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What is control: Definition and 26 Discussions

  1. ChefCKHall

    I Just Can't Control My Excitement!!!

    I received a text today from a past host, now friend....who out of the blue, texted...I want to be a consultant! She just signed up online! I received a call Sunday from a fellow I met Friday night who is a motorcycle officer...he wants to join end of March! I received an email from a...
  2. ShelbyMichalek

    Interesting - Pampered Chef Is Hiring a Quality Control Manager

    Just thought this was interesting. Apparently PC listens to us when there are quality control issues! They're hiring another manager! Quality Assurance Manager at The Pampered Chef in Addison, IL | LinkedIn
  3. babywings76

    Anyone Have a Boil Control for Sale?

    A past guest/sister of a host/now FB friend sent me a message today asking if I can find a Boil Control for a friend of hers. Anyone know if there's any to be found anywhere? Should she check E-bay or is there an alternate item I could recommend she try?
  4. RMDave

    Ensuring Quality Control: Missing Items in Recent Show Order

    OK, just received a Show Order. The Stackable Cooking Rack was missing one of the rubber/silicone leg pieces and a Pinchbowl Set was missing the smallest Pinchbowl. With the holidays coming up, I hope that HO is keeping eyes on product quality control. What gives?
  5. kcjodih

    Gardening Questions - Peonies and Lawn Weed Control

    1. I was given peonies last year and planted them in 4 different spots (one now seems to have moved lol). My question is, what do I do to keep these from falling over when they get larger and top heavy or when they are larger and we have a bad storm. My girlfriend just leaves hers and then...
  6. S

    Get Effective Boil Control Solutions for Your Customers | Contact Us Now!

    I am looking for a "Boil Control" for one of my customers. Please email me [email protected] THANKS!:D
  7. C

    Need a Boil Control for Your Cookware?

    Hi all! I am looking for one boil control. Please let me know if you have one and what you want for it. New in package please. Thanks!
  8. H

    My Magnet for Problems: Quality Control Mishaps and Solutions

    I got my knife bag recently and when I went to open it up the zipper was broke. :cry: I couldn't believe it. Where's quality contol when you need it? I called HO and they said they would send me another one out right away. Yipee :approve: I also got a shirt from Merrill at conf. and when I...
  9. quiverfull7

    God is in Control" - Trusting His Unfailing Love

    GOD IS IN CONTROL Twila Paris This is no time for fear This is a time for faith and determination Don't lose the vision here Carried away by emotion Hold on to all that you hide in your heart There is one thing that has always been true It holds the world together God is in control...
  10. stayinathomemama

    Looking for Boil Control - Help My Sister Out?

    I know this is a long shot, but my sister just got married & is getting her kitchen in order and doesn't have a boil control. She's trying to steal mine & I won't let her. :) Does any one have one that they are willing to part with. It doesn't have to be in the packaging - just descent...
  11. S

    Exploring Beauty Control: Show Swap Info Requested

    Has anyone ever had a show with or heard of a company called Beauty Control. My director said she had a possible show for me for a person who is a consulant for Beauty Control. She said that she would probably want to do a show swap. Any info on this would be appreciated. Thanks...
  12. pamperedposey

    Searching for Vintage Boil Control?

    I have a customer who is looking for the old Boil Control. I don't even know how much they used to sell for, but I told her I would try to find one for her. They have them on e-bay, but I'd rather not buy from there. Thanks!
  13. F

    Ridiculous Portion Labels: Why 10.5 Carrots Does Not Equal One Serving

    Ok so I am working on this fat business. Expanding to the weight I was the day before I gave birth was disturbing for me. ANYHOW- about portions. I was looking at what a PORTION of carrot sticks was and I got confused. Maybe you can help? Apparently ONE portion of carrot sticks is 10.5...
  14. chefkristin

    Warning (Vent) Spiraling Out of Control!!!!

    I am sort of embarrassed to even post this. But I don't know where else to turn... I have been out of work since getting laid off from Staples last February. They moved my dept. out of state. I was there for 6 years. I have had a couple other jobs that didn't work out for one reason or...
  15. Shawnna

    Beauty Control Products: Reviews and Recommendations from Long-Term Users

    Does anyone use Beauty Control Products? I attended a spa a few weeks ago and really liked the foot creams, and the facial self heating mask, but was wondering how the make-up holds up. The people I know who use the products haven't used them very long. So, I am looking for a long term user...
  16. krzymomof4

    Where Can I Find Boil Control? Discontinued for How Long?

    I had a guest at a show last night ask me where the boil control was at. I was at a total loss. She really liked the product and I guess it has been discontinued for awhile, because I have never saw it. Does anyone know how long it has been gone and if they might bring it back like on the...
  17. S

    Vent About Crowd Control at Shows: How to Improve Sales?

    I know this has probably been discussed a million times, but I just need to vent! My shows are decent...of course I would like higher sales... BUT - my main issue is crowd control!! I had a show last night with 16 people. It was INSANE. A few people listened from time to time, but...
  18. C

    When You Think It's All Under Control

    It's NOT!!!!! My poor puppy has been acting funny since Monday. Well, yesterday it was really bad, and then this morning, I knew I had to take her into the vet. Well, $130 later, anti-biotics and pedialite every hour. She has PARVO! I am soooooo upset. My dd is crying, my neice is crying...
  19. dannyzmom

    Thank You Gina!! (Boil Control)

    Gina!! The Boil Control arrived today - thank you SO much!
  20. B

    Boil Control Device: Ordering 3 & Is It Discontinued?

    Anyone heard of a boil control device - Someone wanted to order 3 and I have never heard of it nor can I find it in the catalog. Was it discontinued?
  21. gilliandanielle

    How Do You Handle Crowd Control?

    I had a horrible show last night- everyone was out of control. There were 20 guests that were all talking at the same time! I tried the usual things to get people to calm down (asking the main talker for assistance-she refused!, telling them things were going to be on the "test") and nothing...
  22. C

    Find Quality Boil Control Discs for Sale - Contact Me for Affordable Prices

    I have a couple of customers that are in search of these. I have placed a message on LMAD for them but figured I would ask here also. If anyone has any that they are willing to part with please email me with the price that you are asking for them. Thanks!
  23. DZmom

    Looking for Boil Control: Have You Got Some to Sell?

    Hey everyone, this weekend at my bazaar table I had a customer ask me for the Boil Control? I remember seeing this in the catalog a long time ago, but it's been discontinued. She would like to purchase 1 or 2 if anyone has some they'd like to part with that's just been sitting on the shelf...
  24. R

    How can I maintain control at my shows and increase sales?

    Hi everyone. Love the forum, lots of great info. I need some advice on maintaining control at my shows. I try to keep my shows at around 45 minutes. I open w/my story, demo cookware & stoneware, then do the recipie & take orders. However, at almost all of my shows, the guests are having...
  25. R

    Mastering Crowd Control at Events: Tips for Shy Presenters

    Does anyone ever just have a really tough time at shows keeping the guest's focus on you and getting them to save their socializing until after you're done with your presentation? I know that not all crowds are at the shows to chit chat, but I think that my crowd last night was not one of...