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What is staying: Definition and 48 Discussions

  1. A

    Staying On Top of Expenses: My New Year's Resolution

    I just need to say that maybe 2012 will finally be the year that I stay on top of keeping track of my expenses. I've been a consultant for almost 9 years, and every year I find myself scrambling to organize stuff so that we can get our taxes done. AUGHHH. When will I learn? Sigh....back...
  2. B

    Director Staying Logged In After Greg's Upgrade - Issues?

    Has anyone else had issues with staying logged in since Greg's latest upgrade? I have to log in every time I come to the site. Before this I was always logged in. And, yes, I check the "remember me" box EVERY time. :(
  3. chefkathy

    Director Staying in a Rental Cabin for Vacation

    Our family is going to Gatlinburg, TN. The cabin says they have "basic" kitchen tools/utensils. I am trying to restrain myself from packing my entire kit! LOL! I will definitely be taking my knives and a Food Chopper and the MFP. Not sure what else yet. Probably my square griddle. I'm...
  4. Tracie

    Anyone Staying at the Embassy Suites Chicago - Downtown????

    Yeah, I know it's not the closer Embassy. :yuck: That was realized after we purchased but we did get a good rate. Just wondering if anyone else is staying there too????:)
  5. B

    Tips for Staying Organized in a Small Space: One Bedroom Apartment Living

    I live in a one bedroom apartment. I have PC stuff all over the place. My boyfriend wants to kill me soon. haha. What are your best tips for staying organized?
  6. Sheila

    My Update: Staying Stateside for Now

    Hey everyone, just wanted to update and let you all know what's going on with me ... The government is out of money, so they've decided it's "safe" for everyone to return to Japan now. :rolleyes: Hubby and I are not so convinced. I've borrowed the bare essentials on furniture from...
  7. Sheila

    Director Staying Stateside: Updates on Our Family's Situation

    Hey everyone, just wanted to update and let you all know what's going on with me ...The government is out of money, so they've decided it's "safe" for everyone to return to Japan now. :rolleyes:Hubby and I are not so convinced.I've borrowed the bare essentials on furniture from friends, family...
  8. raebates

    Secure Your Stay at Sheraton Hotel - Book Now!

    Housing reservations are open. I'll be staying at Sheraton Hotel and Towers. Note: I had some trouble with making my reservation. After verifying my roommates I tried to submit. It told me that I wasn't verified. After a couple of tries I called. While I was on hold I opened another window...
  9. C

    Director Staying Home With 4 Kids: A Pity Party?

    Is anyone else here? I fell on Thursday, badly spraining my ankle and ended up staying home from conference. So instead of getting all the great training, I am hobbling around trying to take care of 4 kids 6 and under. :cry: Can you tell I am having a pity party?? Anyone else here and dying...
  10. raebates

    Stay at the Hilton Chicago - Your Ultimate Comfort and Convenience

    I'm registered at the Hilton Chicago.
  11. turtle15

    Can I Stay Active Without Submitting $150 This Month?

    #1: What happens if I don't submit an $150 this month? Will I be able to submit an order next month? I have nothing on the calendar for April, but I have a Help Whip Cancer fundraiser scheduled for May. I know it is early, but I just wanted to double check ahead of time. #2: Does kit...
  12. C

    How Long Are You Planning on Staying in Flordia?

    Just booked my airfare to Flordia! I just wanted confirmation that I really earned Level 2 Disney! I am still in awe! I was just wondering how much you all paid for airfare and how long you were staying? I was pretty happy paying $215 each on Air Tran out of a tiny airport in Iowa. Then we...
  13. J

    Staying Active After Hip Surgery: Celebrating My Successful Return to Work!

    Hi All! As some of you know I had hip resurfacing surgery recently and just wanted to share that one of my catalog shows came through and I won't have to go inactive for the month! I was just really feeling good about this and had to share! Thanks for letting me share! jj16:D
  14. J

    Staying Positive in an Unpositive World

    Ok, now that I've practically slept all of the past 2 days. I'm feeling better, but still sad about this town. Thanks to all who offered hope and suggestions that I most likely was overly tired due to my Mother in law's passing last Sunday and dealing with it all week. I have made some...
  15. C

    Staying in Contact: The Importance of Follow-Up with Hosts and Customers

    I just was reminded of a the value of staying in contact with your hosts/leads/customers... I had a HO lead this morning - interested in booking a show, and wanting more info on becoming a consultant. I called her, and she told me that she has an 11 week old baby, and just gave her 2 week...
  16. Flamingo

    Wave 1,, Where Are You Staying???

    I am at the Chicago Hilton... Just trying to get us a little more coordinated. :thumbup:
  17. chef131doreen

    New Comfort Suites on North Michigan Ave: Your Chicago Hotel Upgrade

    We just booked a new hotel just opened BRAND NEW Comfort Suites on North Michigan Ave instead of the Hilton Chicago it even has a full kitchen , it's a 12 min walk to the Sharaton where we usualy stay at
  18. quiverfull7

    Catching Up While Staying Busy: A Message from CS

    Hey all! I'm just trying to catch up a bit. Computer time is very limited now for me but I'm accomplishing so many more things that I guess that is a good thing. I MISS all of you and I am trying to slide on here often enough to grab flyers and things and keep up just a bit whenever I can. I...
  19. PChefPEI

    Staying on Track With Your Goals!

    I know that we're all pretty good at setting goals at the beginning of the year, but how many of us fall behind and don't look at them regularly? I am finding myself being one of those people! :blushing: I would like to know how everyone tracks their goals on a regular basis and how do you...
  20. pamperedape

    Staying Active: ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

    So, I had to post 200 by the end of July to stay active. I posted it and just now checked my email. The show is on hold!!!! So, am I inactive??? ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  21. T

    Staying in Touch With Leads...

    1) How often do you stay in touch with folks interested in the PC business, but now is not a good time? 2) And, what do you say when you touch base with them again?
  22. C

    Staying at Sheraton: Price of Rooms per Night?

    I am staying at the Sheraton during wave 2. Does anyone know the price of the rooms per night. I am trying to figure out my money situation. Katie
  23. linojackie

    Need Some Advice on Staying Consistant and Organizeda`

    I have been doing PC for almost 2 years now. I have the potential to be really good at it. I've got a team of 4 and had some really great months. But I am having some serious trouble with consistancy. Long term, I would love to make enough income to keep this as a full time job after my...
  24. B

    Choosing Hotels for NC: Tips and Opinions from a First-Time Conference Attendee

    Ok, just curious. Is there a big difference if you stay at the PC hotels or another hotel during NC? I thought I would stay at the McCormick place hotel so I don't have to do a lot of walking. What's your opions....I've never gone to conference and I don't won't to miss anything...
  25. Bren706

    Where Are You Staying for Wave 2?

    Thought I would start our own thread since wave 1 has this. I am staying at the Hilton. Where is everyone staying?
  26. C

    Where Is Everyone in Wave 3 Staying?

    We are staying at the Palmer House again in a double bed/double bath room!
  27. dannyzmom

    Find Out Where Everyone Is Staying at Palmer Hotel

    What hotels are ya'll at? We're at Palmer.
  28. wadesgirl

    Missing Conference Club on W-2: Tips for Staying Organized

    I thought they put conference club on your W-2 (or what ever they call your income report). I looked on mine last night and it wasn't there. I didn't print anything off last year after I registered so I have no proof of the money I spent to actually go to conference. Any suggestions? And...
  29. M

    Cutting It Close: Tips for Staying Under an Hour with Cookware Showing

    Who honestly has a 1 hour show. I start my shows about 10 minutes after the official time, and like to finish my show within 50-60 minutes. Lately my shows have run well over an hour. I didn't think I was adding too much info, but I'm having a hard time trimming. Please give me your best tip for...
  30. poohritz

    Rebooting My Pampered Chef Business: Tips to Regain Momentum and Stay Motivated

    I messed up June and July working so much ot at the job, that i just put pc on the back burner. I went to conference and now am ready to get back to it. The same day i get the inactive email(today) I have submited a over $200 catalog show. I didn't lose much in terms of career sales I just...