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15' Round stone crecent roll chicken wreath recipie search

Dec 9, 2005
15' Round stone crecent roll chicken wreath recipie search HELP

:) Hi everyone! HELPI went to a show with my recruiter the other night and the host made a Pampered Chef recipie that I loved! I cant seem to find it though and my recruiter isnt home at the moment. I really want to make it for dinner tonight for some practice at it. If anyone can help me that would be wonderul!

She used the 15' Round baking stone, and lined crecent rolls up around it. I think there was chicken, and i know it had tomatoes, and parmashan [sp] cheese. When it is foled up it looks like a wreath, with the center out and everything. It baked for i believe 20 min. If anyone knows what book its in, if its on the website, or any other way i could obtain it, it would be creatly apreciated!

Thanks again,
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Sep 13, 2005

You might be able to find the one you want in All The Best. There is a chicken club filling that it might be. There is also the Florentine Chicken Ring in the Stoneware Sensations that it might be.

I don't know if these are it!


Sep 30, 2005
There is a lemon herb chicken ring in the Season Best summer/spring 2005.