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Second dumb question of the day


Mar 24, 2006
If I have not yet had 150.00 in sales this month, and yet I get one (potentially 2) new recruits--will I be considered "inactive" and not elligible to benefit from the recruiting of these people? (I'm still trying to figure out this new career plan) Can anyone clarify?


Apr 4, 2009
Deanna, I'm new too, and I *believe* the answer is yes, but rather than chancing something so critical, I'd probably call HO to find out the specifics since they can pull up your account....


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Dec 6, 2005
That's a very smart question--one you should ask the HO.


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Mar 12, 2006
I believe you have to be active to recruit people. In order to receive overrides, you must also be active and meet the requirements of the title. So, if you have one recruit who submits one show in May AND submit at least one show in May, you are considered an active Senior Consultant in May and receive the 1% override on your sales and the sales of your recruit. If you have two recruits who each submit a show in May and so do you AND you submit $750 personal and $2500 between you and your two consultants, you are considered an active Team Leader and are paid the 2% override on your sales and the sales of your recruits.

The easiest way to know where you are in the pay schedule is to visit Consultant Connection. Green is good. Red means you haven't met the requirements to for being paid at your level.

But, do call HO and let us know if you need to be active to recruit.


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Oct 15, 2008
I know you used to have to be active to recruit. I was talking with a consultant before I signed, and the system wouldn't let me use her consultant number to sign up.

But now with the new system, I don't know if you just have to be active by the end of the month.

Let us know what you find out!


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Mar 13, 2007
Im pretty sure that as long as you were active the month prior to siging them up then they can sign under you and you will get full credit for them signing. But...if you do not do at least $15o in sales the month that you sign them, then you will not get your overrides for them. So if they were wanting to sign up in May and you were active as of April 30th..then they could still sign under you even though you havent submitted $150 for May yet because you are not yet inactive until you do not submit anything before the end of the month of May..but it's always good to call just to clarify:)