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Booths Need Suggestions For Farmer's Market Booth


Gold Member
Mar 12, 2009
As some of you know I am doing a booth for a Farmer's Market. It will be once a week for 16 weeks. I don't know if I should do any kind of drawing because the leads I've gotten from previous booths haven't done very well and since I haven't gotten very many bookings I can't really afford to be giving product away. I don't want to just be calling people that were only signing up for the free give away. I was going to do a table with products for show and a table for demos. The product table I am trying to keep simple with the starter kit minus the mini muffin pan and replacing it with the DCB, a Stainless Cookware Skillet, and some stainless bowls. Also any suggestions for what to say to get bookings on the spot would be helpful. I have read the previous threads on what to say as well as trying to get my 30 second commercial since the paper is going to do a write up on the Farmer's Market on a weekly basis. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.