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What is doris: Definition and 18 Discussions

  1. EmilyStraw

    Who is Doris Christopher and What is She Up To Now?

    I have read Doris Christopher's book The Pampered Chef and it was incredible! It's a few years old though, and I was wondering if anyone knows how she is? Does she still do all of the same stuff with the company? I would love to meet her someday, what an amazing woman :)
  2. finley1991

    Director Where Will Pampered Chef Founder Live Now?

  3. NooraK

    Doris Christopher: Pampered Chef Founder's Home Diet

    Pampered Chef Founder Goes on House Diet - Chicago magazine - May 2011 - Chicago Looks like a nice place. I'm not too keen on the author's implied tone about "downsizing". Doris has worked hard to get where she is, and this is the kind of house she wants to live in, she has certainly...
  4. P

    Doris' Cookbook: A Delicious Addition to My Kitchen | Excited Unboxing!

    Just came in the mail....yahoo!!!!! :)
  5. P

    October CN & December Host & Guest Specials from Doris!

    The October CN is up on CC. The December Host & Guest Special is awesome! Save 60% on TWO new Fall/Winter products! They can pick from 34 items!!!!! Guest special is one of the new dessert sauces FREE with $60 purchase. Anniversary Special from Doris.....FREE 30th Anniversary...
  6. G

    Disney - What to Wear to the Doris Dinner?

    Just wondering what you all are wearing to the birthday dinner? Casual..like capris...or a casual dress?
  7. pcgogetter

    Meeting Doris: My Daughter's Adorable Encounter at Leadership | Just Sharing

    My daughter Calliegh was with me at Leadership as you most know BUT had to share my story Calleigh:baby: sported her new hair bows as well as her onesie I had made the day we left for Denver. Well getting off the elevator on Thurs, I ran into a gal who asked to take her pic. I was lereing...
  8. M

    E Who on our teams needs our time?

    I posted earlier-this summer Doris spent TIME with me in DC- When I said I was having a tough time recruiting and booking she simply said--"Concentrate on the $2.00 meals-and build the guest list-big and close in proximity-" Well I did just that went home booked the rest of the July to...
  9. cookingwith_tara

    Going on the Home Office Tour: Last Day of Conf. & Doris' Office!

    Is anyone else taking the home office tour? I am going to do it the last day of the conference and the last tour of the day. I'd like to see Doris Christopher's office and maybe even have a chance in the money box...any one else want to go?
  10. P

    What Is the Date of Doris' First Cooking Show?

    I don't have Doris' book with me at work, so does anyone know the date of her first cooking show? I was thinking of offering a special host/guest gift on that date. Thank you
  11. Kitchen2u

    Doris Shines in Stunning Dec CN Photoshoot

    Is it me or Doris looks exceptionally AWESOME in the Dec CN ~ her face sure looks thinner!
  12. nikkijo

    Doris Speaking at Women in Management Event on Oct 9th - Don't Miss Out!

    I just saw the email from Women in Mgt that Doris is speaking on Oct 9th. I would love to go to this but I can not skip my classes that day :cry: If anyone goes let me know how it was!
  13. SilverCeladon

    Build It Big Book and 2 Doris Christopher Books for Sale...

    1)Build it Big-paid $17.95 for it. 2)The Pampered Chef by Doris Christopher-paid $24.95 from Amazon 3) Come to the Table, A Celebration of Family Life by Doris Christopher ...this one is autographed by Doris but it's made out to "Donna". Paid $10.00 from eBay. Let me know what you would...
  14. J

    Doris on Fox Chicago: A Look at Pampered Chef Products!

    Did anyone else just see Fox Chicago in the Morning segment with Doris?? How Cool!!! They did a whole segment on her and had products on...WOW! There is a link on the myfoxchicago.com site for pamperedchef.com, too. Hopefully it will pull some hits on the Director's leads! Yeah!!
  15. J

    I'm Sitting With Doris at the New Director's Breakfast!!

    OH MY GOSH!!!! I got a call from Susie Lite at HO a few days ago and she said that Doris invited me to sit at her table at the New Director's Breakfast!! Well, Merry Christmas! What else could I ask for? My Christmas wish has been answered!!!!:D Please, please, if you see me at Leadership...
  16. ChefinHarmony

    Doris Christopher's Book - the Pampered Chef

    Hi all! I just wanted to share that I borrowed my Hospitality Director's "The Pampered Chef" book by Doris Christopher and it was AWESOME!! I just started last November - and I'm doing pretty well with sales. Plus, I love the rewards of this company. Anyway, I had a long trip out west with...
  17. C

    No Sight of Pampered Chef Book? Let's Get it Promoted!

    Hi Friends; Just wondering... in your travels have you seen the Pampered Chef book displayed? I have been to several Target stores in my area AND my local Wegman's food store and NOTHING! I am wondering if HO is aware that most places are not featuring this book. I am very disappointed...
  18. C

    Have You Read Doris Christopher's New Book Yet?

    Hi Everyone! I just wanted to encourage all consultants to purchase this great new book! I got it the first day that it came out and have read it cover to cover. What a great experience. As a Pampered Chef consultant for the past 2 1/2 years I have had my ups and downs. After reading this...