Expert Tips and Tricks

    Same lady w/the bowls... loves her quick stir although it is not the 'pretty one' as she told me, but cannot get rid of the tea stain. She has used baking soda paste and scrubbed and also let it soak overnight. I told her I'd ask my pc blog friends to see if anyone can help.
  6. lt1jane

    Is It Unprofessional to Discuss Consultant-Only Topics on a Corporate Page?

    I was in a mood tonight and sent PMs to all the consultants who were posting inappropriate stuff on the HO page. This is what I sent them: I'm not trying to be snotty or mean, but please post consultant questions and answers on the Pampered Chef Community. It is inappororiate and...
  7. K

    Can a Quick Stir Pitcher Be Used for Colonoscopy Prep?

    I was sitting around filled with dread in anticipation of the colonoscopy I will be having on 07/15/11. I'm looking over the prep directions and see that the day before the procedure, I have to mix a bottle of Miralax with 2 32oz bottles of sports drink. Guess I'll be using the QSP for that...
  8. ChefRiGuy

    Mango Salsa & Sangria: A Perfect Pairing for Your Party!

    Is there is Sangria Recipe for the Quik Stir? My next host wants to do the mango salsa and have sangria with it...
  9. Karen

    Removing Tea Stains From Quick Stir Pitcher

    Does anybody have any tips they'd like to share to remove tea stains from the clear quick stir pitchers? Thank you, Karen
  10. RCKmom

    Cleaning Quick Stir Pitchers: Tips & Tricks

    How do you clean you quick stir pitchers? I have scrubed mine and put it in the dishwasher and it still looks nasty. The plunger and the top where you close and open it just looks awful. I love to use them, but if I can't figure how to get it clean, then I'm gonna have to buy some pitchers at...
  11. J

    Anyone Have a Cider Recipe for the Quick N Stir Pitcher?

    We have our cluster meeting tomorrow and I signed up to bring a drink. I wanted to make a cider like beverage in the quick n stir...any ideas?
  12. cathyskitchen

    Does Paddle Come off of New Quick Stir Pitcher?

    I know that with the old pitchers, we could take the "paddle" - the thing that does the mixing - off of the plunger stick so that we could wash everything separately. I have a guest who just tried to take the paddle off of the stick on her new pitcher, and she can't get it off. I tried with my...
  13. ccrcata

    Quick Stir Pitcher Recipe: Pina Colada Mix

    Does anybody have any recipe for the Quick Stir Pitcher where I can use Pina Colada Mix? :confused: Thank you!
  14. Susan M

    Create a Delicious Stir Fry Theme with Our Free Flyers – Theme Show Binder

    I am currently setting up my Theme Show Binder and am in need of a flyer for a Stir Fry Theme. I am not gifted on the computer for graphics etc - so does anybody have a nice flyer that you can upload and I can use. I have seen some of the most wonderful flyers and artwork on here and it is so...
  15. S

    Anyone Ever Use the Stir Crazy Game?

    I've been looking at it online. You divide people up into teams and they create a recipe using the game. I have my first couple's show coming up and am wondering if this would be good to use.
  16. D

    Dishwasher Safety of Quick Stir Pitcher: Success or Disaster?

    The quick stir pitcher that was out before htis spring...was it dish washer safe? I have someone that put it in and it melted. Yet someone else puts theirs in all the time with out a problem. Let me know Thanks!
  17. babywings76

    Is There an Easier Way to Add Ice to a Quick Stir Pitcher?

    My mom keeps complaining about her new QSP. She wants to add ice to her water and avoid using an ice bucket. She has to keep the paddle rack down yet open the lid enough to get the ice in there. Is there a simpler way to do this that she's not realizing? She wishes she could take the lid...
  18. niktim3

    Are Quick Stir Pitchers BPA Free?

    Does anyone know if our quick stir pitchers are BPA Free? There is a number 2 on the bottom of the pitcher?? thanks!
  19. S

    Where Can I Get a Replacement Pluger for Quick Stir

    i have a customer who's husband melted the pluger piece of the quickstir in the dishwasher. There is not replacement part on the replacement order form. Anyone know why or where I might be able to get one?
  20. K

    Iso Executive 12" Skillet or Stir Fry Skillet and Stainless Saute Pan

    Hello, Let me know if you would like to sell any of these items. The Executive 12" skillet (with or w/out lid), the executive stir fry skillet and the stainless 8" saute pan, or another size if you have it. Let me know the price for the products and the shipping. Thanks! Katie
  21. KellyTheChef

    How Do You Effectively Clean a Family Size Quick Stir Pitcher?

    In the "hardest product to clean" post, I mentioned the FSQSP...I make iced tea in it almost daily, and the "sludge" from the tea makes the fins all slimy and gross. Unless I scrub each individual fin with a toothbrush, I can't get it clean enough. I won't put it in my dishwasher, cuz even...
  22. babywings76

    Favorite Quick Stir Pitcher Recipe

    I want something light and refreshing to serve at my Power Cooking Workshop tomorrow. Lemonade w/ strawberries or something. I found the recipes in the files, but not sure which to pick. Or if I should just improvise.
  23. BettieC

    Question Regarding Quick Stir Pitchers

    Those around for awhile ;) even if you were a PC Host junkie like I was.....lol. Did they upgrade the pitchers? I had the family one awhile back 7+ yrs ago, and mine somehow got mildewed :yuck: I just got the smaller one, and I am loving it! It seems to be a better design than the...
  24. C

    S/S Pork & Pineapple Stir Fry & Steamed Dumplings

    Has anyone else tried this? What did you think? I made this last night for my kids and did it exactly as the recipe called for and they loved it. :love: They normally love pineapple, but did not care for it in the stir fry, they also thought the dipping sauce for the dumplings was a little...
  25. susanr613

    Pineapple Stir Fry With Other Meats?

    I have a turkey "tenderloin" in the freezer and lots of chicken. Has anyone made the pineapple stirfry with either? If so, any tips? Thanks!
  26. kreaser

    Help for the Quick Stir Pitcher Recipe

    I know it's on here somewhere, but does anyone have a good, easy recipe for the quick stir pitcher for an alcoholic beverage? Margarita or something..I'm doing a show at my house Friday nite and needed something quick... thanks
  27. byrd1956

    Replacement Parts for Out-of-Warranty Quick Stir Pitchers

    Lately I have been meeting several new contacts that have quick stir pitchers they have washing in the dishwasher and the stirrer part had deformed. Yes, they put it on the top. I looked to see if we had replacement parts for them, but no luck. Any suggestions. They are just out of warrenty.
  28. PurpleAngel

    Does the 12 Glass Lid Fit the Excutive Cooke Stir Fry Pan?

    Does any know if the 12" Glass lid fits the Stir Fry Pan?
  29. L

    QSP Mildew Buildup: Any Solutions?

    Has anyone had a problem w/ mildew in the QSP? :eek: I have the old pink one, and a new clear one, and both get mildew on the plunger, and the inside rim of the cover, by the time we are done w/ the iced tea. I never had this with any other pitcher/cover. I have to scrub it w/ a brush to get...
  30. jbachen

    Extra Quick Stir Pitcher Wanted - 08063

    If anyone picked up an extra Quick Stir Pitcher when they were on the Outlet, I could use another one. If you could let me know what you want for it and how much shipping is to 08063, I would really appreciate it! TIA!