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Scam Alert: A Complex and Detailed Email I Received!

i will contact my husband and he will get the money to me so that i can purchase the items.The Pampered Chef has a new customer system where they find you through the "Find A Consultant" page. They would like you to contact them. They have provided information about the customer, including their name, email address, and phone number. They have also included a note asking you to contact the customer. The customer has contacted them to inquire about purchasing items from the site. They have provided a list of items they would like to purchase. They would like to know the total cost of the items, and whether there is a discount available. They have also said they would be willing to contact their husband to get the money to
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I know many of you have received these scams as I have SEVERAL so I do know how extremely irritating they are! I know there is really nothing that can be done to stop this insanity but thought I would share the latest with you! It takes the cake! Since it was a bit more detailed than some of the others I have received... I did send it to the home office and this is what I sent...

ATTENTION Home Office...
I Know I have sent one of these before and I know there is probably nothing you can do about this... but I do think it is important for you to see these. I have received many of these and they are SO SO SO annoying! I can't believe people do this! However this one TOPS the cake...

First of all apparently you have a NEW CUSTOMER System? I was Unaware of it however this is what I received...

Great news! A customer has located you through the "Find A Consultant" page, and would like you to contact them.

The following information has been provided:
Name: lynn bob
Email Address: [email protected]
Phone Number:
Note: i want to order from you

Contact your new customer soon and assist them with all their Pampered Chef needs!

All the best,
The Pampered Chef

Naturally I did respond but had a feeling it was one of those scams, just from the name and lack of info...
I did not date NOT to respond in case it did happen to be real (how are you going to know?) Anyway.... I did get a reply back and this is what was stated...

from lynn Bob
To me
Thank you for your reply,And i simply contacted you bcos i need some items on pamperedchef and I will like to deal with you in purchasing items from you for my mum friend is who our church pastor wife.She just lost her husband and their building at Oklahoma Tonardo.She just got a new home,and i have promised her a sweetable kitchen tools for for home,that will make her not to keep remember their formal kitchen at the building that was collapsed.
I am new to the site and i just found out this site on internet and it has lots of amazing products to beautify kitchens.
But before i go further,i want to inform you that i dont have a credit or debit card,due to what me and my family has experienced in the paste and that has turn us to a rent home.it was since then that we have been adviced to stop using cards for our safety.
Now i need items on this site for pastor,i want to go pay her visit on her new home she just moved to and to get her new kitchen tools as a gift,spend some days with her and her kids.
I have already took my time to go through the site and choose this amazing items that my late pastor wife will love to have on her kitchen,and i just wish you can be of help by placing this order for me on the site,once you agree to be my rep. b'cos i am thinking of getting this order for her as soon as possible.I am getting this for her for what she has done to me when i got divorced with my ex,thank God i have settle down now with Steve and i just gave birth to a lovely baby girl who has been my happiness and hope.

So below are pamperedchef products i want to purchase.

( 1 Quantities ) #2868 Executive Cookware 11" Square Grill Pan
( 1 Quantities ) #2528 Deep Covered Baker Dinner Set
( 2 Quantities ) #2865 Executive Cookware 12" Skillet
( 1 Quantities ) #2885 Stainless Cookware 12" Covered Skillet
( 2 Quantities ) #3132 All White Ceramic Cookware 11" Covered Skillet

Can please let me know the total cost for Complete Set of this items, and is there a discount on this?
Calculate all the prize of the items for me and let me know the prize that my debtor will issue out to you.
I am home now,and i stay home fully,due to the advised from the doctor to stay away from stress,due to my health status.So i will reply to you at any time you email me.
Let me inform you that i worked before my husband stopped me from working with my boss and he made us relocate here to his home town.
So my boss where i worked before has some money to pay me,before i stopped working with him,But after i get your reply with the total cost for the items and also your full details where you will like payment to be issue out to,then i will let my boss to issue out the payment to you on the amount for the items.
Do you accept Personal Check/cashier's Check/Money Order as a mode of payment?
Let me have your full name,contact address, not p.o.box and also your phone number where you will like my debtor to mail out the payment to.
And when you receive my payment you can then go ahead and place order for the items.
I hope the items will be secure and safe when shipping the items from the pamperedchef company to the address i want the items to be ship to,or you have it ship to you and when i provide you address you can then have it ship to my address?
Below is My address for shipping and records when you got my payment and you want to place order for the items: Lynn Bob , 401 south park, eagle grove, Iowa,50533.
My phone is a dial up number and it is connected to my internet in which i make use of to browse all the time,sending message and receiving too. phone number: (918) 236-5105 [Call: (918) 236-5105]
Hope you are not the type that will do away with my payment when you receive it and ignore me?
God Bless You.

This one is much more complex than some of the others... including a phone number. I personally was unsure of calling this number so thought I would put it into your hands...
First one I've heard of using the Oklahoma tornado. Their philosophy must be- more details, more likely people will fall for it.
Thanks for sharing.
I received the same thing last week......I wondered about responding to the initial e-mail, but it had an e-mail address and said they wanted to order.....I responded that I would love to help them, send me your phone # and address and such. Then got a similar 2nd e-mail which I then responded they weren't going to screw me with this scam. They said they didn't have a credit card so I told them to go to Walmart and use their cash to buy a visa card and then order directly online from my website. Never heard from them again.
I got one as well, referencing the Oklahoma tornadoes. Too bad these people can't spend their energies on something useful!
I like that response of go to Walmart and buy a prepaid Visa!I'm sorry but the grammar/English used is the biggest give away. Even folks in USA who aren't as highly educated and such still don't talk like that.
"Beautify the kitchen" ??
I just got this one. I think if you click on the link it can download a virus. fed exCapture.JPG
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Related to Scam Alert: A Complex and Detailed Email I Received!

What is the email about?

The email is a scam alert that warns recipients about a complex and detailed email they may have received.

What should I do if I received this email?

If you received this email, you should not respond to it or click on any links or attachments. It is likely a phishing scam attempting to steal personal information or infect your device with malware.

How can I tell if an email is a scam?

There are several red flags that can indicate an email is a scam, such as urgent or threatening language, requests for personal information, and suspicious links or attachments. It is always best to err on the side of caution and not engage with suspicious emails.

Who should I contact if I suspect a scam?

If you suspect that you have received a scam email, you can report it to your email provider or the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) at ftc.gov/complaint. You can also forward the email to the Anti-Phishing Working Group at [email protected].

How can I protect myself from email scams?

To protect yourself from email scams, it is important to be cautious and vigilant when opening emails from unknown senders. You should also avoid clicking on links or attachments in suspicious emails, and regularly update your antivirus software. Additionally, never share personal information or financial details through email unless you are certain it is from a legitimate source.

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