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Pampered Chef: Fundraiser Need Eye-Catching but basic flyer

  1. Hey guys. One more request for help... I need a eye-catching but basic information flyer to post in windows of local businesses. I am planning on a large HWC Fundraiser that will rely on the general public's attendance. The flyer would need to be simple enough to not overwhelm passerbyers with information. Just basic info and time, date and location knid of think.

    Please help... I am computer illerate and can not seem to get the hang of flyer creation.

    I thought I would print them on pink paper and would love to use a graphic of our HWC Pin but I just can't seem to figure it out.

    Does anyone have anything that they have used in previous years in this manner that I may be able to modify???

    Thanks in advance for any help you may be able to offer.
  2. janel kelly

    janel kelly Advanced Member

    HWC invite

    If you click on Files #38 is an invitation for a HWC show. Its two invitations on one paper but maybe you could reformat it and make it one big one. Its just a thought. Its got the HWC pin on the front of it though which sounded like what you were thinking of. Hope this helps or gives you more ideas...
    Apr 24, 2005
  3. Thnaks but the border box seems to be pre-set somehow and I can't get it to move. I was hoping i could modify that one somehow as it was the only thing I have found so far that I thought I could work with but I can't get it to do what I want.

    Even if someone had a flyer that wasn't specifically HWC but this kind of format, I think I could work with that too.

  4. bbauman07

    bbauman07 Veteran Member Gold Member

    I hope this helps I am just learning all this stuff too. All I did was copy and paste what I thought you might like off the invite doc from this site this should make it easy to reformat the way you want. Couldn't get the hat to copy though. This is pretty easy to do. If you need help I will try to help you feel free to contact me.

    Just found a HWC Flyer that I think will work for you.I sent you an email.
    Last edited: Apr 25, 2005
    Apr 25, 2005
  5. I detected a virus in the document you posted

    Just wanted to let you know that my ant-virus software detected a virus in the documents you posted. Be careful!
    May 3, 2005
  6. HWC Door Hangers

    I just had a successful show in my neighborhood Just made slits to hang on all the doors. I handed out about 150 door hangers and got a 15% response with 2 bookings! I had everye fill out a door prize slip for a free cookbook so I could keep track and sent a catalog with everyone as a "free gift"! They loved it and even snatched up some of the recipe cards I had laying around. I was happy with the response and can't wait to make a better one next year!


    Attached is my door hanger...my patrons told me the date was a goof but it still worked out!

    Attached Files:

    May 28, 2005
  7. fundraiser ideas to help a friend with cancer

    Hi...I want to see if any of you have any suggestions or formats on organizing a community fundraiser to help raise money for a Pampered Chef friend that just learned she has stage 4 cancer. I'm hoping to help raise money for her living expenses since she will be flying back and forth to NY from Fl to get special treatments.

    I see lots of ideas for the HWC but nothing in general...any help is appreciated...this lady is a doll...she's only 41 with a 1 year old and a 12 year old. She's a fighter and I'm praying she beats this but they told her 1-3 years if she's lucky but I thinks she has it in her to win this battle...

    I live in St. Petersburg, FL...if anyone is willing to help me out in raising funds
    please email me back at [email protected]

    Thanks to all...!!!!
    Jul 15, 2005
  8. janel kelly

    janel kelly Advanced Member

    Here are a couple of flyers. I'm not sure if they are what you're looking for. I hope all goes well with your fundraiser for this lady. My thoughts and prayers are with her.

    Attached Files:

    Jul 15, 2005
  9. Aug 12, 2005
  10. PampMomof3

    PampMomof3 Legend Member Gold Member

    Thanks for sharing! I love that flyer!! ;)
    Aug 12, 2005
  11. its_me_susan

    its_me_susan Senior Member

    Those are AWESOME! Did you design that flyer??? Wow!
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