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What is holding: Definition and 14 Discussions

  1. P

    Dealing with No Show Holds: Tips for Getting Booked and Staying Motivated

    My month of August was very full. However, I only had two shows hold. I'd contact and get the bookings, but after I mailed hosts their packets, I never heard from them again. No responses to emails or multiple voicemails. I don't think people realize this is income for our families. Does anyone...
  2. B

    Holding the Host Packet Hostage

    I started sending invites for my host about a year ago. It seemed to help reduce cancellations. Not sure that it's helped sales/attendance, but I'm sticking with it. Since some of you don't send/give a host packet until you get an invite list, I'm going to try that approach. I had half of my...
  3. Liquid Sky

    Holding a HWC Fundraiser: Maximizing Profit and Commission

    Can a Help Whip Cancer fundraiser be opened this weekend and closed by June 15th, and still get the 15-25% profit? Are our commissions still lowered with a HWC fundraiser?
  4. Karen

    Holding a Show on an Indian Reservation (Tax Exempt Customers)

    I'm in need of information on submitting a show that was held on a nearby Indian Reservation. This is a catalog and all of the guests live on the reservation, therefore they are all tax exempt. I know there is a specific tax exempt number that I need from each guest, however I'm not sure if...
  5. linojackie

    Fall Kick-off Party: Get Ready to Celebrate!

    Your Fall Kick-off Party? Has anyone come up with an invitation yet?
  6. N

    Holding a Pampered Chef Show in a Hotel?

    Has anyone ever rented a hotel room to hold their own Pampered Chef show? I'm heading home after conference (see other thread) and have tried finding a host for an in-home show. Although many of my family and friends are interested in attending, no one is willing to open their home. So...
  7. thecougchef

    Bamboo and Bacteria: Debunking the Myth - Learn the Truth Tonight!

    I have a show tonight and the host said shes disappointed that bamboo is the special because she was told bamboo holds in bacteria. does anyone know anything about this?? :confused: I LOVE my bamboo products. Anyone know anything I can say to sway her into falling in love with these...
  8. K

    Holding a Fundraiser at Church's Rummage Sale

    A church is having a Rummage Sale to make funds to upgrade their church kitchen. I thought this would be perfect to contact them to see if I could hold a "fundraiser" during their 2-day sale. I was thinking I could set up a booth and make a Wish List for the church. Customers could either buy...
  9. soonerchef

    How's Everyone in New England Holding Up?

    Hopefully you guys are not too soggy!! I heard about all of the rain and you guys just can't quite catch a break...be careful and stay safe!
  10. P

    Holding My First Cluster Mtg!!!

    Hi Everyone! I'm nervous...but I'm having my 1st meeting for my own consultants. I've been to so many, but for some reason, I'm drawing a blank! How do I? What do I? Your help is greatly appreciated! Not sure why I'm having a problem here...guess it's the pressure to keep them excited...
  11. AJPratt

    theOne Thing Holding Her Back...

    is being in front of people... She's not sure that she can do the talking. I know she is shy, but I would hate for her to not try this because of that. I have shared with her that that's a concern for a lot of people. I told her about the 10-10-10 sort of shows. Any other suggestions?
  12. C

    Where Are You All Holding Your Cluster Meetings if Not in Your House?

    I have a small house. Any suggestions as to where to hold a cluster meeting? ME :)
  13. S

    Overcoming Fear of Failure: An Uphill Battle

    Thanks everyone, for responding again and again to my messages here. I am working with someone but I wondered if any of you have felt this way: feeling like no one will want to buy from you . . .that you are not outgoing enough even though you try to be . . .knowing that you are frequently...
  14. DZmom

    Waiting in the Holding Pattern: What Can I Do Now?

    I feel as if I'm a plane in the holding pattern. Everyone's on board and I'm ready to go, but have to wait to take off. I received my kit, I've booked 7 shows and now I'm just waiting. And waiting, and waiting for that first show. I've got a catalog show that's probably going to close this week...