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What is hurricane: Definition and 13 Discussions

  1. naekelsey

    Starting a Hurricane Sandy Fundraiser

    I am setting up a Sandy Fundraiser as my first fundraiser. How do I set it up in my website so people can order from it?
  2. C

    Fundraiser for Hurricane Sandy: Find the Flyer and Help Support Relief Efforts

    I'm hosting a fundraiser now for Hurricane Sandy and the Home office news says that they have a flyer for it. Does anyone know where I can find it? Or has anyon made their own?? Thanks!
  3. M

    Hurricane Plans: Tips for Productivity During Mandatory Evacuation

    Hi guys! I'm about to be evacuated from my home for at least a couple of days for Hurricane Issac. Luckily, I'm not going too far...just to my sister's condo in New Orleans. It's a steel and concrete building and we're on the fourth floor. We really don't expect any problems. Lots of food...
  4. J

    Director Hurricane Irene Prep: Protecting Hollywood, FL from the Storm

    ok, so my daughter has lived in Hollywood, FL for almost 2 years. This is her first ever "hurricane alert". She is only about 5 miles from the Atlantic. Sure she will be fine -- 2nd floor of her brick apt building -- but her poor 'soft top' jeep! Anyone have any suggestions for her or her car...
  5. quiverfull7

    Hurricane Earl/ Labor Day Sale: Get Creative!

    Ok... I want to put a little "Hurricane Earl/Labor Day" sale in my newsletter because I need to boost my sales for the beginning of Sept. I looked in the files but just an NOT inspired on how to make this fun and something that will hook people with the fun. I'm SO not creative with this...
  6. S

    Rescheduling Shows Due to Hurricane Ike

    We live in Houston and are doing fine-we did not have power for 8 days, but it came back on today-yea! I had 2 shows for this weekend, one has rescheduled for Oct. and the other host I will talk to on Tuesday. And I have 3 shows scheduled for this coming weekend-one has rescheduled for Oct...
  7. erinb

    Kentucky's Unpreparedness: Hurricane Damage & School Closures

    It's amazing how much damage a hurricane can do in Kentucky. We experienced a very high powered wind storm on Sunday that knocked down many trees and left over 300,000 without power in Louisville, alone. As of last night, they had 142,000 restored and 159,000 left. School is still out and there...
  8. T

    Helping During Hurricane Ike: How We Can Give Back

    Our family donated and volunteered during Katrina, this time it's really near and dear to our hearts. A family we do not know has welcomed our son, a freshman at The University of Houston into their home. He is safe, dry and fed. But, he's also only 18 and away from home for the first...
  9. T

    Hurricane Ike Forgot Open House - Pampered Chef Shipped On Time #13thArrival

    Whoa, with all going on with Hurricane Ike I had forgotten to submit my open house from Saturday. I submitted it late yesterday afternoon and it has already shipped due to arrive on the 13th which is tomorrow this is my $1,300 show. :love: Way to go PC!!!
  10. PCBritt

    Prayer Request: Hurricane Dean Heading to US - Louisiana & Texas

    Please be in Prayer about Hurricane Dean heading to the US! We live in Louisiana and really don't want to go through all that again!! My husbands family owns a grocery store and things got so crazy with Hurricane Katrina!! I wouldn't mind the rain but all the damage and stuff I can do without...
  11. C

    Eye-Catching Hurricane Matching Flyer: A Must-See Design from Our Director

    Got this from my director in an email...thought I should share. Have a great day, Sandy
  12. K

    The Pampered Chef: Helping Consultants & Hurricane Victims

    I just read my email from The Pampered Chef about our consultants in the areas struck by Hurricane Katrina. I found it very heart warming that PC understands and will allow those consultants to remain active until the end of the year. And that they are trying to come up with a plan to help...
  13. T

    Prayers for Our Pampered Chef Family in LA, MS & AL

    I hope this is ok to post. Please remember and pray for everybody in LA, MS & AL. This is a very major storm and does not look good for any of these coastal states. I'm in Mobile, AL and they are telling us that we could still have 90 to 120 mph winds and a storm surge of 15 to 20 feet high...