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What is joining: Definition and 29 Discussions

  1. PCwithTami

    Who is Tami? A New Member Joining the PC Family!

    Hello, my name is Tami. I just started my part time career with PC. I also have a fulltime job, but love PC products and have always used them. What better way to keep up on the new products and share them, than join the PC family? I am excited to join you all, and learn from all of your posts &...
  2. babywings76

    Are New Members Joining Our Community? Questions & Answers

    I'm seeing spam posts lately. Is CS set up so only members can post? Is anyone able to join? Can you have an approval process for membership? Maybe by requiring a consultant number or PWS or FB business page, so you can check they are in fact consultants?
  3. C

    Joining Conference Club - Can You Use Funds for Vendors?

    I was going to join conference club to help defray the cost. When I went in there to sign up they said the maixmum you could put in conference club is $900.....my lord, I thought it was $200??? What else would could you use the money toward?? I know there are vendors there, but can you use...
  4. chefannie

    New Recruit Tips for Joining The Pampered Chef

    Hi everyone. I remember seeing once on this forum tips for new recruits just starting out. I am hoping to sign a recruit tomorrow and want to send her some information. There was one file that listed this are the things you should do first when you join The Pampered Chef. Does anyone...
  5. C

    What Was Your Reason for Joining Pampered Chef? How Were You Approached?

    In my 4 1/2 years I've been surprised at the different reasons why consultants joined PC and how they were approached. I had never heard of PC but wanted some kind of home based business. I was walking through Walmart with a friend when she mentioned that she needed to do a PC errand. I asked...
  6. beckyjsmith

    Who's Joining You at the Grand Floridian?

    Who else will I be seeing at the Grand Floridian?
  7. lockhartkitchen

    Joining the Real World: My Facebook Journey

    I'm officially in the "real world" as my friends tell me. I finally joined Facebook, reluctantly. I don't like how I'm overweight, so there was no way I was going to put my face on, so I've avoided it. I put the kids on. I have two friends now!
  8. Sheila

    A Fresh Start: Joining the Pampered Chef Family

    It's been so long I can't remember. My latest recruit just qualified (before she even got her new consultant kit in the mail!!!). The website is showing her sales at $1,700 and her $100 in Pampered Chef Dollars, but she can't find anything on there about the free PWS trial. Anyone who's...
  9. T

    Forney, TX Celebrates Caleb Hanie Joining Bears Roster!

    Our little hometown of Forney, Texas is all excited the Bears have added Hanie to their 53 man roster! :love: Caleb is a wonderful young man with an adorable wife. he is 2 years older than our oldest. I think there will be alot of Bears jerseys around town. Caleb attended college in Colorado.
  10. chefann

    Canadian Consultants: Thank You for Attending Leadership 2021!"

    Hey, Canadians! I just wanted to extend a thank you to all of you who made the extra effort to attend Leadership this year. I know it was a bother to have to travel internationally to get there. Hopefully, you had a chance to network with some US consultants, and vice-versa. Maybe HO will...
  11. Cindycooks

    Joining for Just the Discount: Do I Have to Qualify First?

    Forgive me if this doesnt make sense. I've never had this question asked to me before. Someone ask if they could join for "just the discount" and submit enough to stay active. Do they have to qualify first? I know this makes no sense to all of us. I have gone over everything with her and...
  12. pchefjaime

    Is Joining Yahoo Groups Safe? Ask Your Questions Here

    I was just wondering I got a link from here for the groups on yahoo do any of you belong? Also some ask for you consultant # to be approved is that safe and ok to do I was to scared to do it so I did not. Thanks:confused:
  13. kdawn1124

    Joining Pampered Chef: My Story of Pushy and Not-So-Pushy Consultants

    This may be long so I'll warn you now. About a year and a-half ago I was thinking of joining with PC and went through the HO and found a director. We chatted several times and I told her I was still undecided if I wanted to join. Well she called everyday checking to see if I had decided and...
  14. cmdtrgd

    Super Baby Shower: Joining the Stork the Freezer Show!

    A while back this was a very hot topic on this board. I haven't heard anything about it in a while. Of course, this is when I go to my BRU! They have recently revamped their monthly events to have a regional (possibly national) theme and the vendors need to fit with the theme. July's in my...
  15. pamperedape

    Are You Ready to Join the Pampered Chef Team with April?

    Hi! My name is April and I am FINALLY joining the PC team! I've been loving PC for almost ten years, but have been dragging my feet when it came to becoming a consultant! I live in North Carolina and have two young boys - a four year old and a one month old!! I also have a wonderful, crazy...
  16. S

    Exciting Opportunity: Joining Relay for Life Fundraiser!

    I am so excited. I have been chatting with the local volunteer chairperson for relay for life. I had offered the fundraiser, but not too much info. She eventually asked for more information I gave her the "how much money can we make doing a pc fundraiser" flyer that I found on here, just...
  17. F

    Thinking of Joining Pampered Chef..help Please!

    Hi All, I am a self proclaimed PC junkie, and have been toying with the idea of joining for some time now. I am a veteran of Direct Sales having been with three companies in the past. My question is this...how do I find someone local to sign under? I know the importance of being able to...
  18. hmolah

    Anyone Joining Me on the Caribbean Cruise Next Year?

    Because I'll be there!!! :D :D :D I've never been on a cruise, and DH and I (because of military) have never had a honeymoon! This cruise is 2 weeks before my 30th birthday, and I plan on being on it! I just wondered if DH and I would be on it alone!? :p I'm starting my hard work...
  19. P

    Questions About Joining a Business Network: Worth it?

    I'm not sure if I should sign up for it or not. I am new to the business (9/06) and was wondering who signs up, does everyone go? How much does it cost? Worth it? Thanks for all the input and Happy New Year!!:)
  20. ChefAggi

    Welcome Chef Aggi: Joining Pampered Chef and Pursuing Success in Canada!

    Hello to you all. I have been lurking around this site since November reading many of the postings and getting lots of ideas and inspiration. I finally placed my order for my kit last week. My director informs me I should get my kit any day now. I was a consultant back in 2001 – 2002, but...
  21. T

    Welcome Back! Joining Pampered Chef and Pampered Partner Websites

    Hi everyone, I posted here last year about joining PC but got involved in other things (namely a new love) and got sidetracked. I am ordering my starter kit next week!!!! I am very excited and am working on a list of leads for potential shows. My question is: by signing on do you...
  22. P

    Been Thinking of Joining Pampered Chef....

    On Dec. 1st we moved into a new home which has a basement suite that we are not going to rent out since we are using the whole house for our family. I started thinking about what a shame it is for the big kitchen to go to waste in the former suite. That's when I started thinking about joining...
  23. P

    Have Interest in Possibly Joining Pampered Chef

    I have been considering joining a direct sales company. I have looked into quite a few and i like PC for a few reasons. The host reward program seems better to me than a lot of other companys. Which may make it easier to get bookings ?? The contract if i understand it correctly is only 4 shows...
  24. C

    Thinking of Joining Pampered Chef? Share Your Opinions and Tips!

    Hello Everyone, I would like for anyone or everyone to share with me about becoming a Consultant. I just had a catalog show.....and OH MY.....it was $2,300.00. :) I have been in Direct Sales for 6 years now and I am thinking it is time for a change! Long story short....the Consultant...
  25. T

    Thinking About Joining Pampered Chef....

    I have been a loyal customer of PC for 10 years. I have always had so much fun doing the kitchen shows. I have a favorite PC Consultant who just moved away. I am trying to get in touch with her but haven't been able to at the moment. I use to work for her as her organizer while she did...
  26. C

    A New Journey with Pampered Chef: Joining Direct Sales & Meeting New Friends

    I've been lurking around this website for a while now, and it's been a huge inspiration to me as I've contemplated joining PC. Yesterday I took the step and signed up. Woohoo! I was waiting for $90 to fall out of the sky, but my husband said the other day he wanted to give me the money. He's...
  27. T

    Considering Joining a Recruiting Program - Need Advice

    Hello.. I met with a recruiter today who happened to be a director who did a show I hosted a few weeks ago. Im considering joining and have done a lot of research, but Im nervous about getting started. Im trying to get 6 people to commit to shows but Im not having a lot of luck. I do have 2...
  28. A

    Thinking of Joining and I Have a Question....

    I am thinking of joining P.C., but absolutely have no time to do home parties. Is it possible (or has anyone done this), that I can drop off books at offices or businesses and then tell them I'll call back in a week to see if anyone wants anything? Has anyone tried this and does people order...
  29. S

    Thinking About Joining -- Are There Too Many Consultants

    I have never been a consultant before and am concerned about getting bookings -- There seem to be a lot of consultants out there and I do want to have the opportunity to grow -- I don't have a lot of friends who share my interest in cooking. Is the market saturated?