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I noticed that a lot of consultants are talking about the different

Aug 15, 2005
I noticed that a lot of consultants are talking about the different fairs that you go to get leads and bookings. Which is great and I would love to do that to get my name to different people. I live in Charlotte, NC and have no idea how to go about finding out about who is having a fair and how I go about getting a table or booth. This is all new to me. I have only starting SS2 in October but I am afraid I am going to run out of options and I want to make this my Career. HELP me please so I can keep going.

Sep 20, 2005
I am in the same situation in Daytona Beach, Fl . Today, I got to have a booth at a bridal expo that was very successful...I got 150 names and only had to split with 1 other person! I got a booking for nov. 5th while I was there and have a lot of people that are interested in hosting and becoming a consultant. I know that the Perfect Wedding guide does a bridal expo in every location that they have a base so I would look at www.pwg.com, they actually have an expo on nov. 6th so i would try to contact the company to see about becoming a vendor. also, look for when the city and countyt fairs are coming. If you need any tips once you find a show you can do, please e-mail or call me, I have tons of ideas that actually work...you wouldn't believe how many people actually picked up my business card just because it was cute!!! I wish you the best of luck! hope this helps...
By the way, my show today was through the local radio station so try to contact your local stations to see if the sponsor any kind of similar event or if they know of any to help you out. Maybe if they say no, suggest that they have one because of how successful the shows are...tell them to contact the wvyb (pronounced vibe) radio station here in daytona and ask them about it simply because they have done it annually for 9 years now. their phone number is 386-226-9892...darlynn should be the person they speak to.
sorry this was so long


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Apr 12, 2005
Contact you local chamber of congress or your local city parks and rec. Where I live they have a website. This should get you a list of upcoming fairs, etc. I hope this helps.

Keep your chin up if you are determined to make this a career it will happen it just takes a little time. Trust me I know this first hand.


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May 4, 2005
Also with the holidays coming check out your local craft fairs..they are always great to get into...most of them are put on at the schools and such. Also check to see if there are any home shows going on anytime soon. Good luck


Jan 7, 2005
Vendor shows

Not sure if this is the place to ask but.... I am participating in a vendor show this November and they require that all vendors have "cash and carry" items available for purchase. If anybody has done this type of thing in the past, what would you suggest that I have on hand?? Thanks in advance! :)