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2 Questions Direct Sellers Need to STOP Asking


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Sep 8, 2008
This is an article from Direct Seller Speaker, Julie Anne Jones.
(Click on the title of the article below, if you want to go to her website for more info, etc. I am not affiliated with her, but do try to give credit where it's due.

2 Questions Direct Sellers Need to STOP Asking
By Julie
on June 10, 2014

One of the main concepts I teach is that it's not about you when it comes to your direct sales business. I truly believe that when you focus all of your energy on making it all about others (your hosts, guests at your parties, your team members), you always get what you need.

That's why I hate the questions, "Would you like to book a party with me?" and "Would you like to learn more about my opportunity?"

Now, before you get crazy, I'm not suggesting that you stop offering the chance to book a party with you or learn about your opportunity. Just think about it for a second. Who are both of those questions about? You, right? There's nothing in either one of them that makes me feel like you're making it about me AT ALL. Plus, just from a purely practical standpoint, they're also closed-ended questions (meaning they can be answered with a yes or no). That usually leaves you no place to go when it comes to overcoming objections and supporting the person in seeing what's possible.

So, if you can't ask those questions, how do you book home parties and build your direct sales team? By making a shift from asking to offering. It's really that simple. When you frame your question as an offer instead, you shift the focus from what's in it for you to what's in it for the person to whom you're making the offer. Here's how that sounds:

Renee, I want you as one of my June hosts! I cannot believe how much you added to the party tonight! You are fun! Let’s look at our schedules and see when we can get together. Which week works best for you?”

“Marilyn, I couldn’t stop thinking about our conversation earlier tonight and how completely busy you said you’ve been. I think you need a break, and I’d be absolutely honored if you would let me be the one to set it up for you. Let’s figure out when we can find a time to get you and your friends together. What does your calendar look like next month?”

“Sue, it was great talking with you earlier tonight. I so appreciated your honesty about your daycare situation and I could really relate. I couldn’t stop thinking about your situation and I’d love to buy you a cup of coffee and share with you what I love about what I do. How does next week look?”

“Sarah, Mary and I were talking before her party tonight and she told me she thought you would be great at what I do. I have to tell you, after your participation during the party, I have to agree. I swear, you know more about my product than I do! I’d love to get together and share with you what I love about my job. Would you rather do coffee or lunch?”

See how easy that is? You're still using a question, but now it's an open ended question proceeded by lots of acknowledgement. And it's clear that you're more interested in her needs than your own.

I'm wondering how you feel about this and whether or not you think you can make this shift in your business. I'd love it if you would share below.

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