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Mistrial Declared in case of Lester Jones


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Nov 4, 2005
The jury has informed the judge that the chances of a unanimous verdict are very slim.

The judge has declared a mistrial with no new trial date set.

Lester Jones is accused of the kidnapping and murder of Paige Birgfeld, a director with The Pampered Chef and member of Chef Success. She vanished without a trace in June, 2007 and remained missing until her remains were found in 2012.

For Paige's family, the ordeal will continue.

Diane Sawyer, in the season premier of ABC's 20/20, will revisit the case of Paige Birgfeld. The title of the sequence, Soccer Mom by Day... pretty well says what the story will be.


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Dec 6, 2005
This is terrible news. My heart goes out to Paige's family and friends.