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What is accent: Definition and 44 Discussions

  1. A

    Find the Perfect Iso Accent Decorator - New in Box Options Available | TIA"

    Prefer new in box, let me know what you have! TIA
  2. T

    Find the Perfect Accent Decorator Replacement Parts at P3 - Shop Now!"

    I have a customer who needs the piece that has the handle on it. It's out of warranty so I am looking in the replacement parts section of P3. I see 3 different parts and I'm not sure which it is that she needs: clear barrel lower ring clear cap Anyone have any idea if I can get her...
  3. 1PamperedMommy

    Filling the Easy Accent Decorator

    I remember a while back someone telling me an "easy way to fill the Easy Accent Decorator", but for the life of me, I can't remember the trick! What tricks do you have up your sleeves??
  4. Bren706

    Troubleshooting Old Easy Accent Decorator: Ring Issue and Tips for Fixing

    I had a guest from a show a couple months ago bring her old style EAD. The issue she was having was that when you pumped it (pressed the trigger) the EAD pops apart. I have searched a few old threads and see the ring issue, but I haven't seen anything else. Does anyone else remember this...
  5. husbandwifepcteam

    Iso Ring for Old Style Accent Decorator

    I need the ring for the old style accent decorator for a customer. Hope someone can help me out. Thanks!
  6. J

    Looking for Replacement Ring for EAD Accent Decorator?

    My host last night asked me if she could get a replacement ring for her EAD - unforturately it is the older model (though it looks brand new). I did call home office and they did not offer any help or replacement. Does anyone have an old one they would be willing to sell? She just needs the...
  7. P

    Medium Square Cranberry Accent Plates

    I am looking for new Medium Square Cranberry Accent Plates. If anyone has any they are willing to part with, I'm interested. Thanks
  8. J

    Christmas Cupcake Bake Sale: Easy Accent Decorator Fun with Mom and Me!

    Had a Mom and Me Cupcake bake sale with my friends and their kids for Christmas. We used the Easy Accent Decorator to fill up the Muffin Pan, no spills. My firends loved it and they all left ordering one. We also used the Decorator Bottle Set. They had fun and so did we.
  9. RMDave

    Is There a Demo Video for Easy Accent® Decorator Tips?

    Is there a decent demo video out there for the product? Its all very well to tell someone to "fill the tube" but when they've got a gloppy bowl of whipped topping or frosting, maybe something that shows how easy it is to use? Demos of the various tips?
  10. dme.grant

    How Can I Help My Guest with a Broken Easy Accent Decorator?

    Hi everyone. I have a show this saturday and one of the guests has the older EAD (pre-2002) which has a broken part. I called HO and they don't have replacement parts for it anymore, so I told the guest and she said "I'm disappointed it didn't last longer than 10 years when I only use it once a...
  11. J

    How Do You Fill Your Easy Accent (R) Decorator?

    I usually use a ziploc bag to fill it with whatever filling I'm using but I don't want to do that at shows (I think it looks wasteful)... how do you fiill it?
  12. DessertDivaFL

    Iso Old Style Easy Accent Decorator

    At my show last night a guest brought a broken piece of her old Easy Accent Decorator. Replacement parts are no longer available for it and she assumed as much but I told her that you guys may be able to help me. If someone has one that they are willing to part with, please let me know. She...
  13. B

    Why Is My Easy Accent Decorator Hard to Use with Store-Bought Frosting?

    Customer contacted me this evening about her EAD, here is what she said. I noticed that if the barrel got below about 3/4 full, it got increasingly hard to push the plunger! I believe I followed the directions appropriately, though I did use some whipped store bought frosting this time. I...
  14. turtle15

    Old Easy Accent Decorator Replacement Parts

    Do you think if someone ordered the clear tube replacement part for the easy accent decorator, that it would fit on the old decorator trigger part?
  15. ChefPaulaB

    Easy Accent Decorator Replacement

    At my last show the clear tube on my EAD is cracked a little and I was going to order a replacement part for it, but I know that I've had mine for quite a few years, can anyone tell me if it has changed in the last 10 years or so... just want to make sure that I'm ordering the right replacement...
  16. J

    Easy Accent Dec Vs. Dec Bottle Set

    I'm not a decorator, but want to try one of these. Who recommends what? I'm more of a baker- cookies and such.... but I love multifunctional tools too. Let's hear your suggestions. Thanks!
  17. P

    Resealable Plastic Bag Vs. Easy Accent Decorator

    I'm packing my kit for a show tonight, and wondered what you all use for recipes that call for "resealable plastic bags", like the Double Chocolate Mousse Cups. Do you use the bags? Or the Easy Accent Decorator? I would think the EAD would be easier to use, and also shows another product...
  18. Liquid Sky

    Is a Foil Accent on Business Cards Worth the Extra Cost?

    Is the foil accent worth the $20 Vista Print is charging for 500 cards?
  19. B

    Ring on Old Easy Accent Decorator

    I have a customer who has a cracked ring on the old Easy Accent Decorator. Would anyone have a ring or on an Easy Accent Decorator?:) Thanks!
  20. T

    Need Recipes or Tips for Using the Easy Accent Decorator?

    Does anyone have any recipes or tips for the Easy Accent Decorator? Trish in Texas Independent Consultant
  21. wadesgirl

    Can You Replace an Old Easy Accent Decorator Tube?

    I have a host who lost the tube to her easy accent decorator. She brought out all the peices today and I could tell from the bottom ring that it was the older style. I was wondering if anyone has a tube laying around that they would like to get rid of. Let me know what price and I'll check...
  22. K

    Part for Old Easy Accent Decorator

    I have a hostess who has the old easy accent decorator. The ring that holds the tips on cracked. Is there any way to replace this part, or will she have to buy a new one? Thanks, Kandi
  23. B

    Info Needed for Old Ez Accent Ring:

    I've seen it before but awhile back: For those who have tried it, what is the item we can suggest to customers who have an old EZ Accent Decorator where the ring has broken? I believe it is some brand of baby bottle ring. Thanks!
  24. SilverCeladon

    Replacement Part Needed for Easy Accent Decorator

    I just got an email from my girlfriend...I don't own this so I'm sure someone here knows what I'm talking about. I need a replacement part. It is for the easy accent decorator. It is the white ring that screws on and holds on the piping tool at the end where the frosting comes out. Mine is...
  25. K

    Looking for the Lower Ring for the Old Easy Accent Decorator: Can Anyone Help?

    I am wondering if anyone has the lower ring for the OLD Easy Accent Decorator, the one that was sold before '02???? I have a customer who needs one. I'd be SO grateful to help out my loyal customer! Thanks so much, [email protected]
  26. PChefPEI

    Broken Ring on Easy Accent Decorator

    I have the old style EAD and the ring that holds the tip on broke. I ordered a new one, but it doesn't fit. :grumpy: Does anyone out there have one they would be willing to sell me??
  27. S

    Sa W/ Cran Accent Looks Cherry Red!!!

    I want to start out by saying I LOVE the cranberry coloured products, especially the accented SA. Naturally, I purchased a lot of it in November. I unpacked everything last night only to discover that the cranberry accent on my two small squares IS NOT the same colour as the cranberry accent...
  28. pckelly

    Battery Sifter & Easy Accent Decorator - NIB, Paypal Accepted

    Here are some items I have for sale: Battery Operated Sifter 5.00 plus shipping, I can put in in a priority box for 5.00! NIB Old style Easy Accent Decorator, with all 6 tips, Brand New. 8.00 plus 3.00 shipping. Accept paypal for these items!!
  29. JAE

    Why Does My Easy Accent Decorator Keep Popping Off?

    I use my EAD pretty much just for whipped topping (Cool Whip). I was making the Profiterole Puffs and shooting cool whip into them , and the tip popped off, over and over. I finally taped it shut with packing tape! I've had this problem in the past with the open star tip too. What is the...
  30. chrpangel

    Ribbons for Pampered Chef Tote: Find the Perfect Accent!

    Looking for ribbons for pc tote :) Thanks