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What is wreath: Definition and 35 Discussions

  1. forkatieb

    Looking for Step by Step Photos of Making a Wreath

    Please help me. I have looked everywhere and I can not find step by step photo instructions on how to make a wreath. I have seen them before and thought I had saved it. Thank you
  2. natural

    Delicious Chicken Stuffing Wreath for Holiday Entertaining

    I am doing a holiday show and want to doa wreath with stuffing,,,any ideas? Kinda like a Hide the Turkey Show but the host wants a wreath.
  3. ChefPaulaB

    The Glazed Apple Wreath: An Old Recipe Revisited

    I found a recipe for the Glazed Apple Wreath, but it is quite old. I was wondering if anyone is familiar with it, has done it or maybe has an updated recipe with the newer tools? TIA!
  4. K

    Iso-2003 Winter Wreath Stoneware Heart Mold

    I have a customer who is interested in getting this to finish her 4 season collection. Anybody have one or an extra they'd like to part with? Laurie Director in PA [email protected]
  5. A

    Ring, Braid, or Wreath: Easy DIY Projects for Your In-House Show

    Hello...I am doing my first in house show on Sunday (I've only had catalog shows to date) and I'm planning on doing a ring, braid, or wreath. Is there one that is easier to do than the other? Any suggestions on which one? I am leaning towards one of the following: Chicken Club, Barbecue...
  6. C

    ??'S About Pizza Dip With Bread Wreath

    Has anyone made the pizza dip w/ bread wreath using the Pillsbury French Bread? That is what my host for tonight has - and I wondered how it worked? I know there was talk of doing that...but don't remember reading if anyone had actually tried it. Also - I am making a double batch(25...
  7. C

    Delicious Wreath Recipes for a Special Show!

    I'm doing a show for my mother in law this weekend and she wants me to make a wreath for the show (not for the demo, just to eat) I've seen other hostesses do them before, but I haven't tried one myself. They look easy enough but I don't have any of the recipes for them. I was just...
  8. quiverfull7

    Help! Looking for Pretzel Wreath with Color

    I think someone posted their pictures of the Pretzel Wreaths here but I cannot find it. Does anyone have one? I have the one from the website but I'm looking for one with some colored sugar or something to put on an invite because the white one looks just a bit plain when printed out...
  9. M

    Cold Vegetable Appetizer Wreath?

    I've seen pictures of this recipe and it's adorable! I want to take it to a neighborhood meet-n-great we're having, but I can't find the instructions. It's made on the large round platter and it looks like a giant wreath made out of fresh broccoli with veggie and cheese cutouts for ornaments...
  10. Andreamd8

    Philly Steak Crescent Wreath Recipe...need It!!!

    Hi There, I don't have the all the best cookbook yet. It's actually in the mail right now. Do any of you on here have the philly cheesesteak crescent roll wreath recipe??? Thanks a bunch!!!!!!!
  11. lmklipfel

    Searching for Pretzel Wreath Recipe for Booth Giveaway

    I am looking for the pretzel wreath recipe on a half sheet to give out at a booth, if anyone has it, I would appreciate it.
  12. Morvin

    Need a Ring, Wreath, or Braid Recipe.....please!!!!

    okay is there a file of just ring, wreath, or braid recipes some where on here? I tend to always have to do the taco ring or the chicken enchilada ring and i was just trying to find something else. thank you heather
  13. Andreamd8

    Pampered Chef Wreath Recipes: Chicken & Broccoli Edition

    I don't know that many pampered chef recipes yet, but I like making the wreath recipes. I'm going to make the chicken and brocolli recipe tomorrow night. Two questions though: 1. Does anyone have any other wreath recipes that you'd like to share??? 2. How do you do the braid recipe...
  14. PCCHeather0506

    Turkey Cranberry Wreath Question?

    I'm trying to make this and looking at the directions I can't see what to do with the cranberries? Are they just a garnish? Should they go in the ring?? Anyone made this before? Please help...I have a party tonight and we're making this now...a head of time!! Thanks for any help :)
  15. M

    Pretzel Wreath & Cranberry Bark?

    Has anyone tried making these? If so, do you have any tips, pointers, or ideas to make it better? I hope to try them tomorrow as I want to demo at a show next weekend and was looking for some advise. Thanks! :D
  16. F

    Chicken & Broccoli Wreath Help Needed

    300 degrees and 25 minutes The dough is raw in the middle -- but fine on the top and outside. What do I need to do differently? What Temp and Time do you use? Could I have overfilled? Made the wreath too small? I am making this by request Wednesday night. This is the version with...
  17. P

    Stuffing in Turkey Cranberry Wreath?

    I am planning to do the Turkey Cranberry Wreath since I've heard so many great things about it on this site for the rest of the holiday season. I've never made it before but I've done the chicken enchilada ring seveal times and I got the idea from that. Since the chicken enchilada ring's...
  18. M

    Turkey Cranberry Wreath - Diabetic Friendly?

    I was planning on making a Chocolate Pecan tart for my show on Monday, but my host has two diabetics coming. She thought that the wreath would be a better choice. Should I do anything different, or is the recipe good as is? Thanks!
  19. J

    Easy Holiday Recipe: Turkey Cranberry Wreath (No Cooking Required!)

    ok here is my problem, my hostess on sunday wants to do the turkey cranberry wreath. i have never cooked a turkey!!! i dont know why i am so intimitated by this, but i was wondering is there anything i can use besides cooking a turkey. i know tyson makes already cooked chicken, does anyone...
  20. TinasKitchen

    Turkey Cranberry Wreath: A Delicious Twist on a Classic Holiday Dish

    I have never made this and I'm wondering if by making it w/ chicken instead of turkey... 1. it'd be easier for the hosts to find it and 2. if it would taste the same. Also never made a wreath or braid, how hard is it? I have the directions for it.. I guess I'd have to try it. Thanks!
  21. maggiemay

    How Early Can I Prepare Turkey Wreath

    I have my show with 30 people on saturday, how soon can I assemble the turkey ring for the saturday show. I plan to make ahead and just cook there. any advice would be super m
  22. Dianneskitchen

    Where Can I Find the Best Fillings for Braids and Wreaths?

    Can anyone tell me which recipe book that all the fillings are in for the braids and wreaths. Thanks ahead of time,. Dianne
  23. C

    15' Round Stone Crecent Roll Chicken Wreath Recipie Search

    15' Round stone crecent roll chicken wreath recipie search HELP:) Hi everyone! HELPI went to a show with my recruiter the other night and the host made a Pampered Chef recipie that I loved! I cant seem to find it though and my recruiter isnt home at the moment. I really want to make it for...
  24. speedychef

    Need Stoneware Winter Wreath Mold? Who Can Help Me Find Six?

    I have a customer who is looking for SIX of these! If anyone can get their hands on some for me, that would be great. She told me 1 or 6. If she can't get them all, she just wants one for herself. Hopefully someone can help! Thanks!
  25. P

    Hosting a Stress-Free Party: Cranberry Turkey Wreath & Pumpkin Tarlets

    I'm having a show this weekend. I'm bringing the Cranberry Turkey Wreath and the Pumkin Tarlets. I really don't want to demo this food so I thought that I would have it ready when I got to the party. Does anyone have an outline of parties without a demo or with a short demo?
  26. P

    Help! I'm Stuck Making a Turkey Cranberry Wreath

    Can anyone give me some tips on Making wreaths? I am making the Turkey Cranberry Wreath for a party Thursday night and the directions are a little confusing. Unroll crescent dough; separate into 16 triangles. With wide ends of triangles toward the center. arrange 8 triangles in a circle on...
  27. heat123

    Not so Good Attempt With a Wreath! Help!

    Ok I just tried my first one and it came out pretty bad! The filling tasted great but I could not wrap it to so well and it came out all crooked looking and the dough that I tucked underneath came out undercooked and doughy, while the top was nice an light brown. ARe the rings easier at all? I...
  28. heat123

    Is the Chicken Holiday Wreath a Good 1?

    It sounded yummy but wondered if anyone else has made it? Perfect for the holidays coming up! :rolleyes:
  29. D

    Help Needed: What Is a "Carmel Apple Wreath"?

    I'm doing a show for a Host who used to be a Consultant next week and she wants what she called a "Carmel Apple Wreath". Does anyone know what this is? I can't find it in my files and I don't know if she has the name wrong or what? Any help would be very much appreciated!! Thank you, D.C.
  30. P

    Delicious Turkey Cranberry Wreath Recipe

    Does anyone have this recipe?