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  1. C

    Where are you all holding your cluster meetings if not in your house?

    I have a small house. Any suggestions as to where to hold a cluster meeting? ME :)
  2. S

    Holding Me Back

    Thanks everyone, for responding again and again to my messages here. I am working with someone but I wondered if any of you have felt this way: feeling like no one will want to buy from you . . .that you are not outgoing enough even though you try to be . . .knowing that you are frequently...
  3. DZmom

    Holding Pattern

    I feel as if I'm a plane in the holding pattern. Everyone's on board and I'm ready to go, but have to wait to take off. I received my kit, I've booked 7 shows and now I'm just waiting. And waiting, and waiting for that first show. I've got a catalog show that's probably going to close this week...