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What is phyllo: Definition and 11 Discussions

  1. kam

    Solving the Mystery of Phyllo Sheets for Sweet Orange Mascarpone Tartlets

    I am looking at the Sweet Orange Mascarpone Tartlets recipe from Simply Sweet...and my brain must have frozen... It calls for 8 sheets phyllo dough. How many phyllo "sheets" are in a package? I am thinking 2, but that would mean I need 4 packages for this recipe? Or am I not thinking about...
  2. frozenchef

    Urgent Help Needed Making Honey Apple Brie Bites: Mini Phyllo Shells

    Hey there- I was planning on making the Honey Apple Brie Bites for Christmas but I can't find the pre-made mini phyllo shells anywhere - only phyllo dough. So any hints on how to get these shells made? Do I just take a few sheets cut them up to fit a few layers in the mini muffin pan and then...
  3. C

    Delicious Phyllo Rounds with Mascarpone & Chocolate Filling

    Has anyone here ever used phyllo dough with the cut-n-seal? I'm imagining little phyllo rounds with mascarpone and chocolate filling, baked then dusted with powdered sugar. Thoughts?
  4. wadesgirl

    Cooking with Phyllo Dough: New Ideas for Aspiring Chefs

    I bought Phyllo Dough (or sheets or what ever they are actually called) to make the wrapped asparagus. I only need 16 sheets for the asparagus but the box has like 40 sheets. What other recipes are good with Phyllo Dough? This is my first time using it, I don't even think I've noticed other...
  5. heat123

    Choc-Banana Phyllo Bundle Sub?

    Hey what do you all think of subbing the ban-choc for carmel apple bundles instead? I wanted to make an impromptu recipe for dessert at my parents and the only ing. I had were apples and phyllo and caramels. I think I will try them and let ya know how they turn out? I guess they would be...
  6. R

    Chocolate Mousse in Phyllo Cups

    Does anyone have this recipe? I'm at work and need to see the recipe before I leave today. I believe it was in the 2001 or 2002 catalogue????Thanks so much. I thought I had the recipe in my bag and I don't and I have to head to the show right after work. Yikes!!
  7. R

    Chocolate Mousse in Phyllo Cups

    I'm making this tomorrow for a party. Do I need to oil the muffin stone(new) before putting the phyllo in? Do I put the squares in the tin, buttered sides down or up? Any tips for making this?
  8. J

    Help Asap!: Has Anyone Tried the Choc-Banana Phyllo Bundles?

    I am doing a show tomorrow night and have been asked to prepare the chocolate-banana phyllo bundles? I've never worked with phyllo before and am a little initimidated. I'm about to try them out in my kitchen tonight, but wanted to see if anyone out there had some advice or suggestions.
  9. rennea

    Chocolate Banana Phyllo Bundles

    I just made these tonight and found that the outside was way too dark and the inside still not fully cooked. Anybody have any thoughts on what I'm doing wrong? :rolleyes: Thanks for any imput, Rennea
  10. S

    Making Baklava: Tips on Keeping Phyllo Dough Moist

    The recipe in the Season's Best cookbook says to re-wrap the phyllo dough in plastic to keep it moist in between putting together each banana bundle -- I make baklava quite frequently and I have always put a damp towell over the phyllo dough, it takes less time than re-wraping and keeps/adds...