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What is contract: Definition and 12 Discussions

  1. pampered1224

    Robert Half & PDS: "Extending Contract with Wheaton Franciscan

    I work for a company named Robert Half Technologies. Another staffing company called PDS hired temps from Robert Half to fill the positions they contracted with Wheaton Franciscan Hospitals. Robert Half called me on Friday and asked if I could continue the work I was doing until June 29th. Of...
  2. Tropicalburstqt2

    Renew Consultant Contract or Resign?

    I'm currently debating whether or not to renew my consultant contract or to resign? I don't need any of the consultant kit items as I already have them all. I would like the April recruiting special though but I'm not sure I can meet that amount in sales. We have a busy business, I work...
  3. DebPC

    Looking for Host-Sent Contract: Can Anyone Share?

    Anyone already have one in their files they could share? I'm looking for one a host would send. Thanks!
  4. Tropicalburstqt2

    Boost Your PC Party Bookings: Tips and Tricks for Success!

    I've decided (& convinced my husband) to resign with PC today!! I already have 2 definite bookings on the calendar & have phoned everyone that I can think of that would be even remotely interested in having a PC party. What can I do to get more booking? I'm pretty certain that my MIL's...
  5. Gloria&Emily

    Recruit Contract Expiration in Sept

    I have questions about a recruit's contract who signed in Dec 2008 so she transferred to the new plan in April. I think our new plan says that contracts will expire after 6 months of inactive and she only had sales in April . She wants to make a go of this business... So here are my...
  6. whiteyteresa

    Boost Your Vendor Event Success: Spring/Summer Contract & Prizes!

    I am in charge on putting together a spring/summer multi-vendor event to help raise money for The relay for life. Does any one have a contract or could some one do one up for me ? ? ? If need be, I change a few words to fit what I need - I just need help coming up with words What I...
  7. A

    Submitting Contract for New Recruit?

    I signed up my second recruit on Friday. My director was there to walk me through signing up my first one, but this time I'm on my own. I met with the girl in person, went over her quick start box, and had her sign the contract. My question is how do I submit the contract? Can I do it...
  8. P

    Is a Contract with David's Bridal Worth It?

    How many people are in contracts with David's Bridal? Is it successful? How many times have you been able to set up a table in the store? What did you bring with you? Are you booking any shows from it or is it just registries? Thanks for your time to respond. :D
  9. pchefinski

    Secure Layaway Plan Contract for Monthly Payments | Easy and Trustworthy

    I have just started doing layaway plans (monthly payments for an order of $150 or more; processed as a show at the collection of all pmts) and have one girl interested in starting one. But since I'll be holding money for my customers, I should have some sort of "contract" paperwork. I want to...
  10. J

    New Pampered Chef Consultant: Finding Success with Support from Fellow Women

    I just wanted to thank all the ladies for the support that was given when I posted the question about Pamperd chef. I have been a long time customer of now my upline and I finally took the plunge. I am very scared about getting people to book parties though. Keep me in your prayers.
  11. J

    Considering Pampered Chef: Expert Tips for Signing a Contract

    I have been thinking about signing on to pampered chef but I dont know why I have a reserve about it. If you could give me any suggestions I would appreciate them. Thanks!
  12. M

    Avoiding Breech of Contract as a PC Consultant: Myths vs. Reality

    I was thinking about becoming a PC consultant but I was told that I could be sued for breech of contract if I didn't do a minimum of 6 shows. Does that really happen?