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What is talking: Definition and 24 Discussions

  1. Shawnna

    Ok...so Everyone in My Area Is Talking About a Show Called CuPampered Chefake

    Ok...so everyone in my area is talking about a show called cupcake wars...I haven't seen it, but I'm curious now. I love cupcakes...when I make a cake, most of it goes to waste because we just aren't big on eating large quantities of sweets. So, what makes a great cupcake? I generally just...
  2. C

    Not Sure What Host Is Talking About....

    She said she did a show once were they took Pillsbury dough, milk, and nuts and made a desert in a stone dish. Does anyone know what recipe this is?
  3. pamperedcheermom

    Is Too Much Talking Ruining My Pampered Chef Show?

    I did a show this past Saturday with a group of ladies who keep booking off each other. They're a great group of women and love to get together and have a "party". This was the 7th show I've done for them. However, they have seen all the products and heard all the speeches so now they've...
  4. DebPC

    Talking About Your Thoughts and Feelings

    What do you think?
  5. P

    Driving, Talking on the Cell Phone And.....

    WOW - talk about a multi-tasker....did she really think that doing an interview would actually 'help' her case? Video link: http://www.whiotv.com/news/18813161/detail.html Dayton Mother Caught Breast Feeding and Driving Friday, February 27, 2009 – updated: 5:36 pm EST February 27, 2009...
  6. BettieC

    Not to Keep Talking About This......

    BUT.......................OMG :eek::eek: The hand held calculator on E-bay is now up to $51.01!!!! What??? haha What is wrong with people??!!
  7. babywings76

    Someone Posted Something That Made Me Think...(We Were Talking About

    Someone posted something that made me think...(We were talking about whether or not to make a purchase on my own that will boost my sales and I'll earn the commission on, or just pay the discounted price as a consultant) She mentioned needing to remember that we have to pay taxes on our...
  8. Jennie4PC

    I Was Talking to the Dance Instructor at My Dd's Dance and She Is

    I was talking to the dance instructor at my DD's dance and she is totally interested in doing a fundraiser. I am so excited I hope this pans out and ends up being a good one. The girls do fundraisers for thier competitions.
  9. KellyTheChef

    Grrr...are We Talking About Conference Stuff Yet?????

    Do we need the "all clear" or are we good to go this morning??? I got up this morning all excited...waiting for the TONS of pages that I figured were already here...and NOTHING!:eek::eek: When is it OK? Now I need to go jump in the shower to get ready for...
  10. C

    Who Doesn't Love Girl Scout Cookies?

    I like talking to my contacts in person when I can. This time of the year, I use Girl Scout cookies as an excuse to visit everyone. Besides taking orders for a troop, I offer to give a free box of cookies to past hosts. Bobby
  11. mommylove_07

    Nancy's: What Everyone's Talking About!

    What is Nancy's that everyone talks about that they ordered something from?
  12. DMB75

    What Is Booster? I Hear People Talking About It and on Cc There Is a

    What is booster? I hear people talking about it and on CC there is a tracking for it in the shipping section. What is it? :confused: Donna
  13. P

    I Am Looking for the Download That Susie Lite Was Talking About on

    I am looking for the download that Susie Lite was talking about on last weeks call. Can someone share with me how to get to it. Thanks, Abey
  14. T

    Talking to Strangers: Open House Invitations & Catalogs

    I've read several posts that recommend talking personally with people versus sending out flyers, etc. when inviting them to an open house, or walking the neighborhood for bookings. That's a fabulous idea when you address neighbors you already knonw, but what do you say to those you've never met...
  15. jrstephens

    I Love Wifi - I Am in Black Mountain, Nc Talking to Yall!

    My husband bought his laptop with him and the camp has Wifi. We are chaperoning our football players to a FCA camp. I have been shopping this afternoon. I got a beautiful CZ ring in a cute little shop called McCosh House. I normally do not do CZ but this one is BEATIFUL! I saw a...
  16. N

    My Husband and I Was Talking About Me Going to Conference I Am New

    My husband and I was talking about me going to conference I am new just started in March so don't know what I have to do in regards to conference can someone fill me in.
  17. randis

    I Hate Talking About Pampered Chef in Class While I Am in College

    I hate talking about Pampered Chef in class while I am in college because you know we are supposed to be there for the subject. Well in my Bio lab recently, I was chatting with my lab partners, and one is going to book and the other is getting married and is going to do a registry with me, and...
  18. cmdtrgd

    Are You Talking About Your Personal Website at Your Shows?

    This is something I got off another loop and thought it was very useful! ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT YOUR PERSONAL WEBSITE AT YOUR SHOWS? by Director Laura Bush - January 2007 Why would you want to talk about your website at shows? After all, they're already there in front of you where they...
  19. jdavis

    Networking and Fun in the Sun at Hilton Chicago: Joan Bischoff Downline Meetup

    Is anyone in the Joan Bischoff downline? That is where I will be, Executive Banquet at the Hilton Chicago, having a "Fun in the Sun" theme. Or anyone else having their Exec Banquet anywhere at the Hilton Chicago? How about anyone staying at the Fairfield Inn? Anyone coming in O'Hare...
  20. cla519

    Confidence in Talking to Strangers

    I receive these emails from thesuccessfactory.com and are very helpful. This is a subject that I have trouble with and thought others might benifit from it! Recently we received the following email… I would like some information on how to build my confidence when talking to strangers. I...
  21. hmolah

    Talking to Potential Recruits...nervous!

    :confused: I have a 'meeting' with my first potential recruit tonight, and I'm really nervous! I've lightly talked with others at my shows about becoming a consultant, but never has someone ever been seriously interested! Funny thing is, she is from a catalog show (DH got orders from work)...
  22. N

    Talking About Bookings During a Show

    Hi! I always have a hard time getting bookings during shows and I know the reason is that I just don't know what to say about it. I know I should mention it anywhere from 3 to 8 times, but I just haven't figured out what feels comfortable for me - much less to say it 8 times! I have a huge...
  23. J

    I Noticed That a Lot of Consultants Are Talking About the Different

    I noticed that a lot of consultants are talking about the different fairs that you go to get leads and bookings. Which is great and I would love to do that to get my name to different people. I live in Charlotte, NC and have no idea how to go about finding out about who is having a fair and...
  24. A

    What to Do About Talking Guests?

    What do you guys do when you have guests that just won't stop talking during your demonstration? :mad: