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What is tongs: Definition and 50 Discussions

  1. J

    Where Can I Find Skinny Sauté Tongs #2956?

    I have a customer looking for our old skinny sauté tongs (#2956). Please email JillzPampChef at aol dot com if you have a pair to offer. Thank you!!
  2. B

    Looking for Retired Saute Tongs - Anybody Got a Pair?

    I have a customer searching high and low for the saute tongs that were retired. Thought I would take the chance to someone having a pair or two laying around :)
  3. C

    Need Saute Tongs for Your Kitchen? Shipping to 81506

    I have a customer that would like two or three new Saute Tongs. Shipping would be to 81506. Thanks
  4. Admin Greg

    Toaster Tongs Talk: Tips, Complaints, Praise & More

    Please discuss the Toaster Tongs. Tips, complaints, praise, reviews, ideas, thoughts...
  5. Admin Greg

    Discussing 3-Way Tongs: Tips, Complaints, Reviews & More

    Please discuss the 3-Way Tongs. Tips, complaints, praise, reviews, ideas, thoughts...
  6. Admin Greg

    Discussing Bamboo Salad Tongs: Tips, Complaints, Praise & More

    Please discuss the Bamboo Salad Tongs. Tips, complaints, praise, reviews, ideas, thoughts...
  7. Admin Greg

    Bamboo Tongs: Tips, Complaints, Praise & Reviews

    Please discuss the Bamboo Tongs. Tips, complaints, praise, reviews, ideas, thoughts...
  8. C

    Fs: Retired Large Serving Tongs

    These are the polished stainless steel ones that we had a few years ago. Used only for demo - $10 + shipping.
  9. ChefetteDuJour

    Great Alternate Use for Saute Tongs

    Atter way too long --- I was deep-cleaning my car today with the cannister vacuum cleaner. I eventually ran into the Dreaded Clump of Bird's Nest-like-Gunk at the neck of the hose - essentially choking the life out of my vacuum cleaner. Went into the kitchen and started to go for my ususal...
  10. Kenzie09

    Broken Tongs - How to Replace Them Without a Receipt?

    A past host called me and told me one of her friends has those small bamboo tongs (used for toast & such) but they broke into two pieces. She didn't get them from my past host's party and she doesn't have the receipt. She wants me to use someone else's receipt to get a new one - NO. I told...
  11. C

    Looking for Stainless Steel Tongs?

    I have a guest looking for a set of Stainless Steel Tongs that you use your thumb to press a lever to open? Any thoughts? She doesn't recall when she got them but was really hoping we still sold them. I have only been a consultant for a few months so I wasn't sure if it was possible to get...
  12. pcchefjane

    Get a Durable Set of Silver Serving Tongs with Easy-Open Mechanism - 37311 Area

    One of my KITK Moms is wanting a set of these. They stay closed and you push a handle with your thumb to open them. These are not the ones currently for sale. If anyone has a set, let me know. My zip is 37311. Thanks!
  13. C

    Where Can I Find Stainless Steel Serving Tongs Like the Ones Sold by PC?

    Hi all cheffers I am looking for the stainless steel serving tongs that pc sold, they look like spoons but they are tongs. email me at [email protected] Thanks In advance
  14. babywings76

    Are Saute Tongs Supposed to Close Flat?

    Are the new saute tongs supposed to be flat together when you close them to store them? I thought they were when I first got mine out of the box. Maybe I'm remembering wrong, though. I just used them once and put them in the dishwasher and went to put them away, and they don't close all the...
  15. byrd1956

    Looking for Large Serving Tongs

    Anyone have a pair of Large Serving Tongs. I have a customer that just has to have a pair. (I love mine and love the little ones, too...wish they had not done away with them.)
  16. J

    Looking for the Old Bamboo Tongs

    Hi, Does anyone have the old style bamboo tongs(unused) that you want to sell? I have a customer looking for a couple of them. Thanks, Jenny
  17. ChefMary412

    Find the Address for Returning Bamboo Tongs to My Aunt

    I have to return bamboo tongs for my aunt... they splintered... what is the address I sent it to? I cannot seem to find it! Thanks
  18. M

    Vintage Toaster Tongs Wanted - Any Condition!

    looking for the older "toaster" tongs if anyone has any they would not mind parting with
  19. M

    Vintage Toaster Tongs: Chances of Finding a Pair?

    what are the chances that anyone has any of the old "toaster" tongs? I have a friend that desperately wants a pair
  20. MommytoLane

    Iso Stainless Steel Serving Tongs

    I have a customer that is wanting the stainless steel serving tongs. I found a set on large and small but she wants more. Please let me know if you have any that you want to get rid of. She will take new or demo.
  21. S

    Replacement for Supply Order Items: Chef Tongs

    Can you get a replacement on something you purchased on a supply order, like the Chef tongs? Or do I just have to order them again?
  22. Michelle817

    Host Received Bamboo Tongs, but No Explanation for Sheet Pans?

    My host from a March show (where 2 sheet pans were ordered) just called & asked me why she received bamboo tongs in the mail today. Apparently no other information came with it?? I then explained the sheet pan thing, and told her they were a thank you for her inconvenience. I told her to be...
  23. ted122781

    Are Pampered Chef's Small and Large Serving Tongs Discontinued?

    I have a host who just sent me this e-mail: One of my co-workers is interested in ordering some products from my Pampered Chef catalog show, but asked specifically about two items. She has small serving tongs that she had purchased previously and is interested in getting another pair, but...
  24. V

    ifYou Are Looking for Bamboo Tongs......

    I saw them at Bed Bath & Beyond yesterday for $1.99. I guess if you are desperate for them, you'll buy them there. Hopefully PC will put them on the outlet soon!!:o
  25. C

    Help Find Discontinued Wooden Toaster Tongs!

    I'm looking for 10 of the small wooden toaster tongs that are now discontinued for a customer. I don't know when they were discontinued; don't think it was too long ago?? Any info you can pass along, I'd appreciate. Thanks in advance.
  26. B

    Anyone Selling Retired Bamboo Tongs?

    Hi! I have a couple of customers recently asking for the Retired Bamboo Tongs, the small ones that they can use in their toaster. I know - I have tried selling them on the new style, but they won't budge. Anyone have some of these tongs they are willing to sale? (new in plastic) Hugs...
  27. redsoxgirl

    Bamboo Tongs: Classic Kitchen Utensil

    Does it still come with the old Bamboo Tongs as stated in the catalog?
  28. M

    Looking for $2 Bamboo Tongs: Any Takers?

    Does anyone have any of the $2 bamboo tongs that they would part with?
  29. smbith

    Searching for Discontinued Bamboo Toaster Tongs - 4 Needed!

    Looking for those bamboo tongs to get stuff out of toasters. I have customers looking for them and they are discontinued. :cry: I am hoping to buy 4 of them if anyone has any left. :love: