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Booths Need some brainstorm ideas on a slightly different vendor event


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Sep 8, 2008
I just secured a booth for our team that is a bit different then what I've done before.

It is at a huge area Kids consignment sale. I haven't been to this particular one in years, but it was big then....I expect it is just as big these years since (they are huge around here). it is at our state fairgrounds in their large buildings- if that tells you anything.
It seems different because people are not there to go from vendor to vendor, but to shop racks and racks of kids clothes, toys, equipment, etc. We are like those banners and ads you see along the outside walls of a sports stadium or something. :) White noise. We'll be positioned along the way out to pay for their goods, but I believe I read that we'll be accessible to folks from both sides- so those NOT in the check-out lines also can reach us. Not sure, never done this venue. But reading the vendor packet gives me some indication that this is a bit different than what I'm used to doing.

Anyway, here is what the Vendor Info says and suggests:

Show Hints:
• Please note the “nature” of this show: Moms are coming for the gently used kids’ items. The Parents Fair is set up so that exhibitors can take advantage of this target market and get in front of these busy moms. As you plan your booth, please keep in mind that the more you reach out to these moms as they wait in line and shop, the more successful you will be. Unlike most trade shows, the moms are not here to visit booths---but to shop. How can we get their attention and gain exposure? Please feel free to get creative!

• Order a few extra chairs and set up a “rest area” in front of your booth with a sign “rest area compliments of “Your Business”.

• Offer to clean their rings with jewelry cleaner or other pampering offers.

• Offer assistance getting their bags to their cars (this could be HUGE- recruit your teenage sons or neighbors)

• Bring wagons to the show and leave them at checkout for moms to take bags out --- with signs all over the wagon from your business of course, ☺

• Offer note pads and pencils to keep track of their purchases, etc.

The more you reach out, the more you will get back! I promise to have these parents in front of you --- you have to figure out the best way to get their attention. ☺ Please do not hesitate to call or email if I can help you in any way.

• SELLERS: Please note that not all ‘sellers’ are ‘shoppers’. Lots of theses women will sell their used items but will not buy used items. This group is definitely a group that you need to reach. I’d like to invite all exhibitors to come out Monday 7/18 during our building set up and put out information regarding your goods and services. Sellers will begin to bring in their items at 5pm on Monday. I will not have your booth ready for you, but I will designate an area for exhibitors to set up card tables, easels, banners, etc. to advertise your business. I highly encourage you guys to reach out to the sellers as they drop off their items remembering that some of these sellers will not be back to shop. You are welcome to stay and talk to the sellers but at the very least, I recommend that your brochures be on site. Please note that I will not have tables available until exhibitor set up on Tues. A small card table/ easel would be a good size for you to bring.

• Working the Show: During the show, please feel free to walk around the building talking to the shoppers. You can carry a clipboard with your gift registration cards and offer on the spot sign up. ??? You are free to advertise in the building anyway you would like (just not directly in front of another exhibitor’s booth please ☺)

• Banners: Feel free to bring your companies banners to decorate the walls and bulletin boards around the building.

It is spread over 4 days. I'll be working several shifts over the course of this event, so probably 6-8 hrs total, plus I am going to be there during the "Seller setup" on Monday that she talks about.

I need some inexpensive ideas. I have over 200 business-card bookmarks from Merrill That have recipes on them, plus I have ~100 pocket brochures from Merrill also that have my info and a recipe on them. These are moms looking for a bargain, so just trying to think what I can pass out- both AT the booth (that's easier), and if I walk around. Our booth will be in the general area where folks are waiting to check-out, so we may have to approach them some as they move by.

What do you think? Baggies with my card, mini-catalog, recipe card (I have TONS of those too), and maybe a piece of candy or something?
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Sep 5, 2007
I did one of these (the 1st. in our area) a few mths. ago. Not real successful with attendance, but I got enough orders to make a show, my raffle winner just closed her show and another lady that I had not met, but wanted to do a show a long time ago has said she still wants to. Not too bad; I worked it 4 days, but have not recouped my $. Who is to say something won't come from it later.... The gal that organized it made goodie bags for all the customers and it cost extra to put something in the bag; I used recipe cards w/my contact info. I got the ones back from the bags that were not used. Good luck; it sounds like a great opportunity.


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Jul 19, 2007
I have done one of these here multiple times. My tips- work it like any other vendor event. The first one I did, I sat behind my table and was afraid to approach people. I went to the head of the sale and talked to her at the end of that event and she told me it was fine to approach people. Ever since, I push my table back so people can come "in" and look around and I walk up to everyone offering them a free recipe and tell them to come visit the table. I don't get tons of leads off these events, but the bookings I have gotten off of it are so worth my time! If you have any questions private message me! The sale you are describing is almost exactly like the one I do!


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Jan 9, 2009
I like the idea of keeping it simple. You may not make back the money you put into it, so use up what hand-out things you have. I like having mini catalogs out. A couple of times, I made up a 1/3 page flyer that fit in the mini. You could staple it to a recipe card. The text is below. I like it because people are busy shopping and not likely to focus too much on you. And if you can't get everyone's contact info for follow-up, this gives them a reason for getting in touch with you.

You can do the usual drawing. You could hand out candy, though the micro chips go over very well and would draw their attention to a new product. Plus, potatoes are cheaper than candy.

Special Offer for (event) attendees

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