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Talking About Bookings During a Show

Main Points

In summary, Leesa recommends emphasizing the host benefits and offering to do the grocery shopping for hosts. She also suggests mentioning party hosting to potential hosts if they are interested.


Jul 23, 2005
Hi! I always have a hard time getting bookings during shows and I know the reason is that I just don't know what to say about it. I know I should mention it anywhere from 3 to 8 times, but I just haven't figured out what feels comfortable for me - much less to say it 8 times! I have a huge show on Thursday - 22 people and $350 in outside orders already. By far, my biggest show yet. I am really excited, but I really want to do my best and I would like at least 1 booking out of it. Any suggestions on making it easier or fun?

I feel the same way you do about how to talk about bookings during my demo. I'm not getting as many as I should be, and I've noticed a LOT of people don't have any idea how great our host program is. I'ts actually the best out there :D
I have a show with a past host on Sat. this is the 2nd time she's hosted in 4 months!! The first show she had was actually the first time she had heard of PC. She was so suprised all the stuff she earned for free and how easy it was to host, she's doing it again. I really think once you just tell them all the wonderful benifits, you'll get booknigs.
I put a large poster board with all the benifits and LOTS of PC pictures all over it. I plan on taking it to all my shows. I'll get a chance to explain all the benifits so everyone knows how easy it is.
I also offer to do the grocery shopping for my hosts. I tell them "all you have to do is invite your friends and family and I'll do the rest". There should be no reason somebody wouldn't want to host for you.

Congratulations on a big show coming up. I wish you luck with bookings, and as for the sales I think you'll do fine :) especially if you already have $350 in outside orders.
Let us know how it turns out
Heres what I do

I also feel weird coming straight out asking people, so I pepper my presentation with "hints"
"I earned this food chopper for free at the first show I hosted"
"Isn't this woven tray pretty-this set is 60% off for my November hosts"
But that doesn't work too well. What I have been sucessfull with is wrapping up a product in a gift bag that I have extra of (like stuff from my SS kit that I already had, returns that I got stuck with, etc) and tell everyone-OK (the HOST) will get to carry this bag around if she gets One Booking, If we get TWO bookings, she may OPEN this bag and if we get three bookings, she may keep the item." So then the host involves the guests and it is a fun little game. Now, I afraid this may backfire, so what I will probably do in the future is give the host the item at the third show, that way no one will cancel!
Other options to coming right and and asking

One thing you may do is ask if anyone has ever hosted a party before. If so, then you have it easy. You just let them tell everyone what they got.
Also, if you put little post its or stars on certain products, this can also remind you to say something like this, "Oh I really love this product. And you can get this free by simply having a show of your own."

The way I have been doing my shows, I basically do not talk product any more. They speak so much so for themselves that I only talk about products when I do the demo.
I actually begin by introducing myself, thanking the host then I have everyone look at the last page of the catalog where the table is with the host benefits. Then I say something like, "I want to tell you why So and So decided to have a party!" Then talk about the benefits. No more than 10 minutes. Then at the end of the show I have been saying something like, "I want to thank all of you for coming and I know you saw alot of products in our demo. You're probably thinking, I can't afford all that. Well, let me tell you, I can guarantee that I can take a big chunk of money out of your purse or I can give them to you FREE. The choice is yours. If you host a party, you can also get a lot of free and discounted products, just like (Host's name here)." You HAVE and MUST talk about it or it won't happen. I have a problem with recruiting because of that and I am starting to work that more into my "conversations" with my host's guests. So I too am starting to use some stars and what not to remind me to talk about it.
A gift to you.....

Since I have just started as well and don't feel as comfortable asking people and puttin it out in the middile of my presentation...in my booking binder I careated a page offering a gift (the nicer door prizes...tongs, mini whipper, etc) to each person who boks a show with me.

It seems to be working pretty well...I have gotten a couple of shows that way.

I also explain to them that, since I am new to the business and want my business to be a success I need their help. So if they book a show with me...they get a free gift. I also write it in a bold color on the outside order forms "Book a show with me and get a FREE gift"

I hope that this helps.
I make a big deal when I talk about host benefits.

I hold up eight fingers (4 on each hand) and ask the guests to tell me what the host benefits are. Then I give out raffle tickets (I give tickets throughout my show for asking questions, answering questions, etc and having a drawing for door prizes at the end).

The first four are easy--free, half price, discounted, and 10% for a year. Most people know those. So that takes care of one hand.

Then we do the second hand--free shipping, host special, booking benefit, and buying down the price of your starter kit. People eventually find the inside back cover of the catalog and we go over those. They are really surprised about these four. And then it leads you right into talking about the business.

And there actually is a 9th reward--the $15 hospitality bonus, but I find it easier to focus on the big eight.

Of course I ask past hosts to talk about their shows. I am also very firm and upfront about booking, saying that I need to know right now so that the host can get the credit. I don't have time to chase down folks before we close.

I think it's also an attitude. I used to kind of talk softly and cower, like "please please please have a show for me!" kind of thing, like they were doing me a favor. I've changed my outlook on it and talk about how much hosting a show can help THEM. I want to work with them to help them get what THEY want, not so my calendar can be filled. I've really seen my bookings take off as a result. I have 8 for November, 1 already for December and January, one probably in February (and I haven't even shared the Jan and Feb specials with them!), and two more that I have to call because my host on Nov 19 has already recruited two potential hosts for me!
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That's It

The biggest thing we all do forget sometimes, (Deb's got it goin on right now though!), is that we are not doing this for us. Sure it helps us a lot but when we put it out there as something we can do for them, it comes off the way Doris intended it too. And it is true. We are there to help make their lives easier. That was why this company was founded in the first place!
When you look at it in that manner, as helping them and not as PUSHING, it becomes much easier to to do. You know why? It is a matter of human nature. None of us ever feels real comfortable asking anyone for anything. But we all want to help people. So simply remember you want to help them get free stuff, more free time, more time with their family at meals, and you have a whole lot of comfortable reasons to ask and to talk about them having a party.
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Awesome Show!

I am so excited about my show last night – I barely slept! After entering all the orders from last night (and we expect more to come) the commissionable sales come to $1362.75! Plus, I got two definite bookings and 1 possible booking! I asked my host who the most out-going or loudest person in the group was and offered her free shipping on her order if she read all 8 booking points from the poster I made up(see attachment.) She ended up booking a show and the host’s sister who SWEARS she does not cook is thinking of hosting one.

I had talked to the host earlier in the day and she had around $500 in outside orders and 1 booking already, so that kinda helped because knowing that it already was a successful show helped me to not be nervous at all. I felt much more confident and several people actually got out of their chairs and just stood around the kitchen with me to see what I was doing and ask questions. It was really fun and I had such a great time!

Just wanted to share (and maybe brag a little.) :)



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That is a very nice flyer Lisa!

Thanks for sharing and congradulations on your show!
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Deb is sooo Right!

DebbieJ said:
I think it's also an attitude. I used to kind of talk softly and cower, like "please please please have a show for me!" kind of thing, like they were doing me a favor. I've changed my outlook on it and talk about how much hosting a show can help THEM. I want to work with them to help them get what THEY want, not so my calendar can be filled. I've really seen my bookings take off as a result.

I so agree...been there & doing that! I too am like Deb, where I have the attitude to better their Kitchen, not mine...mine is already "macked out" with PC stuff!

I am also like Deb in that I & my recruit are the only 2 in a faithful cluster of 8-10 people who have packed out their calendars from now & on into the new year. (I have 5 Kitchen shows booked for Jan. already).

Like Deb also said, you have to have the attitude that they aren't doing you a favor, YOU ARE DOING THEM A FAVOR! I also offer to make the job as easy as possible...mailing out their invites (w/ reimbursement of course), buying their groceries (reimbursement again!), and I also offer to have the show shipped to my house where I'll sort & deliver to the host if wanted.

Lisa...that is an AWESOME flyer...thanks for sharing & for sharing the ideas...I'm going to try that! I average 1 booking per show (which I'm okay with). Sorry so lengthy!
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I did a show last Sunday and got 5 bookings from it. Besides talking about the host benefits and all I also played a game. Anyone who asked a question or talked about a products or just generally got involved in the show would get a sticker everytime they asked/said/did something. I had so many people getting involved it too awhile to finish the demo but the show was great. Also, I ask everyone when I'm checking them out if they would like to host a show and explain to them I need to put a tentaive date down for the host to get the booking benefit. Also call all the outside orders your host gets and ask if they are interested in doing a show.
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I find it's easier talking about the host benefits with each Show I do. Also, if you can get the host of your Show to tell her guests how easy it is to host, or have a past host talk about the free products she got from her show, it makes getting bookings so much easier!

Julie Myers
Independent Kitchen Consultant
Denver, PA
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Independent Kitchen Consultant

I love the flier, Lisa! I am a brand new consultant, and haven't even received my SS kit, yet. I have so enjoyed these forums, and am getting a lot of valuable info.

I wanted to share what my recruiter did at the show I attended in order to get bookings. She had everyone hold a baloon throughout the show. Inside were tickets for free gifts, but we couldn't pop our balloons to see what our gift was, unless we booked a show. We weren't told what the balloons were for until after the demo, either. It was a great way to keep everyone's attention and did gain her a few bookings from the party as well. (Mine was one of them.) I am now hoooked on PC and can't wait to get started. I have 6 shows booked from now until mid-December, and two for January already! :)

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That's so exciting that you've joined the PC family! And you're off to a great start to your business. That's great to have those bookings secured already. I hope you love this business as much as I do! :) Good luck!

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