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Pampered Chef: Urgent Email question - what do I do when I want to switch email carriers

  1. My email carrier is on the bottom of my favorite list right now...in fact they are not even on it. THey have messed my account up so much it is a wonder I even get emails anymore. Needless to say I have been thinking for some time of getting rid of them and going with some other carrier. The problem is, I just sent out over 150 mailings all with my business cards and letters that have my current address on it. I have a load of other contacts all having my current email address on it. What do I do if I end up switching? How do I let these folks that I sent the mailings to know that is has been switched when they don't know me without bombarding them?

    Has anyone ever gone through this before? I certainly don't want to loose potential customers and they do have my pc.biz site address, but I have had this email for years and I don't want to rock the boat, but it is getting ridiculous the amount of issues we have had with them over the years.

    Aug 18, 2009
  2. pampcheflisa

    pampcheflisa Advanced Member Gold Member

    I haven't gone through it, and I'm sure you'll get a lot of responses from people who have. But, I think if I was going to do this myself, I would open the new account, but also keep the old account open until you know you've gotten everyone used to the new email address. There are a lot of free ones that you can use without having to switch carriers (yahoo, hotmail, gmail, etc.)
    Aug 18, 2009
  3. chefann

    chefann Legend Member Gold Member

    I'd switch to something like gmail that you can keep even if you end up switching internet providers. And gmail has lots of nice features: lots of storage space, POP for free (so you can use your regular email program, not just get the messages via the web), etc. You can also set up an auto-responder for a while to let anyone who emails you at the old address that it's changed.
    (I'm going through a similar situation with my phone number. I ordered pens from Merrill a few months ago with my home number, and in July that number was transferred to my DH's cell. Luckily, it's still someone in the family, so he can just redirect customers to my cell.)
    Aug 18, 2009
  4. chefjeanine

    chefjeanine Legacy Member Gold Member

    While this isn't going to help your situtation, that's why I don't include an email address on my information. I put my phone number and web address, two things that (hopefully) won't change.
    Aug 18, 2009
  5. Now...that's an idea I am definatley implementing for the future!
    Aug 19, 2009
  6. etteluap70PC

    etteluap70PC Legacy Member Gold Member

    I recently changed biz and home emails. I switched to the Chefsuccess email for biz (love it) and to a live email for family. It is great because thru the windows live you can toggle between different accounts and only sign in once. I also just figured out how to connect it to my outlook. LOVE IT!!! I did keep my old Juno email and check it once a month or so because I had it for so long for business. I have also switched to no email info on catalogs etc. I am trying to drive people to my website instead.
    Aug 19, 2009
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