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"How do I work with the Price objection?" Tip from Tammy Stanley


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Sep 8, 2008
Saw this tip on Tammy Stanley's website today:

How do I work with the price objection?

I suggest that you find a way to remove the price objection.

As an example, I used to sell a line of clothing, and I always would hear that our prices were high.

Finally I learned to begin my presentation by saying, "Ladies, it's not the price of anything that makes it expensive; it's how many times you wear it." Then I would give examples of how true that was, and no one ever objected to our price point again because it was no longer an issue.

Find a way to make your price point a non-issue.

I've always been able to justify our high food bill because our family never ever has to go to the doctor. What we have saved on doctor bills over the years, I believe, far exceeds my monthly food bill.

So, if I were selling a food supplement that makes a significant difference in one's health, I could say, "What you save from eliminating monthly doctor bills far exceeds what you invest to stay healthy and feel great."

So for OUR shows, we could say "Ladies, it's not the price of anything that makes it expensive; it's how many times you use it."


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Apr 14, 2004
Thanks for sharing! Good analogy!


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Apr 20, 2009
Very good point! Have a good way to respond to objections about the $5.25 s/h? I understand why guests want to combine orders but I I don't like doing it. Will make future return or warranty issues a pain. But, so many guests are really bothered by our S/H costs. Anyone have a good response that works?


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Feb 10, 2013
What about the analogy that if they went to "Walmart" (or whatever store you would like to use) and they were sold out of the item, then they would have to drive at least twice to the store (or to a different location), wasting gas. Also, the S/H can also be thought of as the "entry fee" for seeing the demo and having access to a personal consultant who is willing to help them find their kitchen needs. Cheaper than going to a movie, and more fun too :)