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Pampered Chef: Sales What should I take to an Office Express Lunch "stop-n-shop"?

  1. esavvymom

    esavvymom Legend Member Staff Member

    I have an office express show during lunch hour tomorrow- a sort of "Stop-n-shop". (I'm a bit excited...good potential! Over 100 who work there and I'll be in the 'hub' of the area during lunch hour. :D)

    So I have an island- which I can only use part of- to allow folks room to make lunch, etc if needed...that's ok. I was going to take TWO things to possibly demo - the Pineapple Wedger, and the Cookie Press with a small amount of dough ready to go. (I'll cut the pineapple in half to try to do it twice.) For the demos, I'll have a cutting board (sitting in the medium sheet pan to catch pineapple juice), the wedger, a knife, cookie sheet and cookie press, and probably the small batter bowl with dough in it, and my pastry mat. - (all sitting on an area about the SIZE of the pastry mat).

    Then I'll be able to bring a small table in - so I'll take my 1.5'x4' card table. I'm bringing 3 desserts- a Death-by-Chocolate Trifle, the Autumn Apple-Cherry Crisp in the DCB, and a 5-fruit salad (not PC but delicious) in my Dots Bowl (since SA is on sale). Those will really be on the table...so I won't have much room for anything else on it. I may just leave room for a few flyer-displays.

    I'll probably have a small area set up for "checkout". I was not sure what to bring- IF anything else? Should I bring the Tool Turnabout with gadgets in it and then set that plus one or two of my bowls by my checkout( I have a classic batter bowl tied with a ribbon with a cookie mix and spoon in it, a small batter bowl with layered cookie ingredients in it tied up with a fancier bow. Smaller prep bowls with ribbon/candies.) - if there is room? Or Should I focus on something else?

    I feel like I'm missing an obvious item or something.
    Nov 18, 2009
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