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Considering Pampered Chef Business but Have ???

In summary, Heather started PC a few months ago and made a lot of connections. She is now a recruiter.
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Hi to all of you friendly PC consultants out there- :)

I discovered this sight as I was doing some research on the company, as I am debating on whether or not to try this business venture. I am a stay at home mom and am looking for a part-time flexible job. I tried the Avon thing but got pregnant again and took a leave of absence. So now it's either I go back to Avon or try something new like PC. The main reason I like PC is the idea of being able to cook as you do your shows. I love to cook at home and would love to further my culinary skills and discover fun new recipes.
My main questions to all of you out there:

1. How much time do you have to really invest in it or how many shows to get a couple hundred $ a month commission? (As I already have another part-time bookeeping job and am raising two little children- 3yrs. and 4 months old) /Also how long is the average show?

2. Did all of you get your training from your director or recruiter or just use cds and tapes? (As I have never attended a single PC show before and would not know the first thing to do)

3. I see something called "Host Coaching" what exactly is that, are there guidelines on how to.. for this in the starter kit?

I have 4-6 months before I actually want to start anything. So my baby will be older and weaned from me. I am just doing my research before hand to get an idea of PC.

Thanks to anyone who could answer these questions for me.
Heather :)
I just got started after having a baby...My girls are 3 yrs and 7 mos. I got started 2 months ago. The PC is great because you can make it what you want. Because I'm just getting started I do 1-2 shows per week. The shows last 2-2.5 hrs (this includes set up and take down) and I spend an average of 1-3 hrs per show doing Host coaching and web-site management. When you sign up for your SS kit they will give you EVERYTHING you need to get started. There is even a video of a show to watch and they tell you exactly how to run your PC shows. They send you a binder with any info you would need.. from host coaching to recruiting. It is so easy to get started and most of all I can work while my 3 year old runs around the house doing her "victory" dance (yes, we're potty training) or my baby is fussy. You set your hours. Also last month I only did 3 shows (I was on vacation) and I made $302.00!! Where else are you going to make $40 dollars an hour AND get to party with the girls???

If you have any other questions please just ask, I'd love to help you get started!!

Also where are you located??
Just as MelCo said, there is so much support in this business. Your recruiter, director, cluster, the training info with your kit ("Recipe for Success" manual, video, CDs, etc), as well as wonderful teleclasses you can call in for or listen to tapes of it online. My best method of training for me (Since I used to hate to book) was practicing recipes. This got me comfortable with my tools, as well as the recipes. I practiced out loud to my 15 month old son (at the time 2 1/2 years ago), as well as my husband. It was a HUGE personal challenge for me to give this a try because I was such a shy person who hated to talk in front of groups. If you could see me now!!! It was the best choice I made.

I'd be happy to answer any more questions to help you weigh pros and cons. It's smart to be researching this now!!! Let us know if there are any other questions we can answer. Everyone is very helpful on this board!
Hi Heather,
I was in the same situation you are in. I have a 3 year old and a 5 month old :D . I am also a stay at home mom :) I attended a PC show and fell in love with the products. At that time my 2nd son was only 2 months old :eek: I wasnt sure if I should get started seeing that my son was so young. However this business gives you the flexability to go as fast or slow as you want to. I signed up and barly stayed active my first 2 months (active just means you have to submit $200 in sales every 2 months) but that was ok for me. I just recently had a $1800 show that just wowed me! :D I also believe that you have to have support from you spouse. It's very important, especially if he will be the one taking care of your kids when you do shows. As far as how much time I put into it, I try to have a schedule during the day so there are certain times that I have set aside just for PC. Both of my boys nap at the same time, so that gives me about 2 hours in the afternoon. PC has become my hobby, (hopefully it will be more than that in the future) so usually every chance I get, I'm reading training materials, listening to CD's or on this website (everyone here is soooo helpful). A BIG reason I started PC was because I am very shy. Getting up in front of people is still hard for me, but I'm hoping PC will change all that . Also being a stay at home mom, I sometimes feel that my social life was defenetly lacking. I needed an outlet, somewhere I could go to have adult conversations, and meet people. Although I've only done a few shows, I really LOVE being a consultant Hopefully when my kids are a little older I can devote more time and advance to Director
I think everyone joins for their own reasons, this is a business where you can take it as far as you want to take it.
Good luck if you decide to join
I would be happy to answer any more of your questions By the way where do you live?

Autumn Cercone
[email protected]
Hi !Iam also a stay at home mom of a 2 year old and a 5 year old. Like everyone else has said, Pc is great because it is yours you make it what you want.
I noticed you said you had sold Avon, one great thing with PC is that our catalogs only change twice a year ! When we change over they send you a change over kit for the new season ! You receive 25 new catalogs , order forms the whole 9 yards! I know with Avon it must have gotten expensive having to buy new catalogs a few times a month.
When you sign with Pc they give you everything you need to start your buisness . There is only a few things that you may need that they do not provide for you. Such as buisness cards if you wanted them.
I enjoyed the fact that it only cost me $90.00 for my own buisness, I made back my investment plus a extra $15.00 , my very first show! I have been with PC for over a year now and iam still going strong !
Before I signed i looked into a lot of other home party companies. Pc had by far the best host reward program that is out there ! I wanted to work for a company that rewarded its hosts well ! All of my hosts cannot believe that they really get that much for having a show ! You have found the best direct sales company there is ! Good luck , you will be well rewarded for your work with Pc ! :)
heat123 said:
My main questions to all of you out there:

1. How much time do you have to really invest in it or how many shows to get a couple hundred $ a month commission? (As I already have another part-time bookeeping job and am raising two little children- 3yrs. and 4 months old) /Also how long is the average show?
2. Did all of you get your training from your director or recruiter or just use cds and tapes? (As I have never attended a single PC show before and would not know the first thing to do)
3. I see something called "Host Coaching" what exactly is that, are there guidelines on how to.. for this in the starter kit?

Heather :)

I have to congratulate you on doing your homework, Heather...it's always a wise move (although I admit I just jumped right in when I started 5 years ago!). Here are my thoughts in response to your questions:

1. When I work with a new consultant, I tell them to expect to spend about 4 hours per show, which breaks down to about 2 hours at the show, travel and about 1 hour in paperwork and followup (which includes the host coaching and closing of the show). The company average for show sales is about $500, which translates to $100 in commissions to a new consultant, so to earn an extra $400 a month, you would need to hold 4 shows (this is a pretty good rule of thumb, although shows will vary up or down).
2. Training can be provided by your recruiter by phone, email or in person, but if you and your recruiter live at a distance from one another, a hospitality cluster can be found for you so you can receive in person support from a local director. The tapes and cds from Home Office are excellent, as are the teleclasses provided to all consultants. And of course, as you have already found out, there are consultants in cyberspace willing to share and help you get off to a great start ;) ! Use whatever training YOU feel most comfortable with and helps you achieve your goals.
3. Host coaching is the communication you have with your hosts to help him/her have the best show possible. I view the relationship between a consultant and host as a team effort, so that both have a successful show. You'll find lots of information on Host Coaching in your starter kit, as well as here on the board and you can adapt it to your own personal style so it is comfortable for you.

I hope this helps you as you move towards making a decision to join us. If you have any other questions, we're here to help!

I'm a SAHM to three kids - 5, 3 and 1. When I started, my youngest was just 6 weeks old. :)I've done the Avon thing before, too. Here are some of the pros of PC versus Avon:
No new campaign every three weeks. PC catalogues change twice a year; March and September.
No sorting orders (unless you want to)
No delivering orders (unless you want to)
No driving around dropping off new catalogues every three weeks.

Now, I am in Canada, so my show averages and stuff will be in $CDN.

Answers to your questions:
1. I typically put in about 4 hours total on a show. That includes the show itself (about 2 hours) and hostess coaching, putting together my show folders etc. My show average is just over $700, so the base amount I make per show, on average is $154. We have a sliding commission scale, so the more you submit in a month, the more commission you can earn. So for the same $700 show, I can earn $189 at the top of the scale.

2. We have monthly cluster meetings and I learn A LOT from them. We talk about bookings, recruiting, customer care. We usually have someone do a demo. We also have "New Consultant Training" nights. You also get a lot of info in the starter kit - great audio and video training materials. I would have a "tea party" with my kids and their stuffed animals to practice. :)

3. Host coaching, is just that - coaching the host for a successful show. Most people operate on a three call system. In the starter kit, there is a big binder called "Recipe for Success" it has a sample host coaching dialogue.

This website also has tons of tips and you will meet other consultants and get lots of ideas from them.

When I signed up, I pretty much wanted the kit and I figured I'd do the 4 shows and see what happened. Boy, did I fall in love! I have such a good time at my shows. It's nice just to be "Marg" for a couple of hours, and not Sloane, Parker and Rhys' mum. Don't get me wrong, I love my kids and I adore staying at home with them, but I am loving the social aspect of being a consultant. And when a host calls me a couple of days after her show and tells me that she had the best time, it really validates me, KWIM?

Good luck with your decision and if you have any more questions, please don't hesitate to ask!
Jump InI, of course agree with the other posters. I am a stay at home mome with 3 kids, my boys are 8 and 7 years (fifteen months apart) and our daughter is 2 years old.

When I signed up my daughter was 10 days old and I was breastfeeding. I was also going to school full-time and my husband travelled M-F every week. Yay me!! I was like the fellow consultant from Cananda. I only wanted the products in the Super Starter Program, but after my first show I was HOOKED!!! I really love doing this.

There is good money to be made as well as good friends. Any of us on the Chef Success would warmly welcome you to our clusters. You will need a "recruiter" to get started. So, if you are not currently working with a consultant just pick one of us. It helps if your Director is close to you geographically; however it is not crucial. A good Director will support you no matter where you are!

One last thing...the fall selling season is our HOTTEST!! If you possibly could start now you would be in a good position because of the upcoming holiday season. I do understand why you would want to give it some time though. Have you seen our current recruiting flyer? Here it is https://www.pamperedchef.com/images/cc/us/pdf/rp_05sep_oct_recruit.pdf

Feel free to contact me at: [email protected]
or check out my website: www.pamperedchef.biz/sandrak

Have a GREAT weekend. And this company is really awesome. They support us and we support each other.
Consultant ??I love having this business. I can have help when I need it but I also don't have to do things exactly like anyone else. I spend more time on my business but that is because I want to. I work on new flyers or my goals or creating a plan. I do all kinds of office type things on top of the normal 4 hours per show. But I really enjoy doing that kind of thing. It's not a requirement and that's the good part.

Since I am an Army wife I also enjoy that I can take my business anywhere and still be as successful as I want to be. I don't have to worry about losing anything I've worked for. Plus I can work my schedule around when my husband is home.

Lots of people love the Pampered Chef. I know in my area there are no other consultants. I've had my husband take in business cards to work and he said everyone was happy they now have a consultant. So I'm sitting in a good spot right now. If you think about it... (this is the thing that got me) everyone men and women eat. Everyone that doesn't live in the barracks or with their parents need kitchen things. Even if they don't cook at all (which I have a couple friends that don't) they still need some things for the kitchen. You can sell to both men and women.

I did my homework too before signing. I just kept coming back to PC. They are so wonderful to their customers, hosts, and consultants. I am still amazed after 3 years at how much they offer to us consultants. Plus having a cluster nearby is so important. Mine is over 80 miles away but I still make time to drive to the meetings every month because I learn so much and there is so much support there. This may be your business but there is unlimited amounts of help out there.

If you decide to go with PC I know you won't regret it. I didn't.
Good luck to you.
Brandi W.
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Thank you all for your replies-adviceI just wanted to thank all of you PC consultants who took the time to answer my questions. Alot of you I could relate to, as far as being a stay at home mom and having other responsibilities but yet are able to manage a successful home bus. That is awesome! I really appreciate your honesty and support. I think it's great you all help eachother out soo much! That is one thing that is pushing me to consider this PC business. Avon had the same kind of website for reps. to share info and chat but the people weren't anything like you all. Helpful and professional. I still have time to ponder things, since I really need my baby to be weaned. (She refuses to take the bottle from anyone and hates to be away from me more than an hour at a time) The main thing that concerns me is coming out of my shy shell. Some of you had the same problem, I read. I hesistate because I am dealthly afraid of public speaking. But I want to get past my fear and be able to grow from this personally and professionally. I think it may be easier once I get comfortable using the product and getting to know the recipes? That is what I am hoping at least.
I am located in La Mesa CA by the way, to those of you who asked.
Well I guess I have some decisions to make in the next 4-6 months. Thank you all again soo much for your input!

~Heather :eek:
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Some input from a mom with a full time job and a PC businesI thought that I would stick my two cents in since I am a workin' woman with a two-year old and a PC business.

I absolutely love this business because I make it what I want it to be. I use this money to pay for vacations or that special bottle of wine for my husband's birthday. I do as little or as much as I want. When I start to feel like I am getting overwhelmed with too many shows, I pull back. That's the difference between doing this and working a part-time job somewhere else. If I want to take a weekend (or even a month, which I have done)off, I don't have to ask permission.

I know that our situations are different (working vs. stay at home), but I wanted to share that this business seems to work for everyone. I started just for some extra cash and to get the products so cheap. I stay because it's fun and I have met some of the most amazing people!

Finally, as for the fear of public speaking, it's hard to overcome. BUT, make your first few shows full of familiar faces. Hold a show at your house with just your family and closest friends for practice. They will be able to offer you constructive advice on what to do differently. Most likely, you won't be even a smidgen as bad as you think that you will be.

I hope that this advice helps. I have been a consultant for three years and have never regretted a moment of it.

Take care,

Misty Overholt
Independent Kitchen Consultant
[email protected] :)
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Supportive guestsMy first few shows, although they were hosted by friends, included many people that I did not know personally. I admitted up front that I was new and really nervous and you wouldn't believe how NICE everyone was--really supportive and kind and after the show went out of their way to tell me all the things they liked about my demonstration.
Public speaking is hard for me, too. I love my PC business and I enjoy my shows but it still makes my heart pound to be up there in front of people. I just remind myself why I'm doing this--because I believe in the product. I'm not trying to con people into buying something overpriced and inferior that I would never own myself--I'm sharing tools that I love and use and I think they'll love them, too!

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Oh yes, I was one of those who also HATED talking in front of others. Even in one-on-one situations I wasn't too comfortable chatting with someone I didn't know. Back when I considered starting PC, everyone I told was VERY surprised I was considering it. They were like "YOU??!! You don't even cook!" But I know they were also thinking it was quite a reach for me socially, too. I was scared to death to try something new (especially something so foreign to me...cooking) and especially to have to be the center of attention basically. The fear of the unknown is a huge thing for me as well because I like things to be predictable and this was totally the opposite. The way I looked at it was pretty similiar to what you are hoping to get out of it. I viewed it as taking on a personal challenge. I knew it would be difficult at first, but I'd never know if the shyness thing was something I could overcome unless I gave it a try. My husband was very supportive and was really the final piece of the equation that made me go for it. He just reminded me that I could try it and if I didn't like it, then I'd quit. There was NOTHING to lose. Now I'm a strong believer in that philsophy....you never know unless you try because you've got nothing to lose. And definitely everything to gain. I never imagined that I'd gain as much as I have from just trying out a couple months with Pampered Chef. And of course, now it's 2 1/2 years later!

Now speaking in front of groups barely even makes me nervous. Kitchen shows definitely don't. I've exposed myself to new situations that I NEVER would have done if it weren't for Pampered Chef. I joined a subgroup of our Chamber of Commerce and went to a couple functions not knowing a single soul. I never would have done that before. I would be bet you would find yourself having the same experiences eventually. Even in my other job (a family therapist on an inpatient psychiatric unit for children and adolescents), there are things I'm so much better able to address now....like confronting kids and parents as part of therapy. I still don't like confrontation in any situation, but it's so much easier for me to do.

It's funny you mention weaning...when I started PC my son was 15 months old and done with breastfeeding. Now my daughter is about to turn one and I've been weaning her slowly for a month or so. There was a spurt of time she wouldn't take a bottle from anyone and I panicked about how I could continue to do Pampered Chef. Luckily she came around after a couple more attempts over a week or so. Now that we're reaching the end of that road, it makes me kind of sad...but no more bringing my pump to the shows a longer distance away or fairs I'd be at for the day. If your baby isn't able to do the bottle thing...some consultants start out doing catalog shows, too. It's a good way to build a little of a customer base before you jump into it full speed when you're able to do kitchen shows. Just a thought! :)

By the way, I have a couple consultants in CA (hi guys! :D )! You would be in great company. Take care and I'm glad you've already benefitted from this website before you've even started as a consultant!!
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PC and nursing...My son is five months old. I've been doing PC for only a month now, but it's going really well. My son wouldn't/won't take a bottle...not at all. He does like to chew on things and mouth them, however (I think we're getting into teething), I decided to forget about bottle...got him a soft top sippy cup that he could "chew". It works like a charm! He chews on the top, and in the process, drinks the milk I've pumped. My husband says he drank 9 ounces while I was at my party tonight...and he was peacefully asleep when I got home (my son, not my husband...lol). Anyway, you might want to give the sippy cup a try...it worked for me, anyway.

Have a great night,
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I love not being aloneIt is awesome to read all of your stories & how you all got started! It's also nice to hear of other breastfeeding, stay-at-home-moms. My kids are 5,4, 23 mos, and 4 mos. (all girls, but my oldest).

I also signed with PC (over 4 1/2 years ago) when I was 6-7 mos. pregnant with my 2nd child. I was doing shows up until a few days before she was born. (I had a friend go along w/ me to help!) :eek:

I went in-active for a short time, :mad: became a volunteer dance coach at my husband's high school & waitressed on the night's we didn't have basketball games. Then I re-signed w/ Pampered Chef while pregnant w/ my 4rth. I'm head of my husband's computer stat team during the winter mos. for basketball season (he's the head coach), so I try to book a lot of catalog shows to keep me going Dec. - Feb. I have to attend every b-ball game which is twice a week. Makes it hard to squeeze in a PC kitchen show!!!!

I love this business so much, it's too much fun to be away from. :D I have brestfed all my children, including my 4 month old! It's great to know that I have fellow consultants all over the world who I can relate to!

Love & prayers to all of you & your businesses!
Julie :eek:
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I can't give you any advice on having a young family while doing PC, since I am a Grandma. But I can tell you that this will definitely help your shyness in a fun way. Several years ago my new son-in-law told his wife that I was the "shyest old person" he knew. (I wasn't sure if I was more offended by 'shyest' or 'old person'.) He can't say that anymore. I'm not any younger, but I'm a whole lot less shy. You can use note cards for your first shows to get you over the hump until you are comfortable with it. And you'll find yourself having so much fun at the shows that you'll forget about being shy.
Good luck on your decision if you join us. I tell people to test their toes in the water, and see. If you join you're not committed to a lifetime. But you may love it so much you'll want to make it a lifetime.
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You mentioned that you have never been to a PC show. I live in Wisonsin but will be in California next month to do two shows. They are north of you in Upland and Rancho Cucamonga, but you would be welcome to come and see an actual show if you wish. I have one on Oct. 22nd (my mother-in-law is the host) and another one the next day. We have friends down near you, so it isn't that bad of a drive and it is during the day (I think at 2 pm on the 22nd) You would be welcome to bring the baby as well. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in seeing a "live" show.

As for speaking in front of people... that was the hardest part for me when I signed. I have been doing this for a year now, and LOVE it!!! I discovered that once I started my demo, I was so focused on my demo and interacting with my guests, that I was no longer afraid. Because we really are not speaking in front of people, we are just interacting with them... having conversations and helping them to make their lives in the kitchen easier.

Hope that helps!
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I can understand your fear of public speaking, and it's hard to cook with your hands shaking uncontrolably.

One think that might help is to make it a point to greet everyone when they come through the door. Introduce yourself and thank them for coming.
That way when it comes time to do the show, you will have already met each person there, and then all you have to do is just quickly reintroduce yourself and go from there.

For an icebreaker, you could also have people say their worst cooking disaster/experience and boom after the last guess tells their story work right into the show.

You could also make it interactive. Have one group make a part of the recipe and another group make the other. They get to try out the product first hand, and that way you don't have to spend a lot of time talking in front of the group except to go over stoneware, specials, cookware and questions.

Hope that helps :)
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I don't know if anyone has suggested this, but.... you CAN start now, and do EXREMELY well doing only catalog shows! No need to go out at night or even do more than go to the post office to pick up Priority Flatrate Mailing envelopes and some $3.85 stamps, going to Staples and getting folders (or you can use Office Max by mail - and get our PC discount there)! Fall is the best time to start - I would start (even slowly) and take advantage of the Thanksgiving and holiday shopping crowd! Our monthly specials are so amazing right now, and it's EASY to get your friends & family (and your banker, post office person, hair stylist, doctor's office staff - I ask everyone I bump into!) if they would like a PC catalog... you tell them you just started your own PC business, and that you are focusing on catalog shows for now.

I have been extremely successful (I qualified during my TRAINING month, just received my 1st starter month gifts (free bar pan, woven for my pizza stone, simple additions caddy and the bowls, a professional small saute pan, and the new stoneware cookbook!), and a free tote for selling a certain amount of sales..... I have NOT even had a kitchen show yet (my first one is this coming Wednesday)! You can be successful too.

Please feel free to email me at [email protected] if you have any catalog show questions!!! You can gradually start doing "brunches" and bring your baby (and an aunt or grandma to help with baby) and kitchen shows when you are ready, and already be a pro by then!

I have a 5 & 6 year old - and hate to leave them (so I've only "open" my calendar to do 2-3 kitchen shows at night.... My son is in afternoon kindergarten, so I do offer luncheon shows, and on Mondays the hostess can choose her house or MINE). I started PC because it allows me to be with my kids whenever they are home and to volunteer at their schools and go to all their events. We really can and do create our own hours!

You can do it! I love this company!
Susan :)
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Thanks for all your support!:) Hey ladies-
just wanted to say thanks again for all your input and advice! I truely appreciate it and cannot wait to come aboard. (Knowing the holidays are arriving and how sales should be awesome!) I go back and forth on starting right now or waiting a few more months. But I really want my baby to be old enough where I don't have to worry about her so much and can leave her with my mom or grandma or daddy as I am doing shows or doing errands for PC stuff. She is still very young and needy to where I cannot leave her for more than 2 hours max. (to go without feeding) and she cries almost the whole time I am gone. I wish things were different and she were easier like my 1st child but that's just not the way it is. Perhaps I could try in 2-3 months when she is starting to eat some solids at that point and a little older, rather than waiting 4-6 months? If that were the case I could join before Christmas in the middle of holiday shopping! :D

I just love your support for eachother and really am impressed with your (comradery) spelling??? towards one another and you dont' even live near eachother! I sincerely look forward to sharing my pc experience with you all one of these days when I can offically call my self a consultant! I think it's great I am able to visit this site with out being an offical member, that is awesome! I have gotten soooo many amazing ideas just reading these threads. And will cont. to visit regularly before and after I join!

Thanks again,
Heather (future Pc gal) ;)
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Hi Heather,
Fall is such a great time to start your business! You guessed it...it's right before the holidays and you have a chance to build your business before people get too swamped. My most successful shows seem to be in the fall. And now with our websites and being able to order online at any time, it really makes doing our job easier. I've known a couple other people in your position...at least trying to figure out to get started in the fall or wait until the next year. The feedback I've gotten from them is that building your business now REALLY helps you three months down the road. You'll probably hear about the "90 day rule" - what you do for your business NOW will really show in 90 days. Personally, I think it's much easier now to try to create a customer base than right after the first of the year. If you start in the next couple months, your business would be pretty strong by spring (if we're looking at the 90 day rule), which coincides with yet another start to a selling season. I just think fall shows are so appealing....themes with soups, stews and chili, or apples or focusing on easy gift-giving ideas or ideas for holiday cooking, etc. Plus any of our new celebrations shows work well this time of year. Especially the chocolate one....although many would argue chocolate is good ANY time of year. :)

Obviously you'll have to make the decision about when it's right for YOU. Hopefully once your baby starts eating solids, you'll have a little more flexibility. The nice thing is if you try to get started with kitchen shows and it's just not working well with your baby, then you can pull back a little and just do catalog shows. As you've probably seen on previous posts, some people JUST do catalog shows. Especially when starting out and getting comfortable with the products, cooking, etc.

All I know is when PC finally came into my life, I wished it had a lot earlier! I'm a firm believer that this is a life changing experience for most people. If I would have known what it would end up providing me, I would have done this earlier! Good luck in making your decision! Feel free to email me if you'd like to chat more. :)
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I agree completely with becky. You also mentioned that it's about every 2-3 hours that your baby needs you for food, my thought is that most shows are only about that long...you don't really use up too much time on the recipe and everything kind of flows that way....don't forget that there are pumps out there just in case your show goes longer...just set your super starter month to be like November or December and this way you can kind of start before it is offical and just buy some catalogs from your director and have one or two catalog shows a month until you are able to get out there and do the kitchen shows. I am on ss1 right now and I did more last month than i did this month. I am pregnant with twins, in the process of moving, preparing for a bridal expo that i have a pampered chef booth at tomorrow(hoping it goes well), and dealing with the state of florida vs my husband right now so I have had a lot to juggle, but I'm getting through it. I had 3 catalog shows last month, I turned my 4th one in two days ago(i qualified...yay!!!) and I hopefully have 2 in the making right now, but I just have no bookings yet. I really hope you do find the time that is right for you to do the pampered chef and I'm sure you will be great once you do. You sound like you know what you are doing and by coming here, you are learning more than my mom ever did when she did this 10 years ago...that's why I did it....I saw my mom do it and still have time for me and her regular job when I was 8, so I figured I can do double what she did w/ the pampered chef and make a career out of it to support my twins. Happy deciding!!!
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To solve the "don't want to be away from the baby" issue (and by the way I TOTALLY understand your feelings there - been there!!) I have a couple suggestions.

First, do an open house. Just have everyone you know over and have your starter kit and any other product you own set up. Do a couple recipes ahead of time and set up a demo station where they can try out a couple of the tools. Invite everyone you know - tell them you are starting PC so you can spend time with the baby and tell them that they can come and have some great snacks, and see the baby - or how much the baby's grown...

You can also book a couple catalog shows and maybe a kitchen show at your mom's or another relative or good friends where you and they would feel comfortable about having the baby there... That would get you qualified and then you could just schedule as much as you're comfortable until you're ready to increase your bookings.

This is a great time to join The Pampered Chef!! Why wait?!?
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Hello.Hey there,
I know where you are coming from. When I started PC I was a stay at home, homeschooling mom, 5 months pregnant w/ # 6. Yes, that is right, # 6. As far as the not leaving the baby thing, I generally do not leave her at home when I go to my shows. All of my customers so far have met my children and like them. I always ask them if they are going to be offended if I bring the baby and one of the other children with. They always say yes, please bring them with you. Usually, I take an hour before I have to be to the show and make sure that the baby nurses that whole time. Then by the time I am done with the show and ready to leave, she is just waking up to eat. I stop somewhere down the road and feed her. I really love Pampered Chef because I can work as much or as little as I want. I have certain times that I set aside to work. It is my adult time. I hope that you will decide to join Pampered Chef. It really is a great business.

Related to Considering Pampered Chef Business but Have ???

What is the initial investment required to start a Pampered Chef business?

The initial investment to become a Pampered Chef consultant is $109, which includes your starter kit with over $450 worth of products and business supplies. There are no additional fees or purchases required to maintain your business.

How much can I expect to earn as a Pampered Chef consultant?

Your earnings as a Pampered Chef consultant will depend on your individual efforts and sales. On average, consultants earn between 22-26% commission on their sales, with the potential to earn more through bonuses and team building incentives.

What kind of training and support does Pampered Chef provide to its consultants?

Pampered Chef offers comprehensive training and support to its consultants, including online resources, training events, and access to a dedicated support team. Additionally, you will have a mentor to guide you through the initial stages of your business and ongoing support from your team and the larger Pampered Chef community.

Do I need to have previous sales experience to become a Pampered Chef consultant?

No prior sales experience is required to become a Pampered Chef consultant. The company provides all the necessary training and tools to help you succeed, regardless of your background.

Are there any monthly quotas or sales requirements as a Pampered Chef consultant?

There are no monthly quotas or sales requirements as a Pampered Chef consultant. You have the freedom to run your business at your own pace and work as much or as little as you'd like.

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