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What is noticed: Definition and 16 Discussions

  1. C

    Stoneware Craze: The Latest Kitchen Trend You Need to Know About

    That EVERYONE seems to be coming out with stoneware now? Paula Deen, Rachel Ray, Martha Stewart. I opened one of the boxes at the store, it seems like they're glazed inside and out, and IDK if they'll fit in the microwave. They're all $50 cheaper. Let's hope that stays secret lol
  2. N

    Director Have You Noticed This Trend at Your Shows?

    Almost every show I have had since the beginning of the year has at least 1 or 2 guests who "take the catalog home to show _______" and then don't order! I used to get one or two of these a month (out of maybe 10 shows), but i am getting a RASH of them now! So frustrating! I have done NOTHING...
  3. kam

    Is the New Forum on ChefSuccess Easy for Everyone to Use?

    Sometimes DH walks by and I am on CS. Just a few minutes ago I was over on the PC forum, DH walks by and says "Geez, they changed it!". It dawned on me that he thought I was on CS, and I said "No, this is another forum". He said, "Oh, good, that one doesn't look as nice as the one you...
  4. emiscookin

    Maximizing Email Sign-ups: Tactful Tips for Encouraging Accurate Information

    ...that when some people fill out a door prize slip (or even on the order form) at your show that they put down an email address they created for junk mail and they never check it!? Ugh... I gotta admit I can understand why people to do that, but... What is the best way (or tactful way) I...
  5. PampChefJoy

    I Noticed That 123Byrequest Is Under New Management...

    Looks like changes are about! Hopefully the new management will be more responsive to the customer service issues of the past, and it will provide another alternative solution for those of you who don't find mine or the others appealing. I love it that you have lots of choices!
  6. Chefgirl2

    I Haven't Been on Much Today, but Has Anyone Noticed the

    I haven't been on much today, but has anyone noticed the "Get Widget" button under Our Personal Website? It sounds exciting! Unfortunately, when I clicked nothing happened. I want widget. It is supposed to drive business to our website. I'm sure it will be more money, but I'm equally sure...
  7. taterbug

    My Ice Bucket Has Strange Marks: Has Anyone Else Noticed This?

    I received my ice bucket this weekend and noticed that it has some kind of marks around the bottom portion of it; not scratches, but they almost look like scuff marks or something. They are sort of located around the dots area. Has anyone else noticed this on their ice bucket?
  8. redsoxgirl

    Just Noticed - Grinders: Bamboo vs. Wooden Knobs

    The picture of the grinder set online is not bamboo - those are wooden knobs! At least they look like it to me! The knobs on mine are very clearly bamboo... The ones above look like wood grain to me!
  9. P

    Anyone Else Noticed Strange Things on Performance Tracker Today?

    I submitted a show yesterday morning. Shows as received on Shipment Staus, the commissionabel sales do not show under the Performance tracker, but the show has been added to my total for the month. One of my downline shows the commissionable slaes but not show has not been added to her total...
  10. Jules711

    Frequency of Outlet Updates: Have You Noticed Anything?

    How often does the Outlet update? I know it's not on a schedule, but thought some of you might have noticed a trend.
  11. P

    I Just Noticed That on the Pampered Chef Website Under Vendors It Still Has

    I just noticed that on the PC website under vendors it still has Nancy's info. Oopps.
  12. pampered1224

    Did they split up the set for the host only bonus products?

    I followed someone's lead here and pulled down the July and August Host bonus forms. Did anyone notice that ONLY THE 8-QUART Stainless Mixing Bowl is one of the host only bonus products? A $48 retail value for only $19.80! It is seperate from the set!!?? Did they split up the set so all three...
  13. S

    I Am Fairly New to Pampered Chef and I Have a Question - I Have Noticed That Pampered Chef

    I am fairly new to PC and I have a question - I have noticed that PC will have mid seson items that they release and have pink items for breast cancer. Does anyone have the tentative dates that these are usually released and can we earn them like we did on the spring samples. I was in my SS3...
  14. L

    Hey Everyone!As Some May or May Not Have Noticed, I Have Not Been

    Hey everyone! As some may or may not have noticed, I have not been online in a while. I know everyone is excited about all of the new leadership conference info, but I have other very exciting news... I FINALLY DELIVERED MY TWINS!!!!! I am now the proud mommy of two beautiful boys: Denim...
  15. J

    I Noticed That a Lot of Consultants Are Talking About the Different

    I noticed that a lot of consultants are talking about the different fairs that you go to get leads and bookings. Which is great and I would love to do that to get my name to different people. I live in Charlotte, NC and have no idea how to go about finding out about who is having a fair and...
  16. kcjodih

    Understanding Forum Member Ranks: What Do They Mean?

    I've noticed that under some names it says 'member', others 'junior member' and still others 'senior member'. What's that all about? I'm sure it's not an indication of our age :eek: LOL