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Pampered Chef: Booths Need Suggestions For Farmer's Market Booth

  1. jj16

    jj16 Member Gold Member

    As some of you know I am doing a booth for a Farmer's Market. It will be once a week for 16 weeks. I don't know if I should do any kind of drawing because the leads I've gotten from previous booths haven't done very well and since I haven't gotten very many bookings I can't really afford to be giving product away. I don't want to just be calling people that were only signing up for the free give away. I was going to do a table with products for show and a table for demos. The product table I am trying to keep simple with the starter kit minus the mini muffin pan and replacing it with the DCB, a Stainless Cookware Skillet, and some stainless bowls. Also any suggestions for what to say to get bookings on the spot would be helpful. I have read the previous threads on what to say as well as trying to get my 30 second commercial since the paper is going to do a write up on the Farmer's Market on a weekly basis. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


    Jun 18, 2009
  2. esavvymom

    esavvymom Legend Member Staff Member


    You could do a couple of things that I can think of:
    (1) Free Cooking Show - only folks who are interested IN a cooking show would enter.
    (2) Free Season's Best cookbook...cost you less than $1 and we all know they have fabulous recipes in them!
    (3) Or just ask folks who you talk to if they'd be interested in signing up for your email newsletter (if you don't have one, GET ONE- it could be a great way to get their info). Let them fill out the Cust.Care/Door Prize Slips so they'll possibly fill out the other info as well (show, biz, etc).

    I usually don't ask people to enter the drawing I may have until we've started chatting....most people who are genuinely interested in PC will step up to or into your booth and look around. You hand them recipe card or mini catalog and then usually they start talking. Sometimes I start asking questions or conversing....but I then will invite them to my newsletter or the drawing (or both).

    Either way- when someone fills out the card and gives it back to you (don't set a box out for them to put the slip into, make them hand it to you. If nothing is there, they'll hand it to you). You can then glance at the slip- make it seem that you are just wanting to see their name (I try to thank the person by name). It lets you do several things in a quick glance- make sure you can READ their writing :D, you can ask a "best time" to contact them - so you aren't wondering later - (if they provided a phone number anyway), and if they checked any of the boxes about Recruiting or Shows, you can then either hand them biz-info and set a time to follow up, or if it's about a show- and they said "Yes"...ask them "Was there a time you were thinking that you'd like to host? " Or if they are a maybe, just say somethign like "I see you selected 'maybe' to a show. Did you have a time in mind or have any questions about hosting a show?" See where the conversation takes you.
    To get someone to book on the spot- that's up to you- but I was offering a Free Cooking Show, or you can do a Gift Certificate (like $10 or $15 extra- that 's only good through YOU and only at their show when it closes. ) I got several people to committ a date when I offered stuff like this. This thread also shows what I did. You may not want to do it every week, but it might get you thinking of something you can do to make it work! (Like the Free Cooking show coupon or Gift Cert)

    Start small and see what works. You've got 16 weeks to get it down. :D
    Jun 18, 2009
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