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What is layer: Definition and 12 Discussions

  1. kam

    Layer Cake Pan Set (Of 4) Dimensions

    Prod #1749, the Layer Cake Pan Set says diameter 6".I am assuming this would be the diameter of the cake it would make (interior dimensions?).Can anyone provide the dimensions of the cake pan from the outer edge-to-outer edge of the rim at the top? I am trying to determine if the cake pans would...
  2. chefkugler

    Director Seven Layer Southwestern Salad- Trifle

    Hello Has anyone done the 7 layer southwestern salad in the trifle bowl??? I have a show tonight and I'm making it that way. I have done the salad, just not in the trifle. We were supposed to do Fajita's, but learned yesterday her microwave is too small. We are doing slap your mama...
  3. chefcharity

    Need Recipe for 7 Layer Salad Squares

    Does anyone have the super salad cookbook or salad recipe cards? it should be in there. I found a recipe on here for a 7 layer trifle salad, but that is not it. thanks!
  4. K

    Find the Recipe: "Amazing" 7 Layer Salad from Cooking Show

    I have a customer who is looking for a 7 layer salad that she tasted at a cooking show "years ago". She's not sure of the name of the salad, or the ingredients... only that it was "amazing" and she would like for me to see if I could do it at her party. Anybody know what she's talking about...
  5. babywings76

    Is a Black, Seasoned Layer on a Stone Normal?

    I had a show the other night. We were thinking of using her round stone for something and she got it out for me. It looked incredibly well seasoned, almost black. It had some residual food on it, so I took it to the sink to clean it up real quick so we could use it. Well, as I was using the...
  6. Morvin

    7 Layer Southwest Salad in the Trifle Bowl?????

    has anyone made the 7 layer southwest salad in the trifle bowl? Does it all fit? I am makeing this at a show tonight and i would much rather do it in the trifle bowl then take the big simple additions square bowl (i don't have the dots bowl yet) But i am concerned that it won't fit. Thank...
  7. J

    Seven Layer Southwestern Salad Question

    My second host just picked this as her recipe. Has anyone ever used any ranch dressing in this? It just seems to scream ranch at me but maybe that's just me. Anyone tried it themselves? Any changes made? Thanks! God bless, Amanda Seven-Layer Southwestern Salad 2 cups chopped, cooked...
  8. AnnieBee

    How to Make the Barefoot Contessa Double Chocolate Layer Cake?

    Not particularly good for a show, but I just made this for the first time, and it is sooo good (and very easy!) that I wanted to share. I just made it for my DD's birthday, and we all loved it (see "baking today" thread, page 11, for a picture). It is very moist, and a little on the dense side...
  9. J

    Can Taco Seasoning Substitute Southwestern Seasoning in a Salad?

    i was going to make this for my open house tomorrow and just realized i dont have the southwestern seasoning. i had it now i dont???????? i never had a chance to use it, i was wondering is there anything i can sub. like taco seasoning?
  10. S

    Help Needed: 7 Layer Taco Salad Recipe?

    I was listening to the CD "How to Make Your Kitchen Show Sparkle" and the person on the CD said that the 7 layer taco salad was good and used a lot of products. I haven't been able to find it, any ideas? Please advise. Much appreciated.
  11. J

    Mexican Seven Layer Salad - Have the Recipe? Email [email protected]

    I was at a meeting and the lady doing the demonstration did a seven layer salad with mexican flare. It had black beans and salsa ranch. If anyone has this recipe (I think it is in the Super Salads Recipe Cards) could you please email it to me??? My email is [email protected]/ Thanks!
  12. C

    Delicious Southwest 7 Layer Salad Recipe | Easy and Tasty Dish

    Does anyone have a recipe for a southwest 7 layer salad? My Director said it is excellent. Her father is dying as we speak and I d not want to disturb her Thanks